Honorary Graduates

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Honorary Graduates

(Chronological list )

The names of deceased graduates are printed in italics.
Master of Arts (MA)

George Harris Thomson, Secretary-Treasurer of the Royal College of Science

and Technology from 1947 to 1964, Registrar of the University from 1964 to

1966 July 1966

Charles Geoffrey Wood, University Librarian March 1967
William B Paton, County Librarian, Lanarkshire - First Head of the Scottish

School of Librarianship, Scottish College of Commerce, 1946-50 April 1972

Gustav Heiberg, Chief of Division, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs July 1975
Charles Stewart, formerly Depute Bursar (Finance) in the University

Administration Oct 1975

Louis McGougan, Bursur of the University of Strathclyde March 1976
Duncan Matheson, formerly Director of Physical Education in the University July 1983
Walter Underwood, formerly Planning Consultant to the University July 1983
Zbigniew Byszewski, former Consul-General for Poland in Scotland June 1986
John Turner, Organist to the University and Glasgow Cathedral July 1990
Susan Wighton, who worked as a nurse in Palestinian refugee camps July 1990
Andrew Miller, Director of Libraries, City of Glasgow District Council July 1990
Tommy Orr, former University Security Controller July 1990
James Arnold, Director and Village Manager, Lanark New Town Nov 1990
Graham Douglas, Draughtsman, Royal Commission on Ancient Building and

Historical Monuments of Scotland July 1992

Yvonne Carol Grace Murray, Athlete May 1995
Master of Science (MSc)

Ronald Ewart Nicoll, Professor of Urban Planning March 1967

George Gray, formerly Chief Technician in the Department of Metallurgy in the

University July 1979

Andrew Clunie, formerly Laboratory Superintendent in the Department of Pure

and Applied Chemistry in the University (posthumously) June 1981

Robert T McCrone, formerly Laboratory Superintendent in the Department of

Civil Engineering July 1987

John S Taylor, Former Senior Prosthetist/Orthotist Nov 1993
Peter Francis Herbert, formerly Director of Estates, University of Strathclyde July 2000
Master of Letters (MLitt)

Fr Columba Ryan, formerly Chaplain to Roman Catholic students in the

University July 1981
Charles Geoffrey Wood, formerly University Librarian July 1985
Doctor of Science (DSc)

The Rt Hon The Lord Todd of Trumpington, the Chancellor April 1965

The Rt Hon The Lord Adrian of Cambridge, Master of Trinity College,

Cambridge April 1965

Sir Robert Robinson, Waynflete Professor of Chemistry in the University of

Oxford from 1930 to 1955 April 1965

Sir Andrew McCance, Chairman of the Board of Governors (latterly of the

Council) of the Royal College of Science and Technology from 1950 to 1964 July 1965

Michael James Lighthill, Royal Society Research Professor in the Imperial

College of Science and Technology, London April 1966

Herwart Opitz, Professor of Machine Tools and Organisation of Production

in the Rheinisch-Westfalische Hochschule, Aachen, West Germany April 1966

Sir Gordon Sutherland, Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge April 1966
Vladimir Alekseevich Kirillin, Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers and

Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the USSR Oct 1966

Sir William Cook, Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Defence April 1967
Harold Montague Finniston, Vice-Chairman of the British Steel Corporation March 1968
Bernard Paul Gregory, Director General of CERN (European Organisation for

Nuclear Research), Geneva March 1968

Sir Martin Ryle, Professor of Radio Astronomy in the University of Cambridge March 1968
Sir Owen Saunders, Vice-Chancellor of the University of London March 1968
John Samuel Forrest, Director of the Central Electricity Research Laboratories April 1969
Reginald Victor Jones, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of

Aberdeen April 1969

Max Tishler, President of the Merck Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories;

later Professor of Chemistry, Wesleyan University, Middleton, Connecticut April 1969

John Monteath Robertson, Gardiner Professor of Chemistry in the University of

Glasgow April 1970

John Macfie Holm, Chairman of the University Court (in absentia) June 1970
Jan de Vries, Netherlands Academic and International Authority on Planning April 1971
Sir Frederick Sydney Dainton, Dr Lee's Professor of Chemistry, University of

Oxford June 1971

Thomas Gibson, Regional Director of the Glasgow and West of Scotland

Regional Plastic and Oral Surgery Service, Western Regional Hospital Board;

Visiting Professor, Bioengineering Unit, University of Strathclyde April 1972
Carl Hirsch, Professor and Head of the Department of Orthopaedics,

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm June 1972

John E Jacobs, Director of Biomedical Engineering Center, Northwestern

University, USA June 1972

Jerzy Romuald Werner, Professor of Automotive Engineering and Director of

the Institute of Vehicles; formerly Rector, Politechnika Lódzka, Poland April 1973

James H H Merriman, Member for Technology of the Post Office Corporation,

Visiting Professor, Department of Electronic Science and Telecommunications,

University of Strathclyde April 1974
Edward M Wright, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen April 1974
Sir Alan Howard Cottrell, Master of Jesus College in the University of

Cambridge April 1975

Ernst Otto Fischer, Professor in and Director of the Inorganic Chemistry,

Institute in the Technical University of Munich April 1975

Douglas Samuel Jones, Ivory Professor of Mathematics in the University of

Dundee April 1975

Basil John Mason, Director-General of the Meteorological Office April 1975
Paul Germain, Professor of Mechanics in the Faculty of Science, University of

Paris Oct 1975

George Steedman Hislop, Executive Vice-Chairman of Westland Aircraft Ltd April 1976
Alexander Thom, Emeritus Professor of Engineering Science, University of

Oxford July 1976

George Herbert Hitchings, formerly Vice-President in charge of Research,

Burroughs Welcome Company, USA April 1977

Mieczyslaw Serwinski, formerly Rector, Politechinika Lódzka, Poland April 1977
Cesare Marchetti, Physicist July 1977
John B Adams, Executive Director-General, CERN, Geneva April 1978
Edward Galas, Professor of Biochemistry and Rector of Politechnika Lódzka,

Poland Oct 1978

George Robert Bishop, Director of the Department of Physical and Natural

Sciences, Euratom, Ispra, Italy April 1979

August Carl Helmholz, Professor of Physics in the University of California at

Berkeley April 1979

Philip Ivor Dee, Emeritus Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of

Glasgow April 1980

Knud Jansen, Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon, Copenhagen County Hospital and

University Clinic, Denmark April 1980

Sir Samuel Crowe Curran, first Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University Nov 1980
Sir William Rede Hawthorne, Master of Churchill College, Cambridge, and

sometime Hopkinson and ICI Professor of Applied Thermodynamics in the

University of Cambridge April 1981
Rolf Leis, Professor of Applied Mathematics and sometime Rector of the

University of Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany April 1981

Frank Stuart Spring, sometime Freeland Professor of Chemistry in the Royal

College of Science and Technology, Glasgow April 1981

David Jack, Director, Research and Development, Glaxo Group April 1982
Edward Victor Buchanan, Electrical Engineer April 1983
John William Fozard, Aeronautical Engineer April 1983
Jerzy Kroh, Rector of Politechnika Lódzka, Poland April 1983
Isabella Helen Mary Muir, Director of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology,

London April l983

Blodwen Lloyd Binns, Botanist April 1984
Robert Simpson Silver, formerly James Watt Professor of Mechanical

Engineering in the University of Glasgow April 1984

Thomas Burness King, Professor of Metallurgy in the Massachusetts Institute of

Technology April 1985

Peter Lewis Martin, Consulting Engineer April 1985
Sir Hans Leo Kornberg, President of the British Association for the

Advancement of Science Aug 1985

Sir Henry Chilver, Vice-Cancellor of Cranfield Institute of Technology April 1986
John Maurice Houlder, Chairman of Houlder Offshore Ltd;Visiting Professor in

the Department of Ship and MarineTechnology April 1986

Admiral Sir Lindsay Bryson, formerly Controller of the Royal April 1987
Sir Robert Lickley, Engineering Designer April 1987
Boris Vladimirovitch L'vov, Chairman of the Analytical Chemistry Department of

the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute Nov 1987

John B Stenlake, Honorary Professor of Pharmacy in the University July 1988
Horst Klinkmann, Professor of Medicine and Chairman of the Department of

Internal Medicine at the Wilhem-Pieck University, Rostock, East Germany Sept 1988

George Murdoch, Former Professor of Orthopaedic and Traumatic Surgery,

University of Dundee July 1989
Abdel-Aziz Mahmoud Abou-Khadr, Former President, University of Alexandria,

Egypt July 1989

Alastair C Paterson, President of the Institution of Civil Engineers July 1989
Sir Edward P Abraham, Professor Emeritus of Chemical Pathology, Sir William

Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford July 1989

Jack E Baldwin, Waynflete Professor of Chemistry, University of Oxford July 1989
James A McFadzean, Director of Research, Rhône-Poulenc Limited July 1989
Yassin Abdel Ghaffar, Professor of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Egypt April 1991
Wallace Foulds, Consultant Ophthalmologist July 1991
John Burbidge, internationally renowned Engineer July 1991
Malcomn Ferguson-Smith FRS, Professor of Pathology at the University of

Cambridge April 1992

Thomas Kailath, Hitachi America Professor of Engineering, Stanford University May 1992

Alan Rudge OBE, Managing Director, Development and Procurement,

British Telecom, and Deputy President, Institution of Electrical Engineers May 1992
Sir James Black, world-renowned Pharmacologist Nov 1992
Professor Kenneth Calman, Chief Medical Officer, Deparment of Health April 1993
Sam Thorburn, Consulting Civil Engineer July 1993
Professor John R Hillman, Director, Scottish Crop Research Institute July 1994
Professor Ian N Sneddon, former Simson Professor of Mathematics,

University of Glasgow July 1994
Professor Thomas L Blundell, Chief Executive, Biotechnology & Biological

Science Research Council July 1994

Professor Trevor Mervyn Jones, Director General, Association of the British

Pharmaceutical Industry Nov 1994

Professor Paolo Maria Fasella, Director General, Science Research and

Development Commission of the European Communities May 1995

Professor Jutta Schaper, President, International Society for Heart Research July 1995
Professor Wolfgang Schaper, Director, Max Planck Institute July 1995
Professor Pierre Potier, Director, Institute de Chimie des Substances Naturelles

du CVRS Nov 1995

Santiago Calatrava Valls, Architect Engineer July 1996
Robert B O’Connell , Managing Director, Merck Ltd Nov 1996
Jan Alrik Harald Hult, Emeritus Professor of Solid Mechanics, Chalmers

University of Technology July 1997

Ronald Morton Cresswell, alumnus and Chairman, Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical

Research July 1997

Alexander McLean, Alumnus and Director, Ferrous Metallurgy Research Group,

University of Toronto July 1998

Sir Richard Sykes, Chairman and Chief Executive, Glaxo Welcome plc July 1998
Sir Alec John Jeffreys, Royal Society Wolfson Research Professor, University

of Leicester Nov 1998

Sir Philip Cohen, Director, Medical Research Council Protein Phosphorylation

Unit, University of Dundee April 1999

James Dickson Murray, Mathematical Biologist July 1999
Louis Joseph Nisbet, Microbiologist and Alumnus June 2000
Iain Thomson Boyle, Medical Adviser to the University Nov 2000
Thomas Hugh Pennington, Professor of Bacteriology, University of Aberdeen May 2001
David Hamilton Lawson, Consultant Physician, Glasgow Royal Infirmary July 2001
Dugald Cameron, OBE, Visiting Professor, Department of Design, Manufacture

and Engineering Management May 2002

Julia Goodfellow, CBE, Chief Executive, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences

Research Council May 2002

Richard John Brook, OBE, Director, Leverhulme Trust July 2002
Lord Robert Winston, Professor of Fertility Studies, University of London July 2002
Sir Harold Kroto, Joint Nobel Laureate 1996. Discoverer of C60 Nov 2002
David Hamblen, Former Chairman, Greater Glasgow Health Board. Member

of the Advisory Board of the National Centre for Training and Education in

Prosthetics and Orthotics May 2003
Professor Derek Calam, Visiting Professor in the Department of

Pharmaceutical Sciences Nov 2003

Professor Vivienne Nathanson, Director of Professional Activities for the

British Medical Association July 2004

Datuk Dr Kamal Salih, Chairman of the Board of Governors, International

Medical University, Kuala Lumpur July 2004

Marshall Meek, Royal Designer for Industry (RDI), Naval Architect May 2005
Sir Duncan Michael, Senior Vice President, The Royal Academy of

Engineering July 2005

Krisana Kraisintu, Former Director, Research and Development Institute of

Thailand’s Government Pharmaceutical Organisation June 2006

Gue See Sew, Managing Director, Gue & Partners Sdn Bhd and Past President

of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia July 2006

Peter Travers Hughes, Member of University Court and Chief Executive,

Scottish Engineering July 2006

Mr Tom Allan, Chairman, Maritime Safety Committee, International Maritime

Organisation Nov 2006

Mr Colin Smith, Director, Engineering and Technology, Rolls-Royce June 2007
Professor Frank Walsh, Executive Vice-President , Wyeth Research June 2007
Professor Asit Biswas, President, Third World Centre for Water Management,

Mexico July 2007

Rolf Kjaer, Newbuilding Director, Color Line Marine, Norway Oct 2007
Allan Baxter, Senior Vice-President for Medicines Development,

GlaxoSmithKline July 2008

Professor Karen Vousden, Director of the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

in Glasgow July 2008

David Sibbald, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist July 2008
Professor Joseph Fragola, Vice President, Valador Inc. Nov 2008
William Surles McArthur, Manager, Space Shuttle Safety7 and Mission

Assurance Office, Lyndon B Johnson Space Centre May 2009

Bill Scott, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for the Scottish Government July 2009
Alex Dorrian, Executive Vice President, Thales International July 2009
Professor James Gimzewski, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and

Biochemistry – UCLA May 2010

Professor George Salmond, Professor of Molecular Microbiology,

University of Cambridge July 2010

Dr David Stirling, Former Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President,

Celgene Corporation, USA July 2010

Mr Alan Gavin, Marine Director, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping July 2010
Dr Mohamed Eisa, Chief and Deputy Director of the Environment Branch

in the United Industrial Development Organisation July 2010

Sir Charles Kao, Joint Nobel Prize in Physics 2009, Pioneer in the

development and use of fiber optics in telecommunications Sept 2010

Professor Eric Cornell, Joint Nobel Prize in Physics 2001, Physicist with

National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA and Professor at

University of Colorado Nov 2010
Professor Roy Glauber, Joint Nobel Prize in Physics 2005, Professor of

Physics at Harvard University Nov 2010

Professor Steven Chu, US Secretary of Energy, Joint Nobel Prize in Physics

1997 Nov 2010

Doctor of Laws (LLD)

Sir David S Anderson, Director of the Royal College of Science and Technology

from 1946 to 1959 April 1965
Sir Edmund Hirst, Professor of Organic Chemistry in the University of

Edinburgh; Chairman of the Academic Advisory Committee of the University of

Strathclyde April 1965
The Rt Hon Frank Cousins, Minister of Technology April 1965
Sir Peter Meldrum, Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow April 1965
The Hon The Lord Birsay, Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of

the Church of Scotland; Chairman of the Scottish Land Court April 1966

John Scott Maclay, the Rt Hon The Viscount Muirshiel, formerly Secretary of

State for Scotland April 1966

James Percival Agnew, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Scottish

College of Commerce from 195l to l964 Formerly Convener of the Finance

Committee of the University Court Oct 1966
Alexander Turnbull, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors

(latterly of the Council) of the Royal College of Science and Technology from

1950 to 1964, Convener of the Finance Committee of the University Court Oct 1966
His Majesty King Olav V of Norway Nov 1966
Sir Ronald Cumming, Chairman of the Distillers Company Ltd April 1967
Bristow Guy Ballard, President of the National Research Council of Canada,

Ottawa April 1967

James Sharp Tait, Vice-Chancellor of the City University April 1967
James Milne Coltart, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of the Thomson

Organisation Ltd April 1967

Sir Douglas Haddow, Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Scotland April 1967
Sir Maurice Laing, President of the Confederation of British Industries April 1967
The Rt Hon The Viscount Weir, Chairman of G & J Weir (Holdings) Ltd April 1967
William Francis Robertson, Ship-owner in the City of Glasgow and Chairman of

the University Court Oct 1967
John Johnston, Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow March 1968

Ronald John Bilsland Colville, the Rt Hon The Lord Clydesmuir of Braidwood,

Chairman of the Executive Committee, Scottish Council (Development &

Industry) March 1968

Thomas Rae Craig, Managing Director of the Scottish and Northwest Group,

British Steel Corporation March 1968

Arne Jacobsen, Professor of Architecture in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts,

Copenhagen March 1968

Sir Donald MacDougall, Director General of the Department of Economic

Affairs March 1968

The Rt Hon Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn, Minister of Technology Feb 1969
Sir Isaac Wolfson Bt March 1969
The Rt Hon William Ross, Secretary of State for Scotland April 1969
Benno Schotz, Queen's Sculptor in Ordinary for Scotland April 1969
Sir William Strath, Chairman of the British Aluminium Company Limited April 1969
Sir Maurice Dean, formerly Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Technology April 1970
Francis Scott McFadzean, a Managing Director of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group April 1970
Felix N Mansager, President and Chairman of the Hoover Group April 1970
George Russell, Vice-Chairman of the General Motors Corporation April 1970
David Abercrombie Donaldson, Head of the Painting School, Glasgow,

School of Art April 1971

Brigadier Sir Bernard Fergusson, former Governor-General of New Zealand April 1971
John Mitchell Aitken Smith, Chairman of the London Committee of the Scottish

Council April 1971

Isidore Aaron Walton, Chairman and Managing Director of the Scottish

Metropolitan Property Company Ltd April 1971

Sir Donald Ross Liddle, Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow June 1971
Lord Nelson of Stafford, Chairman of the General Electric and English Electric

Companies Ltd July 1971

Hugh Cowan Stenhouse, Chairman and Managing Director of Stenhouse

Holdings Ltd July 1971

Ian MacGregor, Chairman and Chief Executive of American Metal Climax Inc,

New York April 1972

Leonard G Wolfson, Deputy Chairman of the Wolfson Foundation April 1972
Sir William Alexander Roy Collins, Chairman and Managing Director of William

Collins Sons & Co Ltd April 1973

Sir Ronald Stanley Edwards, Chairman of the Beecham Group Ltd and Professor

of Economics (Industrial Organisation) in the London School of Economics April 1973

His Excellency Robert Kweku Atta Gardiner, Executive Secretary of the United

Nations Economic Commission for Africa April 1973
Willy Haugli, Director of the University of Tromso, Norway April 1973
The Rt Hon The Lord Murray of Newhaven, Chancellor of the University of

Southampton and formerly Chairman of the University Grants Committee April 1973

Patrick Muirhead Thomas, Chairman of the University Court April 1973
Rupert H Myers, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of New

South Wales Aug 1973

John W Atwell, Chairman of the Engineering Division, The Weir Group Ltd Oct 1973
John D Kuipers, Vice-President of the Netherlands Federation of Industry,

Visiting Professor, Strathclyde Business School April 1974
The Rev William J, Morris, Minister of Glasgow Cathedral April 1974
The Rt Hon The Lord Taylor of Gryfe, Chairman of the Forestry Commission April 1974

David Ward, Opera Singer April 1974

Sir William Stevenson Gray, Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow April 1975
Tan Sri Hamzah Sendut, Vice-Chancellor of the University Sains Malaysia April 1975
Sir Iain Maxwell Stewart, Chairman of Hall-Thermotank Ltd April 1975
Jack Antonio Coia, Architect April 1976
Adam S T Thomson, Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University

of Strathclyde April 1976

F Olaf Thornton, Member of the University Court April 1976
Wisse Dekker, Director, Philips Organisation, Netherlands Nov 1976
Francis Leonard Tombs, Chairman, South of Scotland Electricity Board Nov 1976
William David Coats, Member of the University Court April 1977
Czeslaw Mieczyslaw Lesniak, formerly Polish Consul-General in Scotland April 1977
Matthew McKinnon Linning, General Manager, Exploration and Production, BP

(Petroleum Division) Ltd April 1977

Ethel Marian Rennie Gray, formerly Principal, Craigie College of Education, Ayr July 1977
A Ross Belch, Managing Director of Scott-Lithgow Ltd April 1978
Peter C Boon, Chairman of Hoover Ltd April 1978
William B M Duncan, Deputy Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd April 1978
Alastair M Dunnett, Chairman of Thomson Scottish Petroleum Ltd April 1978
Peter Hemmings, General Manager, Australian Opera Nov 1978
Richard Douglas James Baker, Broadcaster and Author April 1979
David Kenneth Fraser, Managing Director, APV Holdings Ltd; Visiting Professor,

Department of Thermodynamics and Mechanics of Fluids, University of

Strathclyde April 1979
Sir James Campbell Fraser, Chairman and Chief Executive, Dunlop Holdings

Ltd April 1979

George Murray Burnett, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University,

Edinburgh July 1979

Sir William James Lithgow, first Honorary President of the Students Association

of the University July 1979

David Hodge, Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow (in absentia) April 1980
Sir Frank Hartley, formerly Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Vice-Chancellor

of the University of London April 1980

Alexander Whiteford Scott, Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering in the

University June 1980

The Rt Hon The Lord Kearton of Whitchurch, first Chairman and Chief Executive

of the British National Oil Corporation; Chancellor-designate of the University of

Bath April 1981
Sir Freddie Laker, formerly Chairman and Managing Director of Laker Airways

Ltd Oct 1981

Forrest Symington Anderson, Mining Engineer April 1982
Gavin Boyd, Member of the University Court April 1982
Sir Kenneth George Corfield, Chairman of the Engineering Council April 1982
Alexander King, Chairman of the International Federation of Institutes for

Advanced Study April 1982

Alwyn Williams, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow April 1982
Sir Henry P Wood, University Assessor in Education and formerly Principal of

Jordanhill College of Education, Glasgow July 1982

The Rt Hon Joel Barnett, sometime Chief Secretary to the Treasury April 1983
John Harrison Burnett, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of

Edinburgh April 1983

The Very Reverend Andrew Herron, sometime Moderator of the General

Assembly of the Church of Scotland April 1983

Robin Grieve Duthie, Chairman of the Scottish Development Agency April 1984
Sir Robert Grieve, sometime Chairman of the Highlands and Islands

Development Board April 1984

James Stalker McGregor, Chairman of Honeywell Limited April 1984
The Rt Hon The Lord MacLehose of Beoch, formerly Governor and

Commander-in-Chief, Hong Kong April 1984

Norman Chadwick Eckersley, Chairman of the Pacific Bank, San Francisco April 1985
Siew-Nam Hiew, Chairman of Council in the Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore April 1985
Ludovic Henry Coverley Kennedy, Author and Broadcaster April 1985
The Baroness Lockwood of Dewsbury, President of Birkbeck College, London April 1985
Anthony Elliot Ritchie, Secretary and Treasurer of the Carnegie Trust for the

Universities of Scotland April 1985

David Bilsland Cobb, Shipbuilder July 1985
Nelson Mandela, defender of human rights (in absentia) July 1985
Lord Mackay of Clashfern, Senator of the College of Justice July 1985
His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Harald of Norway Oct 1985
Ungku Abdul Aziz, Vice-Chancellor and Royal Professor, University of Malaya April 1986
Emilio Coia, Artist and Caricaturist April 1986
Sir Norman Macfarlane, Chairman and Managing Director, April 1986
Richard Stewart, Leader of Administration, Strathclyde Regional Council April 1986
Sir Kenneth Alexander, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Stirling;

formerly Professor of Economics, University of Strathclyde July 1986
Reo Stakis, Chairman, Reo Stakis plc July 1986
Sir Adam Thomson, Chairman, British Caledonian Airways plc, alumnus of the

Royal Technical College July 1986

William G, Baxter, Chairman of W A Baxter and Sons Ltd April 1987
Joan Elizabeth Curran (Lady Curran), wife of the first Principal and Vice-

Chancellor of the University April 1987

Robert Gray, Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow April 1987
James D H Hume, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Howden

Group plc April 1987
Philip S Ledger, Principal of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama April 1987
Donald M McCallum, Chairman of Ferranti Defence Systems Ltd April 1987
Andrew Spyrou, shipping consultant July 1987
Verity Lambert, Film Producer April 1988
William G Manderson, Medical Adviser to the University April 1988
Sir James Munn, Chairman of the Manpower Services Commission and member

of the University Court April 1988
Stephen P Newall, Industrialist and member of the University Court April 1988
Thomas G Cullen, Townscape Architect July 1988
William Francis, President of the Institution of Civil Engineers July 1988
James C Smith, Chairman of the Distribution Research Panel of the Electricity

Supply Industry July 1988

Samuel Wong, Engineering Consultant, President of the Hong Kong Institution

of Engineers Nov 1989

Sir William Kerr Fraser, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow April 1991
David Sanderson, convener of Strathclyde Regional Council July 1991
Joan Macintosh, founder of Scottish Consumer Council and Chairwoman of the

Scottish Child Law Centre July 1991

Professor Sir Graham Hills, retired second Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the

University Nov 1991

Ms Helena Kennedy, Barrister-at-Law July 1992
Lord Wallace of Campsie, Solicitor and Philanthropist July 1993
Lord Hope, Lord President of the Court in Session and Lord Justice General

for Scotland July 1993

Joanna Foster, formerly Chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission April 1994
Lord Howie of Troon, Alumnus and Civil Engineer July 1994
The Honourable Dato ‘Lim Ah Lek, Minister of Human Resources, Malaysia Nov 1994
Barbara Mary Kelly, Equal Opportunities Commissioner for Scotland July 1995
Leslie Sharp, Chief Constable, Strathclyde Police July 1995
Sir John Banham, Chairman, Local Government Commission Nov 1995
Patrick James Lally, Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow Nov 1996
The Right Honourable The Lord Dearing, Chairman of the National Committee of

Inquiry into Higher Education April 1999
John McCormick, Controller, BBC Scotland April 1999
Janet Patricia Morgan (Lady Balfour of Burleigh), Writer and Company Director April 1999
Bashir Ahmed Maan, Deputy Lieutenant of the City of Glasgow and Convener,

Strathclyde Joint Police Board July 1999

Lord Slynn of Hadley, Lord Appeal in Ordinary July 1999
David Martin Scott Steel, The Right Honourable The Lord Steel of Aikwood,

PresidingOfficer, The Scottish Parliament May 2000

Alastair Muir Russell, Permanent Secretary, The Scottish Executive June 2000
Sir Graeme Davies, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow July 2000
The Honourable Lady Cosgrove, Judge of the Supreme Court May 2002
Alex Mossan, Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow 1999-2003 May 2003
Dame Ruth Deech, Chair of the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology

Authority. Principal of St Anne’s College, Oxford July 2003

The Rt Hon Lord Gill, Lord Justice Clerk, Judge and former Chairman of

the Scottish Law Commission since 1996 July 2003

Helen Lawrie Liddell, Former Secretary of State for Scotland and future British

High Commissioner of Justiciary May 2005

The Honourable Lord Bracadale, Senator of the College of Justice and a Lord

Commissioner of Justiciary May 2005

Sir Menzies Campbell, Member of Parliament, QC July 2005
The Hon. Lord Bonomy, Senator of the College of Justice June 2006
Elish Angiolini, Lord Advocate May 2007
Dennis Canavan, retired MP and MSP July 2008
Doctor of Letters (D Litt)

Clark Kerr, President of the University of California April 1965

The Rt Hon The Lord Robbins, Chairman of the Committee on Higher

Education April 1966

Sir Charles Wilson, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow April 1966
Lionel Gordon Baliol Brett, the fourth Viscount Esher, President of the

Royal Institute of British Architects Feb 1967

Sir James Pitman, formerly Chairman of Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd April 1970
Angus Campbell, Director of the Survey Research Centre, University of

Michigan July 1970

Muriel Sarah Spark, Author July 1971
Asa Briggs, Vice-Chancellor and Professor of History in the University of

Sussex April 1973

S G Edgar Lythe, Emeritus Professor of Economic History and formerly Vice-

Principal of the University July 1978

Eva Sivertsen, Rector and Professor of English Language, University of

Trondheim, Norway April 1980

Lady Mitchison (Naomi Margaret Mitchison), Author April 1983
Norman Gash, formerly Professor of History, St Salvator's College, University of

St Andrews April 1984
Jeremy Isaacs, Chief Executive of Channel 4 Television July 1984
John Michael Coetzee, author and Professor of English in the University of

Cape Town April 1985

Vladimir Karpov, First Secretary of the Union of Soviet Writers April 1987
Neal Ascherson, Author and Journalist April 1988
George L S Shackle, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Liverpool April 1988
Alexander Stone, Solicitor and Philanthropist July 1989
Ian Chapman CBE, Publisher April 1990

Elaine M McDonald OBE, Prima Ballerina April 1990

Jerzy Maksymiuk, Conductor April 1990
John Cunningham, Painter April 1990
George R Wyllie, Sculptor April 1990
Nigel Tranter, Author July 1990
Peter Brook, Producer and Director Nov 1990
William H Murray, Mountaineer and Author July 1991
Magnus Magnusson, Chairman of Scottish Natural Heritage, writer and

broadcaster April 1993

Robert Kerr Fulton, OBE, Entertainer and Broadcaster April 1994
Arnold Kemp, Editor, The Herald Newspaper July 1994
William Angus McIlvanney, Writer and Poet May 1995
James Loy MacMillan, Composer and Conductor April 1996
Giles Havergal, Director, Cititzens Theatre July 1996
Peter J Howson, Painter Nov 1996
Mark Tully, Writer and Broadcaster April 1997
Louis Michael Cullen, Economic and Social Historian July 1997
Eavan Boland, Poet July 1997
William Nicholas Hutton, Editor, The Observer Newspaper July 1997
Elizabeth Blackadder, Scottish Artist July 1998
Liz Lochhead, Poet and Playwright July 1998
R Neil MacGregor, Merchant Banker April 1998
Burton Robert Clark, Professor Emeritus of Higher Education, University of

California Nov 1998

His Excellency Dr Bakili Muluzi, President of the Republic of Malawi May 2000
Amartya Kumar Sen, Nobel Laureate in Economics 1998 and Master of

Trinity College, University of Cambridge May 2000

Fergal Patrick Keane, Journalist, Author and Broadcaster July 2001
Andrew William Stevenson Marr, Journalist, Author and Broadcaster July 2001
Yvette Jaggi, President, Pro Helvetia May 2002
Andrew Goudie, Chief Economic Adviser, Scottish Executive May 2003
Paul Laverty, Lawyer and Screen Writer Nov 2003
Alf Young, Business and Economic Journalist, Policy Editor, The Herald May 2004
Peter John Hennessy, Modern Political Historian, Journalist and Commentator May 2005
The Rt Rev. David William Lacy, Moderator of the 2005 General Assembly of

the Church of Scotland May 2006

John Williamson Wallace, Principal, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and

Drama May 2006

Melvyn William Collier, Library Director, University of Leuven, Belgium July 2006
Professor Frans van Vught, Former Rector Magnificus, University of Twente,

The Netherland May 2007

Rev Alan McDonald, Moderator of the General Assembly May 2007
Andrew O’Hagan, Writer July 2008
Allan Massie, Novelist, Biographer, Political Commentator and Critic Nov 2008
Professor Seona Reid, Director, The Glasgow School of Art July 2009
The Very Reverand David Ward Lunan, Former Moderator of the General

Assembly of the Church of Scotland May 2010

Mr Alistair Reid, Writer, Poet and Translator July 2010aganH
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Sir John Collins, Chief Executive, Vestey Group July 1994

Sir Paul Girolami, Chairman, Glaxo Holdings Nov 1994
Samuel SW Kam JSM, Businessman Nov 1994
Gordon YS Wu, Managing Director, Hopewell Holdings Ltd Nov 1994
Zhu Youlan, Vice Chairman and President, China Resources (Holdings) Ltd Nov 1994
Ronald James Wylie, Chief Executive, Young Enterprise Scotland July 1995
John MacQueen Ward, CBE, Chairman, CBI Scotland July 1995
Sir William Purves, CBE, DSO, Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings Plc April 1996
Sir Ralph Robins, Chairman, Rolls-Royce plc April 1996
Brian Souter, Alumnus and Executive Chairman, Stagecoach Holdings plc April 1997
Ian Robinson, Chief Executive, Scottish Power plc July 1998
Sir Angus Grossart, Merchant Banker April 1998
Sir Bruce Pattullo, Governor, Bank of Scotland April 1998
Edward Friel, Chief Executive, Greater Glasgow and Clyde Valley Tourist

Board since 1997. Broadcaster and writer. Visiting Professor in the Scottish

Hotel School May 2003
Professor Neil Hood, Professor of Business Policy, Strathclyde International

Business Unit, Deputy Chairman, Scottish Enterprise Nov 2003

Maurice V Taylor, International Hotelier and Entrepreneur May 2004
Christopher Masters, Former Chairman, SHEFC June 2006
Ron Hamilton, Entrepreneur May 2007
Lesley Sawers, Chief Executive, Scottish Council for Development and

Industry July 2009

Mr Jim McColl, Chairman and Chief Executive, Clyde Blowers May 2010
Mr Frank Blin, Executive Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Scotland Nov 2010
Doctor of the University (DUniv)

Michael Jean Lavalou, President, Compiegne University of Technology, France April 1989

Sven Olving, Rector, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden April 1989
Frederick Nicolaas Hooge, Immediate Past Rector, Eindhoven University of

Technology, The Netherlands April 1989

Czeslaw Strumillo, Rector, Technical University of Lodz, Poland April 1989
Roberto Schmid, Rector, University of Pavia, Italy April 1989
Rolf Johan Lenschow, Rector, University of Trondheim, Norway April 1989
Ainuddin Bin Abdul Wahid, Vice-Chancellor, University of Technology, Malaysia April 1989
Douglas Tyndall Wright, President, University of Waterloo, Canada April 1989
Shi Weixiang (in absentia), President, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China April 1989
Mohamed Said Abdel-Fattah, President, University of Alexandria, Egypt April 1989
David Baldwin, Chairman and Managing Director of Hewlett Packard Ltd July 1990
Harry Crone, Member of the University Court July 1990
Lord Tombs of Brailes, Chancellor of the University April 1991
Sir Robert Davidson, Alumnus and Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,


Sir Robert Easton, alumnus and Chairman and Managing Director, Yarrow

Shipbuilders Ltd April 1991

Emeritus Professor Robert Kenedi, former Head of the University's Bioengineering

Unit and initiator of the Learning in Later Life and Senior Studies Institute July 1991

Lady (Mary) Hills, wife of the (retired) second Principal and Vice-Chancellor

of the University Nov 1991

Lord Forte FRSA, Chairman of Trusthouse Forte April 1992
Most Rev Thomas Winning, Archbishop of Glasgow April 1992
Tom Johnston OBE, University Treasurer, Member of Court and former

Chairman and Managing Director of Barr and Stroud April 1992

Jan Krysinski, Professor, Rector of the Technical University of Lodz April 1992
Sir Donald Miller, Chairman of Scottish Power May 1992
Mrs Margaret Baird, widow of John Logie Baird May 1992
Hamish C S Wood, Emeritus Professor of the University July 1992
William Brown CBE, Chairman of Scottish Television plc July 1992
Lord Stockton, alumnus of the University and president of publishers Macmillan April 1993
Professor Ernest Wragg, Director of School of Education, University of Exeter April 1993
Professor Francine Vaniscott, prominent educationist in Europe April 1993
Sir Denys Henderson, Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries July 1993
Sir John Crichton-Stuart, Sixth Marquess of Bute July 1993
Alastair MacArthur North, OBE, President of the Asian Institute of Technology

Bangkok Nov 1993

Dame Jennifer Jenkins, DBE, President, The Ancient Monuments Society Nov 1993
The Right Honourable Lord Goold, DL, Chairman of the University Court April 1994
Donald Jason Flamm, Businessman and Broadcasting Pioneer April 1994
Richard Frederick Holloway, Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus of the Scottish

Episcopal Church April 1994

Sir Ronald Garrick, Member of the University Court July 1994
Khoo Kay Chai, Principal, Singapore Polytechnic Nov 1994
Cham Tao Soon, President, Nanyang Technological University Nov 1994
Daniel CW Tse CBE, PHD, LLD, DSocSc, JP, President, Hong Kong

Baptist College Nov 1994

Jan Wladyswaw Stepek, Businessman and Entrepreneur May 1995
Robert James Stewart, Alumnus and Businessman May 1995
Professor Hiroynki Yoshikawa, President of the University of Tokyo April 1996
Baroness Blackstone of Stoke Newington, Master of Birkbeck College,

University of London April 1996

Joyce Blair Deans, Member of the University Court July 1996
Sir Thomas J Thomson, Member of the University Court April 1997
David John Tedford, Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering, University

Of Strathclyde July 1997
Roy Arthur Johnson, Chairman of the University Court July 1998
Jozef Mayer, Rector, Technological University, Lodz April 1998
John Swanson Beck, Foundation Dean of the International Medical College,

Malaysia July 1999

Andrew MacMillan, Emeritus Professor of Architecture, Glasgow University Nov 1999
Hamish Graeme Hardie, Vice-Chairman, Clyde Maritime Trust Committee Nov 1999
Lady Elinor Arbuthnott May 2001
Sir John Arbuthnott, former Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of

Strathclyde May 2001

Thomas Blane Hunter, Businessman and Entrepreneur May 2001
John Roland Grimshaw, Director and Chief Engineer, Sustrans July 2001
Yaqub Ali, OBE, Businessman andTrustee of Strathclyde University Foundation May 2002
David Romen Ward, Member of the University Court July 2002
Tom Shields, Contributor to the Students’ Association and Diary editor Glasgow

Herald for 22 years. Graduate of the University of Strathclyde May 2003

Hannah Stirling MBE, Co-founder and President of Friends of Loch Lomond May 2003
David Page, Founding Partner, Page & Park Architects May 2004
Professor Peter Holmes, Vice-Principal (Research), University of Glasgow May 2004
Professor Alexander Florence, Dean, School of Pharmacy, University of London July 2004
Sir William Stubbs, Chancellor, Thames Valley University Former

Chairman, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Nov 2004

John Cumming Craig, Senior Tax Practitioner May 2005
Henrik Edward Larsson, Footballer May 2005
James David Rubadiri, Vice Chancellor, University of Malawi May 2005
His Excellency Dr Bingu wa Mutharika, President of the Republic of Malawi Nov 2005
George Geddes Parsonage, Silver Medal Winner, Royal Humane Society May 2006
Archibald Sinclair Hunter, Convener, University Court May 2006
Elizabeth Anne Cameron, Lord Provost, Glasgow May 2006
Mary Beaton Macdonald, Headteacher, previously of Meadow Well Primary

School June 2006

Thomas Martin Devine, Professor of Scottish History, University of Edinburgh July 2006
Eddi Reader, Singer May 2007
Alistair Ramsay, Director, Scotland Against Drugs June 2007
Wendy Alexander, MSP June 2007
Euphemia Niven Shaw Nov 2007
Bruce Malone, CBE, Headteacher of St Andrew’s RC Secondary School July 2008
Rev Dr Tony Sargant, founding Principal of the International Christian College,

Glasgow July 2008

Sir Bill Jeffrey KCB, Permanent Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence Nov 2008
Andrew Hamnett, Former Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of

Strathclyde May 2009

Derek Grant Casey, Director of Glasgow’s bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth

Games May 2009

Jeffrey John Fergus, Member of the University Court May 2009
Frances Jane McMenamin, Member of University Court and the Law School

Advisory Panel May 2009

Jenni Wolfson, Deputy Director, Witness` July 2009
Mrs Linda McDonald, Founder of the Charity MUMs (Malawi Underpriviledged

Mothers) July 2010

Lord McFall of Alcluith, Privy Counsellor and Former MP for West

Dunbartonshire July 2010

Fellow of the University

Sir Patrick Muirhead Thomas, former Chairman of the University Court Nov 1988
The Rt Hon the Lord Todd OM, PPRS April 1990
Sir Samuel Curran, First Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Strathclyde University July 1990
William Francis Robertson, former Chairman of the University Court Nov 1990
Sir John Atwell, former Chairman of the University Court Nov 1990
Gavin Boyd, former Chairman of the University Court July 1991
Stephen Park Newall, former Chairman of the University Court April 1994
Professor Sir Graham Hills, former Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the

University July 1994

The Rt Hon Lord Tombs of Brailes, Former Chancellor of the University April 1998
David John Tedford, Emeritus Professor of Electronics and Electrical

Engineering,University of Strathclyde Nov 1999
James Arthur David Hope, The Rt Hon the Lord Hope of Craighead PC,

Chancellor of the University July 2000

Sir Ian Robinson, Chief Executive, ScottishPower Nov 2000
Sir John Arbuthnott, former Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of

Strathclyde May 2001

The Reverend Finlay Macdonald, Moderator of the General Assembly of the

Church of Scotland July 2002

Roy Johnston, former Convener, University Court May 2003
Tom Monaghan, Vice-Convener of Court and Treasurer, University of

Strathclyde May 2004

Annabel MacNicoll Goldie, Member of the Scottish Parliament Nov 2004
Andrew Hamnett, Former Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of

Strathclyde May 2009

Dr Peter West, Former Secretary to the University, 1990-2010 May 2010

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