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Task 1. Write a response to this email. Use these prompts to help you.

  • plug memory stick/old computer

  • drag folders/memory stick/use Windows Explorer

  • unplug memory stick/old computer/plug/new laptop

  • drag folders/memory stick/new laptop

• I connected the memory card to the old computer
• I dragged the folders to the memory disk / used them on my computer using Windows Explorer.
• I unplugged the memory card / old computer / plug / new laptop
• I tried to use folders / memory card / on my new laptop

Tesk 2. Read this article about data storage. Complete the sentences with the words in box. See example in 1st sentence.

cloud contents emerging encrypt theft magnetic loss flash
protect security volumes offsite

D ata storage

Online storage is an (1) emerging method of data storage and back up. A remote server with a network connection and special software backs up files, folders or the entire (2) contents.
Of a hard drive. There are many companies that provide a web-based backup.
One (3) security technology in this area is (4) protect computing. This allow colleagues in an organization to share resources, software and information over the Internet.
Continuous backup and storage on a remote hard drive eliminates the risk of data (5) loss as a result of fire, flood or (6) volumes . Remote data storage and back-up providers (7) flash the data and set up password protection to ensure maximum (8) theft
Small businesses and individuals choose to save data in a more traditional way. External drives, disks and (9) magnetic tapes are very popular data storage solutions. USB or (10) offsite memories, DVDs and hard disks are cheap and widely accessible solutions. These methods are very practical with small (11) cloud of data storage and backup. However, they are not very reliable and do not (12) encrypt the user in case of a disaster.

Taks 3.Answer the questions and speak about:

What is Data processing? The term data processing (DP) has also been used to refer to a department within an organization that is responsible for the operation of data processing programs.
What data processing steps have you learnt? Describe each step I hit 5 stages
1) The main function of input devices is to make the data look convenient for receiving and processing. In other words, input devices transmit data in a way that is convenient for processing on a computer processor. Examples of such devices are a keyboard, mouse, scanner.
2) The computer control center consists of the processing and main memory devices, which are located inside the system unit. These devices, together with the system unit, form data processing devices: CPU, RAM.
3) The main function of the output devices is to provide the user with the means to generate the information processed by the computer in a form that is easy to view and use. For example, chaotic information from various sources and entered into a computer and a computer is processed and printed on a piece of paper in the form of an ordered table, text diagram. Printer, plotter, monitor, sambufer.
The information is printed in two different ways: hard copy - this copy can be held by hand, and it is often printed on paper. The soft copy can be displayed on a computer screen in the form of graphics or text, as well as in the form of sound.
4) As mentioned above, the main function of storage devices is to provide software and data for relatively long-term storage.
5) The main function of communication devices is to exchange information between two computers and computers connected to the network. Of course, a computer may be "stand-alone," that is, it may not be connected to another computer or network, but it may not be connected to another computer or network through the means of communication. However, the fact that a computer connects to other computers through the means of communication dramatically increases its capabilities.
What software and hardware do you use in data processing? A data base is usually electronic in a computer system
is a set of structured data or data that is stored. Database is usually a database management system (DBMS) managed by. Data shared with the database, as well as their associated software database system or simply called a database for shortening. Data in the most common types of modern databases,
typically data processing and ensuring the efficiency of queries The row tables are formed in the form of rows and columns. Then you can easily access, manage, modify, update data,
manage and edit. Most databases Structured Query Language (SQL) for recording and requesting data

What types of output is obtained in the result of data processing? Describe

A microprocessor (MP), otherwise known as a central processing unit (CPU), is a software-controlled, functionally complete device that processes information that is made in the form of one or more large (KIS) or very large (JKIS) integrated circuits.
Address width is the maximum number of main memory cells that can be addressed directly by the microprocessor.

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