Here are 10 discoveries that are considered to have changed the world

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Here are 10 discoveries that are considered to have changed the world:
1. Discovery of the printing press - revolutionized the spread of knowledge and information.
2. Discovery of electricity - completely transformed the way we live and work.
3. Discovery of penicillin - revolutionized medicine and led to the development of antibiotics.

4. Discovery of the internet - changed communication, information sharing, and business globally.

5. Discovery of the steam engine - sparked the Industrial Revolution and led to significant advancements in transportation and manufacturing.

6. Discovery of the structure of DNA - revolutionized our understanding of genetics and has had a profound impact on medicine and biotechnology.

7. Discovery of the theory of relativity - transformed our understanding of space, time, and energy.
8. Discovery of the wheel - fundamentally changed transportation and enabled the development of complex societies and civilizations.
9. Discovery of the laws of motion and gravity by Isaac Newton - revolutionized our understanding of the physical world and laid the foundation for modern physics.

10. Discovery of the vaccine for smallpox - has eradicated a deadly disease and laid the groundwork for the development of vaccines for other infectious diseases.
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