Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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Los Angeles L
ocal Arr
ts Committee
Society for Science & the Public thanks the dedicated members 
of the Los Angeles Local Arrangements Committee who have 
worked hard in preparation for the
Intel ISEF 2011: 
Milena Acosta—Education Outreach
Dan Aldrich—Fundraising
Denise Antrim—Education Outreach
Dave Bader—Education Outreach
Harvey Bjornlie—Volunteers
Karen Cerwin—Volunteers
Kathy DiRanna—Co-Chair, Judges
Melina Duarte—Education Outreach
Dean Gilbert—Chair, Local Arrangements Committee
Chris Gould—Co-Chair, Judging
Michael Horton—Education Outreach
Jerry Loomer—Display & Safety
Joe Reuter—Local Chair, Display & Safety
Ed Rodevich—Education Outreach
Yamileth Shimojyo—Education Outreach
Irene Swanson—Judges
Jo Topps—Volunteers
Margery Weitkamp—Display & Safety
Gary Widdison—Member at Large
Susan Gomez-Zweip—Volunteers

Society for Science & the Public thanks the dedicated 
Committee members of the Intel ISEF 2011:
Advisory Council
Tony Ortiz, Chair
Karen Kinsman, Past Chair
Martha Vogel, Incoming Chair
Ingrid Weigand, Secretary
Lucy Adams
Nancy Aiello
Kathleen Bethel
Trace Bowen
John Cole, D & S Chair
Cathy Collins
Ronda Fields
Wilma M. Giol-Ruiz
Jack Johnson
John Cole, Chair
Courtney Butler
Tom Carson
Pamela Ceglinski
Rob-Bob Ceglinski
Kelly Corkern
Bob Haines
Henry Hartman
Darcy Hecht
Diane Hecht
Emily M. Keeler
Donna E. Leonardi
James Lowery
Michele J. Mann
Shannon D. Sample
Timothy J. Sears
Joyce Stark
Gary Stresman
Joan Wagner
Robert Yost
Peter Zavodszky
Marion Zeiner
Judy Jones
Valerie Lucchesi-Elliott
Tony Marable
Roger Milovina
Jody Oaks
Bonnie Schmidt
Steve Scott
Cheryl Sturgeon
Dayon Taylor
Tina Webb-Browning
Display & Safety Committee
Scientific Review Committee
Nancy Aiello, Chair
Henry Disston
Marcus Friskop
Jennifer Green
Paula Johnson
Maria Lavooy
Chris Miller
Evelyn Montalvo
Jason Shuffitt
Jim Stevens
Judging Advisory Committee
Leonard Duda
David Feinstein 
Bill Glaunsinger
Lorna Glaunsinger
Christopher Gould
Arnetia Maasha
Linda Mantel
Alicia Martinez
Robert Reis
Cheryl Scott
Charles Vukotich
Robert Yost
 Special Committees

Thank Y
Society for Science & the Public, Intel and 
the Los Angeles Local Arrangements Committee recognize with 
gratitude the judges, volunteers, parents, teachers and 
fair directors who make the Intel ISEF 
possible year after year. The following individuals and 
volunteers are recognized for their special dedication to 
Intel ISEF 2011.
Nancy Aiello
S.R. (Buddy) Bounds
Bill Chown
Glen Cook
John Cole
Nolan Danchick
Ibby Dickson
Michael Foy
Nadine Haines
Henry Hartman
Karen Kinsman
Hynda Kleinman 
James Lowery
Tony Marable
Theo Olson
Becky Rotundo
Joe Schwer
Larry Sernyk
Junior Warner 
Laura Werner
Andy Yeager 
Michelle Yost

Intel ISEF 2011 Survey
We want your feedback.
The survey solicits feedback on 
Intel ISEF 2011.
After the fair, follow the link

In 1996., Intel became the title sponsor of the ISEF. Since then, 
it has heightened the program’s visibility and made the Intel ISEF 
a world-renowned program with true international flavor and 
participation. Society for Science & the Public thanks Intel 
for its many contributions to the Intel ISEF. 
Barbara Carman
Program Manager
Intel Science Competitions
Santa Clara, California
Gail Dundas
Senior Communications Manager
Global Communications Group
Hillsboro, Oregon 
Wendy Hawkins
Executive Director
Intel Foundation
Hillsboro, Oregon
Michael L. Thomas
Intel e-Lounge Manager
Hillsboro, Oregon
Karen Merrill
K–12 Events and Logistics Manager
Corporate Affairs Group
Hillsboro, Oregon
Gerda Greenband
Events Program Manager
Corporate Marketing Group
Santa Clara, California
And the many Intel employees who support Intel ISEF 
and affiliated fairs around the world.
Paul S. Otellini
President and Chief Executive Officer
Shelly Esque
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Intel ISEF Corporate Team


ty f
or Scienc
e & the Public
Society for Science & the Public (SSP), a nonprofit membership 
organization based in Washington, D.C., owns and has administered the 
ISEF since its inception in 1950. Through the Intel ISEF, SSP encourages 
students to apply their imagination to excel in the sciences while exploring 
their unique and personal visions of the future.
Elizabeth Marincola
President & Publisher, Science News
Greg Mitchell
Chief Financial Officer
Rick Bates
Chief Advancement Officer
Jennifer Carter
Director — Outreach
BJ Cortis
Director — Development and
Amy An 
Senior Specialist — Information Technology
Laura Buitrago 
Associate Specialist — Science Education 
Laurie Demsey 
Senior Specialist — Domestic Fairs
Marisa Gaggi 
Associate Specialist — Events
Alan Gordon 
Senior Specialist — Raiser’s Edge Administrator
Charles Heidlage 
Development Coordinator
Caitlin Jennings 
Specialist — Communications
June Kee 
Specialist — Awards and 
  Education Programs Administration
Jinny Kim 
Specialist — International Fairs
Sivakami Kumaran 
Senior Accountant
Stephanie Lemnios 
Manager — Broadcom MASTERS
James Moore 
Manager — Network Administrator 
Nancy Moulding 
Specialist — External Affairs
Anthony Payne 
Senior Specialist — Logistics
Lisa Proctor 
Manager — Accounting
Diane Rashid 
Specialist — Volunteer and Special Awards
Paul Roger 
Lead Specialist — Facilities
Thomas Smith 
Senior Specialist — Information Technology
Sharon Snyder 
Manager — International Fairs
Greg Sprouse 
Specialist — Information Technology 
Caitlin Sullivan 
Manager — Intel Science Talent Search
Randy Williams 
Mail Room Technician
Michele Glidden
Director — Science Education Programs
Cait Goldberg
Director — Events
Harry Rothmann
Director — Internal Operations
Tom Siegfried
Editor in Chief, Science News

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