Importance of teacher's physical presence in class plan


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importance of teacher\'s physical presence in class
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Developing positive and optimistic relationships is a worthwhile goal to have when establishing presence. An effective educator communicates a genuine belief that all students are capable of growth and learning.

Relationship-building skills always begin with the critical skill of listening. We should actively listen by asking great questions, having the patience to listen, and showing genuine interest by either asking follow-up questions or validating students’ responses in a positive manner.

To create this type of engagement and shared focus, you may want to start class with warm-up writing that intertwines issues of personal relevance to the students with the lesson of that particular day. You could start a high school government class on the First Amendment by asking, “What rights do you wish you had as a student that you currently don’t have, and why?” This type of question shows that you have empathy with students’ perspective on the world and with their struggles.

It’s the authenticity of the relationship that permits students and a teacher to see each other and know that what is being shared is real.

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