Height 5’3 Hair colour red Eye colur green

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Height 5’3 Hair colour red Eye colur green

-Cosmética Terror
 Mrs Rivelles Supporting Role Fernando Simarro

-Man Made Heaven (short film)
 Gini Supporting role Santiago Valverde

-Se Busca(short film)
 Sara Main role Miguel Angel Postigo, David Hebrero
-Los Encantados(short film)
 Bea Supporting role Ricardo Dávila
-The Expanse of Heaven (feature film)
 Sofia Supporting role Karlos Alaustrey
-Dust and Bullets (short film)
 Jane Supporting Role Pablo Lapastora
-Mentiroso (short film)
 Sara Main role Julio García Escames

-The Lady of the Damned Forest (feature film) Jasmine Main role George Karja

-PRÓXIMA (feature film)
 Pricesess lo Supporting role Carlos Atanes

-Roca Bon o la búsqueda Ana Supporting role Karlos Alaustrey
de lo sublime (feature film)

-Un cuartito de hora (short film)
 Maria Luisa Main role IORTV
-Sólo ellas (short film)
 Adela Main role IORTV

-Poema de Muertos (short film)
 Martina Main role La Imprenta

-Los Misterios de Laura
 Ana, graphologist Episodic role TVE1
-Amar es para siempre
 Brigitte Episodic role Antena 3 TV
-El tiempo entre costuras
 Client 3 Supporting role Antena 3 TV

-Cassandra Publicidad
 Marisa Vazqueaz Episodic role 
 TVE Internacional
- La reina que no pudo reinar
 Countess/Maria Cristina Sala Youkali

- Yo, Cónsul
 Clowm Sala Youkali

- Kaspar Hauser
 Herr Feuerbach Sala Youkali

- Marat – Sade
 Mad girl University of Madrid Campus
-Theater didactics
 Different characters Different Madrid Schools


Master’s degree on TV presenting (1 year)
 CA, Sevilla

Actors Studio course (7 days)
 Gretta Seacat, Madrid

Meyerhold, Grotowski and Bertold Brecht acting technique (5 years) Paul Adkin, Madrid

“The actor in front of the camera” (2 month course)
 Pape Pérez

Master class in the Stella Adler Academy in L.A. (1 day)
 May Quigley

Voice technique (1 month)
 Concha Doñaque

Fernando Piernas’ beginners course (12 days)
 Fernando Piernas

Amy Lyndon Booking Technique Master class (online attendance) Amy Lyndon, Industry Hollywood
Gabi Santinelli American Accent Clinic Master class
 Gabi Santinelli, Industry Hollywood
Crystal Carson “Audition by heart” Master class
 Crystal Carson, Industry Hollywood
Jona Xiao Career Activate Workshop Master class
 Jona Xiao, Industry Hollywood
Acting in English (3 month course) Marta Rubio, Central de Cine


Audiovisual Communication University Degree

International Baccalaureate
 Vienna International School


Bilingual in English and French, spoken German – low level spoken level but good accent - drummer, golf player (low/medium level), tennis player (medium level), flamenco dancer (medium level)
As I grew up in an international environment, I’m quite skilled when it comes to imitating languages I don’t know.
Even though I’m completely Spanish, I don’t look like a Spanish person due to my red hair, green eyes and light skin. I don’t sound Spanish either.

Yüklə 86,14 Kb.

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