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For the participants of __________________________



Address: Kauno g. 14, LT-03212, Vilnius,, Lithuania

Kindly ask you to fill in this form and submit it to the hotel

Mr/Ms: _________

FAMILY NAME: __________________________________________________

FIRST NAME: __________________________________________________
ADDRESS: __________________________________________________
COUNTRY: __________________________________________________
TELEPHONE: __________________________________________________
E-MAIL: __________________________________________________

ROOM TYPE (please indicate):SINGLE DOUBLE

As our guest you're more than welcome to use our free WiFi, 24/7 gym, coffee and tea.
DATE OF ARRIVAL: __________________ 15:00 a.m. check in time
DATE OF DEPARTURE: __________________ 12:00 a.m. check out time
Name of accompanying person __________________________________________
PAYMENT (please indicate):

Credit card: Visa MC
Please, guarantee your reservation by your Credit card:
No:_________________________________________ Valid trough:________
Prepayment/Bank transfer (the prepayment invoice will follow from the hotel):

Remarks ____________________________________________________________
Date: ________________________ Signature: _________________________

Please e-mail the filled form to the hotel: or fax it: +370 685 98920

Thank you!

Yüklə 11,62 Kb.

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