Headteacher Mr L anderson St. Benedict's Catholic Primary School

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Headteacher Mr L Anderson

St. Benedict's Catholic Primary School

Quebec Road



Telephone: 01925 234699

Fax: 01925 234701

Email: stbenedicts_primary@warrington.gov.uk

A loving Christian family, nurturing and celebrating our gifts,

talents and achievements through the example of our living faith.


Dear Parent / Guardian,

We are writing to tell you about an exciting new development that we have invested in to make it even easier for you to be involved in school life and kept up-to–date with the whole range of experiences our children enjoy at St. Benedict’s Catholic Primary School.

Earwig provides school staff with the facility to capture, in photos, video and documents, the many achievements and special moments which make up a school day -- in the classroom, during activities and on school trips. These images and video clips are tagged with a brief commentary by teachers using their Earwig app on school I Pads. The result is a personal timeline of photos, videos and documents which give you a real insight into what your child is doing when they are at school. Recent research shows that when children discuss what they do at school with parents or carers, their performance improves by up to 15%.
Earwig provide free access for parents and guardians who, using a secure password, can log in to see their child’s timeline at any time and from any device using the internet.  It offers a unique window into the daily experiences and achievements of your children at school – something which we wanted to develop following analysis of the 2015/16 Parent Questionnaire.
Any online platform which handles images of children must be very aware of its child protection responsibilities. Parents can rest assured that the Earwig system is a Closed User Group. No-one who does not have a login provided by our school has any access to the Earwig platform and each parent can only see the timelines relating to their children.
Parents may opt their children out of this facility. In this case, their names will be removed from the system and no images will be associated with them. To find out more about Earwig’s Child Protection Policy or about the service in general, go to www.earwigacademic.com and click on Child Protection in the footer.
If you wish to be able to access your child's timeline and see what they have been up to in school, simply sign the slip below filling in your current email address. Passwords will be generated in due course once this information has been gathered and then you will be free to log-in and follow your child’s timeline.
We are very excited about the prospect of sharing so many exciting, happy and special moments with you and hope that you will find this addition to parent communications interesting, entertaining and enlightening.

Earwig Academic Reporting Ltd 

for St. Benedict’s Catholic Primary School

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