How to create data cd-rom's

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How to create data CD-ROM's
The are two CD burners on the computer attached to the spectrophotometer. You can use either one to create a data CD-ROM. You can burn multiple sessions onto a single read-only CD. Try to put all the absorption data from each leg onto one CD, making subfolders for CSV files and DSW files.
Using the lower (light-coloured) CD-RW drive (E:):

  1. Start Nero-Burning Rom program (on desktop)

  2. Select CD-ROM (ISO) icon

  3. Check ISO tab for: ISO Level2, Mode 1, ISO9660 character set, Joliet (do not select any of the "Relax" options).

  4. Check "Multi-session" tab: Select Start or Continue Multi-session Disk. Label the volume (set volume label).

  5. Click on "New"

  6. Drag files from right panel (File Browser) to the left panel (CD-ROM)

  7. Click on the button to open "Write CD Dialog". Choose Action = write, Write method = Track at once, Number of copies = 1

  8. Click on the "write" button to write the CD

You should see a series of messages. The last one will be: Burn process completed successfully.

Using the upper (black) drive (D:):

  1. Insert disk and start Roxio EZ CD Creator (it my run automatically when a blank disk is inserted).

  2. Choose "make a data cd/data CD project"

  3. Open Files/CD Project Properties: set the volume label, check that file system is "Joliet", check that physical format is set to "Mode 1"

  4. For a new disk, "outside click" on the CD icon to rename the volume

  5. Select files to store in top panel and drag to lower panel

  6. Click on the red "record" button and choose: CD-RW drive D, 4x (600 KB/sec), 1 copy.

  7. Record method: Track-at-once, finalize session, don't finalize CD

  8. Record Options: record CD

Once you have verified these setting, click on "Start Recording".

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