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Virtual Race for Smiles to Benefit Domestic Violence Survivors
CITY, STATE-DATE(INSERT NAME) and others around the country are participating in the Give Back a Smile Virtual Race for Smiles!
Between October 14 – 16, participants like (insert name) are helping survivors of domestic and sexual violence to receive life-changing smile restorations by participating in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation’s (AACDCF) Virtual Race for Smiles. Race for Smiles participants choose to participate in a physical activity like running, biking or yoga while wearing their official Race for Smiles t-shirt.  
The event benefits the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation’s (AACDCF) Give Back a Smile (GBAS) program. GBAS restores the damaged smiles of survivors of domestic and sexual violence who’ve received dental injuries from the violence. The program has restored more than 1,500 smiles nationwide and is looking to help even more survivors.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. One in four women is a victim of domestic violence, and 75% of battering occurs to the head and face, resulting in a tremendous amount of dental injuries.
“The Virtual Race for Smiles is a great opportunity for communities around the world to shed light on some of the devastating effects of domestic violence while helping those who have received dental injuries due to the violence get life-changing smile restorations through the Give Back a Smile program.” said Lisa Fitch, AACDCF director.
For more information and to register for the Virtual Race for Smiles, visit
About Give Back a Smile
Give Back a Smile was developed to address a need in the communities of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) members. Volunteer dentists and laboratory technicians agree to restore the broken and damaged teeth in the smile-zone of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. To date, AACD members have donated more than $15 million in services to restore smiles to help more than 1,500 individuals.
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