Hi my name is Yuki

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Hi my name is Yuki. Let me tell you a little bit about

myself. I’m an elf. . I make snowboards. It is very fun when my friend Erick is helping.

For fun I snowboard and make snowmen. I have snowball fights with my friend Erik.

I like to eat pizza ban bino’s and tuna quesdilla’s.

When I meet somebody new I am shy but when I get to know them I am very funny. My favorite color is orange. I have a orange and red hat and sun glasses too. I wear an orange shirt. I wear a watch. Everyday I pick out a different pair of shorts to wear. I am two feet tall. I’m 5 years older than my 4 year old sister.

I live in a igloo. It is very cold, but I gather wood and make a cozy fire for my friend Will so he won’t be cold when he comes over. Sometimes we play video games. We eat popcorn and Dr. Pepper too.

My favorite sport is football. My dad plays football when he is off work helping Santa’s reindeer. My mom’s name is Penny and my dad’s name is Ice T. My mom gives medicine to the elve that are sick.

When my mom and dad aren’t home I play with my dog his name is Ice. Sometimes he runs around and I try to catch him. Then other times I make a snowman, but then Ice pees on my snowman. When my mom gets home she has me do my chores. And when my dad gets home he has me practice basketball. When I’m done I can play with my friends Will, Samon, Ed and Erik. Then I go home and eat supper. When I’m done I clean my room and watch Jack Frost. When it is over I brush my teeth and put my pajamas and get in bed. I have to go to bed now so I can make some more snowboards for some more kids. Good bye and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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