Hsb4ui – Advanced Exam Review

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HSB4UI – Advanced Exam Review

For each of the terms listed, try to come up with a 1-3 sentence definition of each person, place or term. Try answering the practice questions in point form; you only need to know the “jist” of them so once you’re confident you know what they are, move on.

NOTE: This review only covers the last ¼ of the course so make sure you review the first part as well!
Collective Behavior - Terms

Robert Park

Gustav Le Bon

Expressive Crowd

Conventional Crowd

Contagion Theory

Casual Crowd

Herbert Blumer

Convergence Theory

Active Crowd

Emergent Norm Theory

Social Unrest

Exciting Event


Object of Attention

Collective Agreement / Action

Practice Questions:

  • Explain in your own words the following theories:

  1. Contagion Theory B) Convergence Theory

C) Emergent Norm Theory

  • Identify the Five Stages of Blumers “Acting Crowd.” Based on what we discussed in class what were examples of some of these stages?

  • Give an example of one of the following:

  1. Expressive Crowd B) Casual Crowd C) Conventional Crowd

D) Active Crowd
Types of Collective Behavior - Terms




Urban Legend

Psychogenic Illness


Mass Hysteria

Moral Panic


Practice Questions:

  • What is the difference between a Mob and a Riot?

  • Give one example of each of the following:

  1. Psychogenic Illness B) Mass Hysteria C)Moral Panic

  2. Panic

  • What are two characteristics of Urban Legends as we have discussed in class?

Bystander Effect / Diffusion of Responsibility - Terms

Diffusion of Responsibility

Bystander Effect

Kitty Genovese

Wang Yue

Good Samaritan Laws

Sergio Aguiar

Duty to Rescue Laws

Practice Questions:

  • According to researchers, what factors cause people to act the way they do while being influenced by the Bystander Effect?

  • In two sentences or less, what happened to each of the following people?

  1. Segio Aguiar B) Hugo Alfredo Tale Yax C) Kitty Genovese

  2. Wang Yue

Racism and Discrimination - Terms



State Sanctioned Racism

Evolutionary / Biological Racism

John Dollar

Frustration and Scapegoats

Other Race Effect”

Theodore Ardono

Personality-Based Racism

Affirmative Action

Practice Questions:

  • How did Dollar determine that racism is linked to frustration? Why do people typically target minorities when they are frustrated?

  • What types of policies on racism did the following societies practice?

  1. England C. 1600 B) South Africa C) Nazi Germany

  2. United States C. 1990’s

  • What characteristics are typically associated with racism according to Theodore Ardono?

  • What is the “Other Race Effect?” Give an example as we discussed in class.

Bioethics – Terms:



Primary Care Ethics

Surrogate Mother

Organ Donation

Regenerative Medicine

Artificial Insemination

Theseus Paradox

Genetic Engineering

Organ Harvesting

Practice Questions:

  • What is the central problem with how society deals with Bioethics?

  • Why are some people opposed to artificial insemination?

  • What are some issues with Surrogate Mothers

  • What is different between Canada’s system of organ donation versus that of Spain?

  • What is the Theseus Paradox?

  • What are some possible problems with immortality

  • What are some ethical questions that go along with organ donation and organ harvesting?

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