History of Great Britain

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History of Great Britain

History of Great Britain
Quiz I. The Commonwealth of Nations
1. The Commonwealth of Nations is __________
(A) an association of the former British colonies.
(B) a union of sovereign states.
(C) an organization of independent countries.
(D) all of the above.
2. Its headquarters are in __________
(A) Westminster Palace.
(B) Buckingham Palace.
(C) Marlborough House.
(D) Windsor Castle.
3. Under the reign of which British monarch did Britain become a great sea power and start its colonial policy?
(A) Edward I
(B) Henry VIII
(C) Elizabeth I
(D) Queen Victoria
4. Which country was called “the Jewel in the Crown”?
(A) The USA
(B) India
(C) Canada
(D) Australia
5. The country which got its independence of the British Crown first was __________
(A) the USA.
(B) Ireland.
(C) Canada.
(D) Australia.
6. The most highly developed country in the Commonwealth is __________
(A) the USA.
(B) the UK.
(C) Australia.
(D) Singapore.
7. The Statute of Westminster recognized the independence of the British colonies in __________
(A) 1921.
(B) 1931.
(C) 1939.
(D) 1947.
8. The people of which country speak more than 700 different languages?
(A) Zimbabwe
(B) Papua New Guinea
(C) Trinidad and Tobago
(D) Pakistan
9. Half of the people of the Commonwealth lives in __________
(A) India.
(B) the USA.
(C) Great Britain.
(D) Canada.
10. The head of the Commonwealth of Nations is __________
(A) the British Monarch.
(B) the British Prime Minister.
(C) the American President.
(D) the Commonwealth’s Governor-General.
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