I would wish my colleagues all over the world to have an opportunity to listen to Tamar Licheli at least once

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Tamar Licheli

I would wish my colleagues all over the world to have an opportunity to listen to Tamar Licheli at least once.”

Gergeb Keseliak (Budapest, Director of higher musical academy).

Tamar Licheli is a prize-winner and laureate of many republic and international competitions: in 1995 she got the Diploma at Chopin International Competition in Göttingen (Germany), in 1996 Haydn Special Prize at Ettlingen International Competition (Germany), in 1997 the 1st Prize at the Markopoulon International Competition (Greece), in 1999 the 3rd Prize and Debussy Special Prize at “Konzerteum-99” (Greece), in 2003 the First Prize at the Third Competition of Georgian Musicians. Additionally in 1999-2000-2001 Tamar Licheli was the exhibitioner of the President’s Scholarship, in 2000 she got the scholarship of Tbilisi City Hall, in 2004 – scolarship of Italian government and in 2009-DAAD scholarship of German government.

Tamar Licheli Graduated with masters degree from Tbilisi state conservatoire, where her teacher was Prof. T.Amirejibi, in 1997 professor Hans Leygraf invited Tamar Licheli to his master-classes, which were carried out in Darmstadt, Germany.

Her concerts were held out in USA, Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany and Republic of South Africa.

In 2004 Tamar Licheli passed probation at Santa-Cecilia National Academy with Professor Sergio Perticaroli (Rome, Italy).

For the last years concert activity of Tamar Licheli was especially productive. She performs as a soloist and also as a member of a chamber ensemble.

She carries out concerts together with well-known violinist Liana Isakadze in Georgia, France and Austria, participates in International Festivals” “Night Serenades”, “From Easter to Ascension Day“, “Autumn of Tbilisi”, international festival of Chamber Music, where she performs with various chamber ensembles, including the Georgian State Quartet. Performs with famous musicians – Ken Aiso, Marina Iashvili, Alexander Rudin, YuriJhislin. Collaborates with conductors – J. Kakhidze, V. Kakhidze, D. Muqeria, R.Takidze, V. Machavariani, D. DelPinoKlinge, Tan Lihua.

It is necessary to emphasize that Tamar Licheli is the first performer of many Georgian compositions.

In 2009 Tamar Licheli won second prize at Bradshaw&Buono international piano competition in New-York.

The same year she became a top prize winner at international competition “Ibla Grand Prize” in Ragusa-Ibla, Italy, where she received also a special prize for the best performance of Ravel, special mention for the national piece, certificates of the “most distinguished musician” and “the best pianist”.

In 2009 Tamar Licheli passed probation period in academy for music and theatre in Munchen with Prof. Gerhard Oppitz.

In 2010 – 2012 she was invited as a jury member at international competition “Ibla Grand Prize” in Italy.

Nowadays Tamar Licheli is an assistant-professor of Tbilisi State Conservatory.

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