In 1993, the company hbs gmbH was spun off from the company Otmar Schmitt GmbH a very successful

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In 1993, the company HBS GmbH was spun off from 

the company Otmar Schmitt GmbH - a very successful 

sales agency situated in the gardening sector.

In this way, one of the most significant German enter-

prises in the tent and promotion sector arose from a 

one-man business. Today, the company benefits from 

a vast network with trading and distribution partners in 

almost every important European country.

The head office is located in the Hessian village 

Frickhofen and there are agencies in Berlin, Hamburg, 

Bonn and Munich. Thereby, we can guarantee that the 

concepts, which are created together with the custo-

mer, are planned smoothly and realized professionally.

Since 1999, HBS designs and produces the desired 

corporate identity in its own printing facility with the 

graphics studio next door.

Gradually, two options were added to the printing 

technology range: digital print in 2001 and fullprint in 


Therefore, we can offer ideal and convincive one-stop 


The company-owned sewing factory ensures that even 

special wishes can be realized without any problems.

In 2011, the machinery was further developed: due to 

a new ZÜND-cutting machine, rooftops and side walls 

can now be cut automated.

With the purchase of the traditional brand Ruku, HBS 

pulled off a coup in 2014.

Among breweries and gastronomes, the well-known 

high-quality marquee furniture sets enjoy an excellent 

reputation since the 1950s.

In short: HBS has a great future ahead! With the 

brands atento and Ruku, the company offers a strong 

and coherent product range which will create the per-

fect outdoor presence. 



Ruku marquee furniture sets 


Marquee furniture set 


Bench with back rest 


Table with legroom 


Shorty / Bambini furniture sets 


Construction details 


Individual furniture design 


Designer set 


Rustica 20

Beer garden furniture 


Stand-up tables 


Rondo counter 


Circle Flag 


atento - more tent is impossible 


Assembly 30

Details 32

Roof dimensions 


Standard colours 


Side walls 


Accessories 40

Individual tent design 


atento Pavilion 


When the pressure is on, top quality and endurance 

are needed. Our RUKU folding furniture is marked by 

stability and reliability and is available in a variety of 

sizes and colours, and can also be customised.

Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Tables featuring a width of 80 cm are supplied stand-

ard with a wider base structure which guarantees 

better stability. Sufficient legroom is maintained.

·  Powder-coated fittings and the lock are double 


·  Selected processed spruce wood

·  All edges are polished and rounded

·  Unique UV-varnish

·  Two-component adhesive for top seam strength

·  Third stacking lath included

·  Stacking laths bolted from below


Folding Furniture Set



Length:  220 cm  

Width:  50, 67, 75 oder 80 cm 

Height:  77 cm

Bench with or without backrest

Length:  220 cm  

Width:  25 oder 27 cm 

Height:  48 cm





*suitable for outdoor use


“Comfortable. Our RUKU bench with backrest fea-

tures foolproof operation. The ergonomically optimised 

recline angle guarantees comfortable seating. This set 

is also available in a variety of sizes, colours and it is 

customisable.  The bench with backrest is standard 

equipped with an additional extension on the back 

side of the base structure. This increases stability and 

prevents backward tipping.”

·   Powder-coated fittings and the lock are double 


·   Selected processed spruce wood

·   All edges are polished and rounded

·   Unique  UV-varnish

·   Two-component adhesive for top seam strength

·   Third stacking lath included

·   Stacking laths bolted from below

RUKU Folding Furniture Set 

Bench with Backrest


The backrests of the benches are securely bolted in 

use. Opening or closing is done with just one hand.


Length:  220 cm  

Width:  27 cm, backrest: 18 cm 

Height:  48 cm





*suitable for outdoor use


Ingenious. Our folding furniture set with more leg-

room! It features convenient access and an elegant 

design. It is best suited for cramped marquees and 

also for private use.

·   Powder-coated fittings and the lock are double 


·   Selected processed spruce wood

·   All edges are polished and rounded

·   Unique  UV-varnish

·   Two-component adhesive for top seam strength

·   Third stacking lath included

·   Stacking laths bolted from below

RUKU Folding Furniture Set 

Table with Legroom



Length:  220 cm  

Width:  50 cm 

Height:  77 cm

Bench with or without backrest

Length:  220 cm  

Width:  25, 27 cm 

Height:  48 cm





*suitable for outdoor use


The Shorty set by RUKU is an optimal solution when 

space is tight. Featuring a length of only 108 cm, it is 

the ideal set for anybody wanting big enjoyment in a 

small space, for example for restaurants and bars in 

narrow streets or at home on a terrace or balcony.

In spite of the 108 cm width, the table is foldable.


Length:  108 cm  

Width:  67 cm 

Height:  77 cm


Length:  108 cm  

Width:  33 cm 

Height  :  48 cm



·   Powder-coated fittings and the lock are double 


·   Selected processed spruce wood

·   All edges are polished and rounded

·   Unique  UV-varnish

·   Two-component adhesive for top seam strength

·   Third stacking lath included

·   Stacking laths bolted from below

available as pine only


The original RUKU furniture set in a small size. 

Our bambini set features foldable, green lacquered 

feet from drawn steel and is supplied with plastic foot 


Even our smallest ones are pretty big.


Length:  110 cm  

Width:  40 cm 

Height:  54 cm


Length:  110 cm  

Width:  20 cm 

Height:  36 cm

Bambini Set


·   Powder-coated fittings and the lock are double 


·   Selected processed spruce wood

·   All edges are polished and rounded

·   Unique  UV-varnish

·   Two-component adhesive for top seam strength

·   Third stacking lath included

·   Stacking laths bolted from below

available as pine only


Top stability

major reliability!

Our trestle table and bench are cha-

racterised by stability and reliability. 

Original RUKU sets are manufac-

tured from choice spruce wood. 

Along with RUKU base structures, 

they guarantee long-lasting functi-


RUKU Base Frame

Outstanding resistance against 

mechanical loads, weather effects 

as well as wear and tear has made 

this folding set the first choice of 

thousands of satisfied customers 

for the past 60 years. This set lasts, 

we promise! 


·  Powder-coated fittings and the lock are double 


·  A wider contact area on the floor means better 

stability. Therefore, the table and bench have a firm 

stand on any terrain. This is highlighted even more 

clearly thanks to the light trapezium shape - and 

therefore improved.

·  The angle steel with a flank height of 30 mm was 

replaced by an innovative C-profile featuring a 

flank height of 35 mm. An improved and proven 

static thus yields 20% higher stability and buckling 


·  The reinforcement ribs in the cross bracings ensure 

additional transverse stiffness and with it, demons-

trably lower chance of buckling of the base struc-


·  Utility model protection included

·  Iron grid: When lifting the folded table or bench, 

the bracket grid does not fall out - the base frame 

is even better protected!

The trapezoid form of the base structure guarantees 

even more stability thanks to the wider contact area.

A special mech-

anism ensures 

that the bracket 

grid does not 

fall out

The base structure has been supplemented with a 

new innovative C-profile. This guarantees increased 

stability by up to 20% compared to conventional base 



RUKU Advantage

Wood strips are bevelled and 

rounded, bolted or glued from the 

back side without damage to the 

painted surface, and adapted to the 

surface colour.

Additional reinforcement ribs in the 

cross bracings lead to additional 

stability (transverse reinforcement).

Additional weld-

ed corners

Optimal folding function which is tested in every sin-

gle set. 

Bracket grid


Beading on the footprint for in-

creased stability: very stable on 

lawns, no sinking into the soft 


Prepared for fragile surfaces: holes 

on the footprint for optional RUKU 

plastic guides.

Solid lock: tried and tested a million 

times for over 50 years.

The lock and retaining spring are 

fully galvanised. The secure hold 

and perfect functioning are tested 

individually by RUKU!

Locks into place perfectly,  

no play, no wobbling! 


Advantages of the RUKU surface:

·  Breathable, solvent free, environmentally-friendly 

and food-safe

·  Penetrates deep into wood

·  Highest UV stability

·  Stain-resistant and easy to maintain

·  Does not flake, is easy to maintain

·  Elastic glaze - adapts ideally to the shrinking be-

haviour of wood

·  Thanks to its finned surface, abrasion of the UV 

glaze is delayed by a significant glaze coat: 3 lay-

ers of at least 25 g/m2

RUKU Surface 

Made in Germany

RUKU places its bets on the unique UV glaze. It has 

been produced especially and exclusively for us. 

The UV Nano glaze is solvent-free, environmentally 

friendly, as well as food-safe. The surface of the visible 

side is treated with UV glaze three times (3 layers 

of at least 25 g/m2) and the back side with a special 

moisture protectant.

The UV glaze is elastic in itself and adapts to the 

shrinking behaviour of wood. This guarantees optimal 

adhesion of the UV glaze to the wood and minimises 

absorption of moisture. The sets can thus be also used 



Our transport containers are the 

protective solution for safe trans-

port and space-saving storage of 

your folding furniture sets. With the 

stable and folding container, you 

can move and protect your tres-

tle table and bench set between 

events or after them. The boxes 

are stackable full or empty thanks 

to a robust design. Therefore, the 

result is major savings on space 

during transport and storage. The 

side components are detachable 

and can be placed and anchored 

in frames, completely without any 


· Stable galvanised steel structure

·  Practical loading and unloading, transverse or 

longitudinal loading possible

·   Stackable

·  Container with foam rubber as protection for your 

marquee furniture sets

The RUKU Transport Container

Container for 10 sets

Container for 15 sets

Container for 20 sets



Let your marquee furniture set become an absolute 


When it comes to digital print, your creativity will 

know no boundaries. Large logos or even who-

le images can adorn your furniture set - no matter 

whether as an advertising medium at trade fairs, 

events or at your corporate party. Individually printed 

marquee furniture sets are a real eye-catcher.

Each RUKU set can also be customised - to protect it 

against theft or as a promotional item for special occasi-

ons. RUKU offers ist customers three different possi-

bilities: screen printing, digital printing and RUKU jet 

printing. It doesn‘t matter whether it is just a small logo 

or the whole furniture set - everything can be printed.

Digital print

Benefit from many years of experience in the field of 

printing and from the quality of our RUKU marquee 

furniture sets.

Similar to our original furniture sets, the printed ver-

sions are non-fading, scratch-resistant and wipeable. 

This ist due to the multi-layer varnishing. The print is 

being applied after the second layer of varnish and 

then sealed by a third one - this makes the printed 

furniture set weatherproof and serves as a protection 

of the printed graphics.


Your advertising logo will be visibly printed on the 

plate surface. To protect the print from scratches, the 

print is run between the second and third glaze appli-

cation. The maximum size of the print is 25x25 cm and 

can be applied monochrome.

Ruku offers customers the latest customisation tech-

nology, providing additional alternatives to conventio-

nal branding. Using a special print form (developed for 

us by German engineers), we can additionally apply 

your name, mark or promotional text in four additional 

places. The print is not removable and conforms to the 

latest technological print standards. 

We offer the following possibilities:

  Face-side wood plate print: Everybody sees your 

mark, web address or just your company name 

right away. Ideal for set identification, but can also 

be used as cost-effective advertising space.

  Marking between the wood block and the end of 

the plate

 Marking on 2 lines in the centre of the plate


RUKU - INK - print

Screen print


Aesthetic. The folding furniture set just like 60 years 

ago. Such a pure wood furniture set can additionally 

contribute to the design of special places. The stable 

spruce wood, treated with a special glaze, gives the 

set additional elegance and durability.

The extra wide seating area as well as the wide 

table lend a special and unique look to the set.


Design Set



Length:  180 cm  

Width:  60 cm 

Height:  77 cm


Length:  180 cm  

Width:  30 cm 

Height:  51 cm


O ptionally available with back rest (self-assembly)


Our Lago design line by RUKU Klappmöbel Manu-

faktur combines top-quality, no-frills design with the 

functionality of folding furniture. Whether for use in 

a restaurant or for private events, RUKU design sets 

offer plenty of room on the fly and can just as quickly 

be stowed away saving space.

Solid, robust and elegant! A furniture for everyone!


Length:  200 cm  

Width:  67 cm 

Height:  76 cm


Length:  200 cm  

Width:  33 cm 

Height:  46 cm


design set



Oak trees offer top-quality wood which is used for 

indoor and outdoor applications. Oak furniture has an 

especially sophisticated appearance. The hard wood is 

densely fibred, very resistant and in fact quite weath-

er-resistant. The Lago set in oak design is therefore 

quite suitable for the restaurant trade in beer gardens 

or in luxury outdoor locations.

·  Iron components incorporated flush with the 


·  Extra stable 4 mm thick base frame

·  Perfectly manufactured wood components

·  Aluminium strip crafted into the underside of the 

table to prevent wood distortion

·  Backrest easily snaps into place 

·  Optionally with backrest (self-assembly)


Beer garden furniture by RUKU Manufaktur is used in 

the most attractive beer gardens all over Germany. Du-

rable, rounded acacia wood strips, especially stable, 

galvanised and powder-coated frames, as well as first-

class workmanship are trademarks of RUKU quality.

The stable steel frames are available hot-dip galva-


Original RUKU 

Acacia Beer Garden Furniture



The stand-up table 200x60 can be used as mobile coun-

ter or as stand-up table. The sturdy spruce tabletop and 

the solid legs made from square tubes provide a firm 

stand. The tabletop has a natural colour and the bases 

are equipped with plastic gliders. The bases are pow-

der-coated in black. Optionally available with footrest.

Length: 200 cm

Width: 60 cm

Height: 110 cm

Colour: natural


Stand-up table 


·     Robust folding stand-up table

·     Base frame made of stainless steel

·     Tabletop made of resistant plastic type PE 500 (un-

breakable and water-resistant)

·     With juice rim

·     Suitable for outdoor use

·     Fold-down top secured with special snap fastener

Tabletop diameter: 80 cm

Height: 110 cm

Tabletop thickness: 2 cm


Stand-up table 


The footrest is 


Sunshade hole included


·  Eye-catching advertising flag for indoor and 

outdoor use

·   Simple  transport

·  Easy assembly without tools

·   Bag  included

·  Available with indoor base cross or with a 

square metal base

·  Light-weight aluminium frame counter with 

panel lining and bent counter front

·  Intermediate bottom included

·  Graphics change possible

·   Simple  transport

·  Can be combined with other counters

·  White counter top

·  Optional bar top

Circle Flag

Rondo counter


Width: 90 cm

Height: 250 cm


Width: 95 cm

Height: 250 cm

Dimensions (base included)

Width: 98 cm

Height: 92 cm

Depth: 62 cm


Rondo counter with bar top


Make atento  

your stage. 

Are you looking for more than just simple functionality in a 

transportable folding tent? You expect outstanding quality, 

best-possible stability and reliability – even after many years of 

service? You expect a wide range of optional equipment and 

furnishings and recognized know-how of a renowned brand 

producer? Now you have found YOUR folding tent. 


For events of all kinds,  

city festivals, promotions, 

trade fairs, markets, in 

the hospitality sector – 

just everywhere! 

A prestigious platform for any event, an attractive advertising medium for 

promotions, reliable protection against all kinds of weather - atento will fulfil 

all your individual requirements and wishes. 

The unique atento construction and high-quality materials ensure long- 

lasting, fault-free use: in changing locations, for long periods of use and dur-

ing particularly difficult weather conditions. 






atento was the first transportable aluminium folding tent on the German  

market; in the 1980s it set standards and since then has become a classic  

in the modern event equipment field. atento – tents and more! 


More quality!

A decision for atento is a deci- 

sion for a renowned branded  

product, first-class materials, and  

the best production quality. Our  

commitment: a complaint-free product. 

More safety and security! 

The unique atento folding construction and the robust 

octagonal aluminium profile with a thickness of 43 

mm guarantee lasting maximum stability and a firm 

stand even when subject to difficult weather condi-


More individuality!

A one-colour logo or full-surface photorealistic motif: 

a wide range of printing techniques offers numerous  

possibilities to lend your atento its own unique look 

and make your presentation a highlight with effective 

advertising impact. 

German know-how!

More than twenty years of experience, continuous 

development and innovative product enhancement 

thanks to feedback from our customers are nowadays 

the basis of our production methods for a unique 

folding tent.


More trust! 

We see us as a partner of our customers; we are 

always there whenever you need us. If you wish, we 

will make a personal visit to your premises including a 

product presentation and an assembly demonstration.

More passion!

Our passion is designing and producing folding tents. 

This is reflected in every tent and in every detail.



atento – tents and more! 




atento is designed to be easily transportable. Like-

wise, assembly is simple, and effortlessly carried out 

– with just two people, no tools, and in two minutes. 

atento thus provides perfect support for events, 

promotions, and any kind of outdoor activity. Within 

a very short time, with minimal effort and maximum 


Compactly packed – ideal for use in changing locations.  

Place roof on frame and secure.

Place the tent frame upright and unfold it. 

Extend, adjust height of tent supports – finished! 

Erected in two minutes, 

no tools needed!



1. Aluminium joining elements

5. Release push-button

2. Plastic cladding 

6. Stable positioning 

3. Tensioning  fasteners 

7. PVC soiling-protection edging


  Joining and slide-fixing elements are made of  

rust-free, anodized aluminium – with excellent  

dimensional stability even when temperatures  

fluctuate between very low or very high. 


  Additional plastic cladding on slide-fixing elements  

ensures easy handling – and protects the tent  

frame against scratching damage. 


  With the integrated tensioning fasteners, the  

complete roof can be secured and absolutely  

smoothly tautened.  


  Visually perfect: Velcro, fleece and bordering tape:  

matching the colour scheme.


  Maximum ease of use: with the push-button inte- 

grated in the construction, the collapsible frame-

work can be unlocked with a simple “push of the  



  Height-adjustable tent supports with generously  

dimensioned base plates ensure stability on any kind 

of ground or surface. 


  For easy cleaning, side walls are fitted with easily  

wipeable PVC soiling-protection edging.


  atento tents are delivered only after a final functio- 

nality and quality check has been carried out.

Perfect in every detail 

Uncomplicated but extremely robust, designed to fulfil the demands of daily use:  

over twenty years of experience, comprehensive know-how and the spirit of innova-

tion have have flown into into the construction and equipment of every atento tent. 


8. Inspection verification label

4. Coloured Velcro tapes 

· Wall thickness: 2.5 mm

· Profile thickness: 43 mm

9. Octagonal aluminium profile   

The high-quality aluminium profile 

with a thickness of 43 mm guarantees 

maximum stability even when subject 

to frequent strain and stress, or in use 

for long periods. 

43 mm

2,5 mm


8 x 4

6 x 4

6 x 3

4,5 x 3

4 x 4

4 x 2

3 x 3


5 x 5

atento 43 

(43 mm profile)

 Dimensions  Headroom 






  incl. transport bag

1,5 x 1,5 m 

201 cm  

237 cm 

13 kg

1,5 x 3 m 

201 cm  

304 cm 

19 kg

2 x 2 m 

201 cm  

292 cm 

24 kg

3 x 2 m 

201 cm  

292 cm 

31 kg

3 x 3 m 

201 cm  

327 cm 

26 kg

4 x 2 m 

215 cm 

334 cm 

27 kg

4 x 4 m 

215 cm 

394 cm 

33 kg

4,5 x 3 m 

201 cm  

327 cm 

33 kg

5 x 5 m 

247 cm 

450 cm 

48 kg

6 x 3 m 

201 cm  

327 cm 

47 kg

6 x 4 m 

215 cm 

394 cm 

42 kg

8 x 4 m 

215 cm 

394 cm 

56 kg

atento 30 

(30 mm profile)

 2,3 x 2,3 m 

201 cm 

327 cm 

19 kg 

3 x 3 m 

201 cm 

327 cm 

21 kg

 4,5 x 3 m 

201 cm 

327 cm 

27 kg

6 x 3 m 

201 cm 

327 cm 

34 kg


space offer

The right size tent for every need and every situation: 

with the atento 43 (profile thickness = 43 mm), 

twelve standard sizes are available from stock. 

Additionally, we can provide four sizes of a lighter 

atento 30 version (profile thickness = 30 mm). 

not shown / 

up to peak, 265 cm



All the frames 

are now availa-

ble in black and 

white color as 

well as anodized 



12 standard colours

For your version of tent roof and side walls you have a range of twelve  

standard colours to choose from. Velcro, fleece and bordering tape are  

supplied in matching colours.

For print-technical reasons, deviations from original colours may occur. Pantone colours are approximate specifications  

and may deviate slightly.


Pantone 7579 C

Pantone 468 C

Pantone 187 C

Pantone 123 C

Pantone 195 C


Top-quality polyester fabric 

High-quality polyester fabric, produced especially for the tents, is  

exclusively used in production – extremely resistant to wear, waterproof 

and nonfading; optionally flame resistant conforming to EN 13501-1.

    Pantone 294 C

Pantone 428 C

Pantone 534 C

Pantone Cool Gray 10 C

Pantone 349 C

Pantone 195 C



1/2-height side wall

Panorama side wall

Standard side wall

Made to measure

A wide range of types of side walls makes atento a 

real all-round tent for any purpose or occasion. All 

versions are available in the twelve standard colours, 

and on request can be full-surface printed. Simple and 

secure: secure fastening is ensured by Velcro fasten-

ers on the tent roof and supports. 

the ideal weather protection

Standard side wall

with transparent PVC window section

Panorama side wall

1/2-height side wall 

very efficient fastening system with horizontal bar  

and welt profile 


Corner curtain

Side wall roll-up door with zipper

Tent counter

with zipper left and right 

Side wall roll-up door 

ideal for gastro events and catering 

Corner curtain

Support frame made of aluminium, counter plate, 

varnished wood, also available in L or U shape, or as a 

version surrounding all four sides.

Tent counter



Accessories designed to fulfil the 

requirements of practical use. Well-

thought-through details fulfil all 

requirements in all situations.

Base plate, single

· weight approx. 7 kg

Base plate, double

· weight approx. 14 kg


Transport case 

·  made of durable aluminium  

(inner lining of foamed ma-


· with lockable fastenings

·  2 folding handles and 2 


Halogen lighting  


Radiant heater

Tent frame casters

Circle Flag support

LED lighting system

· makes transporting  

  tent frames easy 

·  for attaching it to your  

atento folding tent

Joining element 

· for combining several tents

Rain gutter


And what does your 

atento look like? 

Individually designed and printed, atento provides powerful  

advertising impact, and puts the spotlight on a brand or enterprise 

with maximum effect at events of all kinds. And what does your 

atento look like? Our graphic design studio team is always  

happy to support you in developing and implementing creative 

ideas that conform to your corporate-design. 


atento – the perfect advertis-

ing medium 

One of our main strengths: 

Sublimation printing


For graphical and photorealistic printing with high colour 

saturation. Also ideal for small print-runs and full-surface  

printing of tent roofs and side walls. Washable, and 

with high resistance to extreme mechanical stress. 

Thermal transfer foil printing 


An excellent-quality digital printing technique. Suitable 

for both indoor and outdoor environments, and also 

small print runs. 


Screen printing 


Suitable for smaller and large-scale formats. Ideal for 

both indoor and outdoor use, special inks guarantee 

maximum weather resistance. 

A wide range of printing techniques offers numer-

ous possibilities to ensure your presentation is 

unique and possesses strong advertising impact. 

From printing a one-colour logo to full-surface pho-

torealistic motifs.


Guaranteed safety  

and security

The brand-quality plus –  

 TÜV certified.

Technically on the highest level and with best  

German quality, atento folding tents are of  

course certified by the German Technical  

Inspection Agency for  

your safety  

and security.  






The safety plus –  

tested fire behaviour. 

Optionally, you can order your atento material  

in the flame-resistant version conforming to  

EN 13501-1 (Class B-s2, d 0).  




The reliability plus – guaranteed!

With your decision for atento you have chosen an exclusive 

branded product with a comprehensive warranty:

· You receive a two-year warranty on all atento tents and  


· Any spare parts you may need are always available. 

· Any necessary repair work will be quickly and profes- 

  sionally carried out on our own production premises.



The ideal partner for city festivals, fairs, markets, 

concerts and open-air events. The galvanised steel 

construction guarantees high stability and can easily 

be assembled in a short time without effort.

atento Pavilion

· high-quality steel construction

· delivered in handy transport cases

· simple assembly

· height-adjustable base

·  suitable for about 24 people (gathered 

around the pavilion)

·  integrated cable route, plug socket and  

electricity supply included



Similar to the atento folding tent, the atento pavilion is 

designed for mobile use. It is the ideal feature for city 

festivals, fairs, markets, concerts and open-air events.

The galvanised steel construction guarantees high sta-

bility and can be assembled on-site. The PVC-roof and 

the revolving panels are printable - which makes them 

perfect for promotionally effective performances.

The high-quality steel construction 

can be assembled without effort.


Disclaimer: Due to printing factors, the original colours may differ from the ones shown above. 

Pantone-colours are only rough indications and may differ slightly.

Standard roof-



Pantone 427 C

Pantone 468 C

Pantone 116 C

Pantone 1655 C

Pantone 186 C

Pantone 7462 C

Pantone 287 C

Pantone 3298 C



The atento pavilion is available in three different di-

mensions and therefore suitable for every event.

Always ready for action

Roof width: 

6,13 m

Interior width:  3,66 m

Ridge height:  3,52 m

Capacity around the pavilion: 40 people

Dimensions octagon design

Roof width: 

5,76 m

Interior width:  3,25 m

Ridge height:  3,35 m

Capacity around the pavilion: 24 people

Dimensions hexagon design

Roof width: 

3,25 m

Interior width:  1,64 m

Ridge height:  3,35 m

Capacity around the pavilion: 16 people

Dimensions  square design


stackable wooden floor

clip-on counter extension

Polycarbonate-panels for securing the pavilion over night

The wooden floor

The counter extension

The night cordon

With our wooden floor for the pavilions, cold or even 

wet feet belong to the past. According to the pavilion 

design (square, hexagon, octagon) it consists of 2, 6 

or 8 parts.

The wooden floor is handmade and consists of 

seperate spruce laths which are laid out parallel. The 

spacing between the laths facilitates an unhindererd 

run-off of liquids such as spilled drinks.

With our clip-on counter extension, you can enhance 

the capacity around the pavilion significantly. In this 

way, even more people can find a place at the counter. 

In addition to that, the storage tray is extended.

Our counter extension for the hexagon and octagon 

pavilions is being clipped onto the construction easily 

without any tools. The relevant fixture is a standard 

feature, so that a later purchase of the extension is 

possible anytime.

Our night cordon for the pavilion consists of polycar-

bonate-panels which are bolted from the inside. You 

can leave the pavilion through a swing door which is 

provided with a lock. The night cordon will be deliver-

ed in an own transport case.

Of course, the night cordon‘s panels are also suited to 

be an advertising medium, since they can be printed 

according to your desires.


Advertise on your behalf! Use the pavilion with your 

individual branding for the mobile use at differnt 

locations: as a bar pavilion or as a stall at city festi-

vals, fairs, concerts, markets and open air events. The 

waterproof PVC-roof and the revolving panels are full-

screen printable, so that you can use the pavilion for 

a promotionally effective and brand supporting perfor-

mance. In our printing facility with the graphics studio 

next door, a competent and committed team realizes 

the according concepts in a creative way, producing 

top-notch printing quality. Geared to your individual 

corporate design, the pavilion becomes an effective 

advertising medium which stages brands and enterpri-

ses perfectly at any event.

Due to the individual print, your pavilion becomes even 

more personal and stands out in the crowd.

Pavilion print

Roof, structure, counter, panels - if the pavilion is not 

in service or if it is on the way to the next event, all 

these parts are being packed well-arranged in our 

transport case. The highlight: the box consists of seve-

ral elements which can either be transported by hand 

or stacked as a whole with a forklift.

The transport case


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