Igot resident Global Elective Checklist 2016-2017 tanzania – Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (moi)

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IGOT Resident Global Elective Checklist 2016-2017

TANZANIA – Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI)

  • Confirm elective dates

  • Choose elective site

  • Passport should be current and have at least six months validity past return date

  • Book flight

  • Confirm dates, flights, accommodation, and transportation with local coordinator

  • Obtain necessary visas (if applicable) *Get upon arrival – Tourist visa

  • Obtain recommended vaccines/immunizations - www.cdc.gov/travel

  • Register trip with U.S. Embassy - www.usembassies.gov

  • Register for traveler’s insurance with UC http://bit.ly/25cuAus

  • Meet with Occupational Health NP to obtain PEP

  • Unlock cellphone

  • Notify bank and cell phone company of your travels

  • Obtain extra copies of passport photos, passport, medical/ dental insurance, traveler’s insurance info and complete the “Pre-Elective Requirements” survey (Reference IGOT Website for link)

Tanzania Contacts

Past UCSF Global Elective Resident:  Jeremy Shaw

E: jeremy.shaw@ucsf.edu

Local Mentor: Edmund Eliezer

E: ndalama@yahoo.com

M: +255 (0)753 100 500

Local Mentor: Billy Haonga

E: bhaonga@gmail.com

M: +255 (0)754 563 761

UCSF Site Director: Dr. Saam Morshed

E: saam.morshed@ucsf.edu

MOI Research Coordinator: Joshua Ngayoma

E: skandoj@yahoo.co.uk

M: +255-714738989

MOI Research Coordinator: Ibrahim Sasillo

E: namensah47@gmail.com

M: +255-0713480302

MOI Research Coordinator: Justin Kessy

E: kessygasto53@yahoo.com

M: +255-0718038645

Kalenga House Reservations (Accommodation & Transportation):

E: ramadhan.chikalile@gmail.com

Premier Care Clinic: Address: Plot 1717, Box 220, Near Double Tree Hotel, Dar es Salaam 00220, Tanzania. http://www.premiercareclinic.com.

M: +255 22 266 4240.

Regency Hospital: Address: Aly Khan Rd, Dar es Salaam 2029, Tanzania. http://www.regencymedicalcentre.com/contactus.htm.

E: +255 22 215 0500.

Local Taxi Drivers (Upanga/ MOI area)

Kilo: +255-755-758-365 or +255-715-758-365

Asan: +255-786-332-822

Shabani: +255-754-820-342

Akawamba: +255-713-645-401

Taxi Drivers (Masaki/Oyster Bay area)

Freddy: +255-785-382-594

Yusuph: +255-756-303-535

IGOT’s mission is to use the power of surgical education to save limbs and save lives in the developing world

Healing Bones, Mending Lives"

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