How to sell tickets for the Fashion Show Login to the Easy Entry system

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Login to the Easy Entry system

  • Login to the computer.

  • Double-click on ‘Easy Entry’ icon on the desktop.

  • Login with ‘’ & the password

  • Choose ‘Center Front: 15th Fashion Show’
    Choose ‘Devalue tickets’

  • Click on the ‘Ticket Shop’ tab

  • IMPORTANT: Select ‘Buy Only’ on the left

  • Click on ‘Go to Shop’

Step 1: Details

  • Take the NAME

  • Enter the Address as VCUQatar, 8095, Doha, Qatar

  • Take the EMAIL

Step 2: Payment

  • Select ‘Payment at the Event’

  • The tickets are non-refundable – but transferrable.

  • Process Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash with Ibrahim.

  • Confirm the details with the customer: QR = $amount x 3.64

  • Click ‘Buy Tickets’ to finalise the sale.

Step 3: Printing the tickets

  • Go to and login

  • Click on ‘Center Front: 15th Fashion Show’ > Ticket Sales

  • Click the Arrow to see the ticket links

  • Click on ‘Download PDF’ for each ticket and print

  • Remember, the customer will NOT be emailed the tickets – you need to print them!

  • Inform the customer they must bring the tickets with them.

Step 4: Printing the receipt

  • Jump back to the Easy Entry window

  • In the top-right corner, hit Print to print a receipt

  • Also click ‘Mark as Paid’

  • IMPORTANT: Close this Easy Entry Window now.

Terms and Conditions

No refunds - all sales are final. If you are unable to attend or change your mind, you can give your ticket to a friend or family member.
All guests must have a ticket to be seated. The ticket will be emailed to you once payment is confirmed.
Please print the ticket and bring it with you to the event. Each ticket has a unique identifier, so do not try and make multiple copies of a ticket. Each ticket allocates 1 seat at an evening show and entry for 1 person to a reception.
Seating is open on a first come, first served basis for anyone with a ticket. The earlier you arrive, the better seat you will receive. Seating opens at 5:30pm and concludes promptly at 6:20pm. Any seats unoccupied at 6:20pm will be provided to stand by guests.
It is strongly encouraged that you plan to reach Salam at The Gate Mall no later than 6pm. Your seat will be given away if you do not present your ticket by 6:20pm. No exceptions.
Parking is available with the valet and in The Gate Mall's free car park.
For directions please check the Salam website
If you require disability accommodations please call 4402 0555.

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