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St. Hugh’s High School

Practice Examinations 2011
Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination
Paper 01
1 hour 15 minutes
Tuesday, February 22, 2011 PM



  1. You should spend 10 minutes reading through the paper before starting to write your responses.

  2. Answer ALL questions in the answer booklet provided.


1. Which of the following was ONE unique feature of the Social Structure of the Maya?

  1. a rigid class system existed

  2. Ppolms were merchants and spies

  3. Women were regarded as inferior to men

  4. War prisoners were sacrificed to the Gods

2. Which of the following Indigenous group lived in Independend City State?

(a) Inca (b) Maya

(c) Aztec (d) Taino

3. Indigenous group resisted Spanish Colonization in all the following ways, except.

(a) Warfare

(b) Forming Alliances

(c) Deliberately spreading diseases

(d) Running away
4. European control affected the Indigenous Americans in all of the following ways EXCEPT:

(a) Introduction of Livestock

(b) Strengthening Indigenous leaders

(c) Diet change

(d) Introduction of new diseases
5. Which of the following was NOT present in Indigenous societies before European?


  1. Aqueducts

  2. Floating gardens

  3. Bridges

  4. Metal Weapons

6. Area in the Americans in which Vikings established settlement

(a) L’Anse aux Meadows

(b) Spitsbergen

(c) Vinland

(d) Greenland

7. Leader of the Viking expedition which reached the Americans in 1000

(a) Eric the Red

(b) Leif Eriksson

(c) Thorvald

(d) Odin

8. All of the following artifacts were discovered in the settlement believed to be inhabited by Viking, except.

(a) A copper alloy ring headed pin

(b) A soapstone alloy ring headed pin

(c) A stone lamp

(d) Skeletons

9. Which of the following is believed by Historians to explain Viking presence in the Americas?

(a) Vikings had an itch to explore the World

(b) Viking merchant class had amassed Great wealth and wanted to expand trade with America

(c) They came on expedition with Columbus

(d) The Ice Age
10. Archaeologist credited with discovery of Viking settlement

(a) Peter Hardodlt

(b) William Fitzhugh

(c) Helge Ingstad

(d) Thorfinn Karlsefni
11. Primary proponent of the thesis of pre-Columbian African presence in the Americas?

(a) Eric Williams

(b) Ivan Van Sertima

(c) Walter Rodney

(d) Hilary Beckles
12. Evidence of African presence includes all the following Except.

(a) Archaeological evidence

(b) Documentary evidence

(c) Cartographic evidence

(d) Photographic evidence
13. Which of the following was the first person to suggest that Africans were in the Americas prior to 1492?

(a) Lopez de Gomara

(b) Vasco Nunez de Balboa

(c) Bartholomew de Las Casas

(d) Christopher Columbus
14. The major currents off the West Coast of Africa that will carry a boat automatically towards the Caribbean does NOT include

(a) Current off the Cape Verde Islands

(b) Current off Senegambia Coast

(c) Current off the Southern Coast

(d) Current off Ghana
15. African Skeletons were found in a grave dated AD 1250 at

(a) Tenochtitlan Mexico

(b) Hull Bay, St. Thomas

(c) Santiago, Cuba

(d) Seville, Jamaica
16. Indigenous societies declined rapidly by all of the following means, Except.

(a) Overwork

(b) Ill treatment

(c) Infanticide

(d) Diseases
17. Spanish settlement in the Americans up to 1600 was motivated mainly by

(a) The desire for wealth

(b) The desire to Christianize heathens

(c) Making Spain important

(d) The desire to test men ships and instruments
18. The Encomienda System permitted Spanish settles to do all of the following Except.

(a) Enslave indigenous people

(b) Overwork indigenious people

(c) Christianise indigenous people

(d) Divide indigenous people into work gangs
19. Spanish settlements were primarily established in the Greater Antilles because:

(a) It was located close to Europe

(b) They wanted large areas to mine and cultivate

(c) Indigenous peoples based there were happy to have them.

(d) They were already prosperous
20. The concept of the “Columbian Exchange” can best be explained as ----------------

(a) Goods Columbus bartered with the indigenous people

(b) Goods Columbus brought back to Spain to exchange for money

(c) Material and non-material cultures exchanged between the new and old

Worlds after 1492

(d) Diseases and goods introduced to the Old World by Columbus and his crew

21. The System of Slavery that existed in West Africa prior to the TTA

(a) Chattel Slavery

(b) Encomienda

(c) Apprenticeship

(d) Domestic Slavery

22. In West Africa people could become slaves in the traditional system by all of the following means, Except:

(a) By their Indebtedness

(b) Been cursed by a witchdoctor

(c) Been a Prisoners of war

(d) Selling family members

23. Systems of Unfree labour include the following Characteristic?

(a) Masters and Servants / Slaves

(b) Racial prejudice

© Religious discrimination

(d) Permanent oppression

24. The primary characteristics of chattel slavery is

(a) Permanent bondage

(b) Legal Ownership of one person by another

(c) Ownership of slave offspring

(d) Ownership of black people by Whites

25. All of the following describe why African slavery was introduced in the Americas, except.

(a) Decline in indigenous populations

(b) Unsatisfactory performance of white indentures

(c) African possessed successful sugar estates

(d) Protests of Churchmen at treatment of Indians
26. each of the following describes why slave populations generally did not increase by natural means, Except

(a) Ill-treatment and overwork

(b) Poor Medical facilities

(c) Large Majority of male slaves on plantations

(d) Nutritional deficiency
27. Why did enslaved peoples participate in provision growing with enthusiasm?

(a) They were encouraged by their masters

(b) They wanted to produce export crops

(c) They wanted to acquire goods and services

(d) They wanted to please their masters.

28. Which of the following factors contributed to the high death rate among enslaved Africans in the Caribbean during the 18th Century?

(a) Starvation

(b) Punishment

(c) Overwork

(d) Diseases

29. Enslaved people participated in all of the following economic systems during slavery except.

(a) Cattle herding

(b) Susu

(c) Provision growing

(d) Fishing
30. Which of the following represented a method of passive resistance used by enslaved people against slavery?

(a) Rebellion

(b) Murder by poisoning

(c) Running away

(d) Sabotaging estate tools.
31. Item 31 refers to the following quotation:

“ In overthrowing me you have cut down in St. Dominque only the trunk of the tree of liberty. It will spring up again by its roots, for they are numerous and deep.”

On what occasion during the Haitian Revolution did Toussaint express these sentiments?

  1. After his capture by the French

  2. After the British were expelled from St. Dominque.

  3. After a major victory over the Spanish army.

  4. After the expulsion of the ruling class from St. Domingue.

32. Which factor BEST explains why the Bitish conquest of Saint Dominque in the 1790’s failed?

  1. British troops were affected by disease.

  2. The british lost control of the naval base at Mole St. Nicholas.

  3. The coloured failed to support the British.

  4. Toussaint L’Ouverture outmaneuvered the British.

33. Which anti-slavery rebellion took place during the Easter season?

  1. Jamaica 1831

  2. Virginia 1831

  3. Barbados 1816

  4. Berbice 1763

34. Which of the following anti-s;avery rebellions started on a plantation owned by a widow on which the manager was killed and the owner’s house burnt down?

  1. Barbados 1816

  2. Berbice 1763

  3. Jamaica 1831

  4. Virginia 1831

35. Which of the following rebellion was started by a man who believed himself to be a prophet who received visions from God?

(A) Jamaica 1831

(B) Berbice 1763

(C) Barbados 1816

(D) Virginia 1831

36. All of the following leaders of anti-slavery rebellions were hanged EXCEPT

(A) Samuel Sharpe

(B) Nat Turner

( C ) Cuffy

  1. Bussa

37. Which of the following personalities was credited with the following quotation

“ I would rather hang on yonder gallows than live as a slave”

  1. Nat Turner

  2. Sam Sharpe

  3. Bussa

  4. Cuffy

38. In which of the following anti-slavery rebellions was the Kensington Great House set ablaze?

(A) Virginia 1831

(B) Barbados 1816

(C) Jamaica 1831

(D) Berbice 1763

39. Which anti-slavery rebellion is also known as “ The Baptist War”?

(A) Berbice 1763

(B) Virginia 1831

(C ) Barbados 1816

(D ) Jamaica 1831

40. Which anti-slavery rebellion is creditied with “re-setting the timetable for abolition?”

(A) Jamaica 1831

(B) Berbice 1831

(C) Barbados 1816

(D) Virgina 1831

41. Which of the following did NOT result from the Haitian revolution?

(A) The economy of the island was almost destroyed.

(B) The pattern of land ownership changed.

(C ) The mulattos were wiped out.

(D ) The country became independent of France.
42. Which of the following Haitian leader declared Haiti independent?

(A) Toussaint L’Ouverture

(B ) Henri Christophe

(C ) Jean Jacques Dessalines

( D ) Alexandre Petion
43. Which of the following BEST explains why slave revolts were more common in Jamaica than in the Leeward and windward islands in the 17th and 18th centuries?

i.. the ratio of slave to whites was higher in Jamaica.

ii. the presence of the Maroons in jamica motivated slaves to rebel.

iii. Slaves in the Leewards and Windwards were well treated.

iv. Plantations in Jamaica were larger and more difficult to control.

  1. I and ii only

  2. Ii and iii only

  3. I, ii and iv

  4. All of the above.

44. The arguments that the humanitarians of the 19th century used against slavery were mainly

  1. Legal

  2. Moral

  3. Political

  4. Economic

45. Which of the following actions were used by enslaved women as methods of resistance?

  1. Eating African foods

  2. Practising birth control

  3. Poisoning their masters

  4. Participing in armed revolts

  1. I and II only

  2. II and III only

  3. I, II and III only

  4. II, III and IV only

15 marks.


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