I am Yuri Horie, from Japanese Federation of Women’s Organizations

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I am Yuri Horie, from Japanese Federation of Women’s Organizations.

First of all, I would like to sincerely tank all of those who have made possible the A-bomb exhibition outside of this hall.

War and nuclear weapons are one of the sources of violation of women’s rights. I am also here to extend warm solidarity of Japanese women who are calling for the abolition of these weapons.

These are paper cranes folded by our members. The paper crane is the symbol of Japanese anti-nuclear movement, because it is believed that if you make thousand of this, your wish will come true, and the A-bomb survivors together with their supporters have made thousand of thousand of paper cranes wishing that the world will be made free of nuclear weapons.

Let us strengthen the movement forwards the 2010 NPT Reviews Conference to make the nuclear weapon state keep their promise to give up their nuclear arsenals, so that the tragedy as you see in the photos will never be repeated.

Please take the petition paper and collect signatures in your country.

I have a strong feeling that the eradication of war and nuclear weapons has become an objective for the world community. I will be participating as a representative of WIDF in the World Conference against A-bombs that will be held in coming August in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I call you to join me in this Conference.
I would like to speak about the issue of military sex slavery or “comfort women” who were forced to serve the Japanese army during the World War Ⅱ. Most of these women were from North and South Korea, the Philippines, China and the Netherlands etc.

The victims and their supporters have been calling for an official apology and individual compensation from the Japanese Government and education of true historical facts. They were very much encouraged by the resolution adopted last year by the European Parliament.

In last May, the U.N. Human Rights Council issued recommendations calling Japanese Government to solve the issue definitely and the recommendations are going to be adopted in this June 12.

The 9th Asian Solidarity Meeting on the “comfort women” issue will be held in coming November in Tokyo. As a member of the organizing committee of this meeting I would like to invite a member of the European Parliament to participate in the meeting.

To end the violence perpetrated on women by war and foreign military bases, let us strengthen our movement for a world of peace and justice, without war and without nuclear weapons. Thank you.

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