Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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EE074   Winds of Change: A Novel Approach to Wind Electricity Generation Systems 
for Developing Regions 
Megan Kathleen Schlorff, 18, Senior, Sacred Heart High School, Walkerton, 
Ontario, Canada, T: Brad Lacey
EE075   Traffic Lights Fuzzy Controller 
Zeyu Liu, 15, Sophomore, Sir Winston Churchill High School, Calgary, Alberta, 
Canada, T: Deborah Miller
EN039   Computer-Aided Telepathic Communications 
Nicholas Anthony Johnston, 16., Sophomore, Semiahmoo Secondary School, Surrey, 
British Columbia, Canada, T: Lynne Porpaczy
EN314T  Cellulose Crystals Clean and Cure 
#  Janelle Tam, 15, Junior; #  Vivienne Tam, 18, Senior
Waterloo Collegiate Institute, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, T: Herbert Deruyter, 
T: Michael Tam 
ET058   Reducing the Cut-In Wind Speed of Wind Turbine Blades by Redirecting the 
Boundary Layer Airflows 
Lauren Heather Reid, 15, Freshman, O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute, 
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, T: Scott Field
ET059   Photoelectrochemical Approach to PEM Fuel Cells Using Hydrodynamic 

Dheevesh Arulmani, 15, Sophomore, Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, T: Bradley Easton
EV041   Niagara Regions Environmental Impact on Water Quality of Lake Ontario 
Alexandria Nicole Penny, 15, Freshman, Grimsby Secondary School, Grimsby, 
Ontario, Canada, T: Dave Wyatt
ME086   Trinovopan: Pre-Clinical Development of a Novel Anti-Cancer Combinational 
Lingjie (Linda) Wei, 16., Junior, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Vancouver, 
British Columbia, Canada, T: Dr. Geoffrey Gabbott
ME087   Modulation of ERK5 in Inhibiting Breast Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion 
Grace Yang Wang, 17, Junior, A. B. Lucas Secondary School, London, Ontario, 
Canada, T: Colleen Fletcher
ME314T  Efficient Generation of Dopaminergic Neurons from Skin-derived Precursors: 
Novel and Autologous Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease 
Mohamed Reda Bensaidane, 18, Senior; Alexandre Lemieux, 18, Senior
Champlain College St. Lawrence, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; Cegep de Sainte-
Foy, Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada, T: Remi Parenteau Bareil
PH049   The Mysterious Behavior of KF3- and Its Relevance to 41Ca Analysis 

Michael Thomas Lemanski, 16., Junior, Royal St. George’s College, Toronto, Ontario, 
Canada, T: Albert Edward Litherland
Hamilton,ON, CAN001, Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair  
EM035   Plants Purify Pee 
Yiquan Lok, 14, Freshman, Hillfield Strathallan College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 
T: Kimberley Krasevich
EM036   Will EMF Stunt Your Growth? 
Janelle van Leeuwen, 14, Freshman, Hillfield Strathallan College, Hamilton, Ontario, 
Canada, T: Kimberley Krasevich
EN028   Simplifying SODIS: Reduction of UV-impeding Turbidity through Macroscopic 
Sarah Joyce Flaherty, 14, Freshman, Westdale Secondary School, Hamilton, 
Ontario, Canada, T: Anne-Marie Wilson
Montreal, CAN004, Montreal  Regional  SciTech  Fair  
EM319T  Implementation of Appropriate Desalination Technology 
Marianne Dina Theriault, 16., Junior; Katherine France Haentjens, 16., Junior
Villa Maria High School, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, T: Carla Goodine
EV021   Embrace Air with Algae Repair 
Chloe Anassis, 15, Sophomore, The Study School, Westmount, Quebec, Canada, 
T: LaTasha Amisial

t Dir
ME057   A Novel Approach to Wound Therapy: The Effect of Plant Stem Cells on 
Mesenchymal Stem Cells When Exposed to UV Radiation 
Meagan-Helen Henderson, 16., Junior, Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s School, 
Westmount, Quebec, Canada, T: Karen Commerford
Concepcion, CHL001, 7th EXPLORA National Youth Science Conference  
AS302T  Studying True Bugs Metamorphosis: The Life Cycle of Ditomotarsus 
punctiventris Spinola, 1852 
Giannina Andrea Osorio, 16., Junior; Mariom Adriana Carvajal Morales, 15, Junior
Liceo Maria Auxiliadora, Punta Arenas, Region de Magallanes, Chile, T: Hilda Raquel 
EV310T  Removal of Crude Oil from Different Substrates Using Biosolvents 
Consuelo Esperanza Gatica, 17, Senior; Valentina Llanca, 17, Senior
Windsor School, Valdivia, Region de los Rios, Chile, T: Mercedes del Pilar Carrasco
Beijing, CHN001, Children Science Fair of Beijing  
BI301T  Research on Functional Dietary Fibre of Wheat Bran 
Fubin Li, 17, Senior; Yakang Li, 18, Junior; Zhongning Hao, 15, Sophomore
Zhengzhou No.11 Middle School, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, T: Xueling Zheng; 
Henan Experimental High School, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, T: Lin Li
MI010   A GFP-labeled Streptococcus suis: A Tool to Track the Bacteria for 
Pathogenesis Study 
Xu Cheng, 18, Senior, High School Affiliated to Tsinghua University, Beijing, 
Beijing, China, T: Yuxin Gong
PH010   The Flow Feature around Insects and Bionic Wing Based on 
Wind Tunnel Test 
Yimeng Shi, 18, Senior, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, 
Beijing, Beijing, China, T: Keke Fan
Beijing, CHN004, CASTIC-(China Adolescents and Technology Invention Contest), Beijing  
AS006   Study on Mechanism of Controlling Whitefly Using the Leaching Solution of 
Lemon Leaves 
Xiaoyang Yu, 15, Sophomore, Beijing No. 101 High School, Beijing, Beijing, China, 
T: Li-Xia Ma
BE304T  Is Nephila Clavata a New Species of Social Spiders? A Preliminary Study on 
Behaviors of Nephila clavata 
Jiaqi Duan, 17, Junior; Zihan Zhang, 18, Senior; Sihan Jiang, 17, Junior
Henan Experimental High School, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, T: Yao Niu
EN008   Rare Earth Based Multicolor Emitting Nanomaterials: Synthesis and Potential 
Anti-counterfeiting Applications 
Yue Yin, 18, Senior, The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal 
University, Beijing, China, T: Chunhua Yan
Fuzhou City, CHN006, CASTIC (China Adolescents Science & Technology Invention Contest), 
AS007   Endocrine Disruption and Population Inhibition Effect of Plant Essential Oil 
on the Diamondback Moth 
Lin Gan, 18, Senior, Fuzhou NO.1 High School, Fuzhou, Fujian, China, 
T: Lin Qun Zhang
EE304T  Infrared-three-dimensional Ultrasonic Positioning and 
Virtual Control System (PVCS) 
Jinze Li, 18, Sophomore; Junqi Liu, 16, Sophomore; Xin Zhi, 16, Sophomore
No.2 Changchun High School, Changchun, Jilin, China, T: Li Jinhua
ET030   VIN-based Road Accident Dynamic Alert (VIN-RADAS) 
Tiange Xie, 16., Junior, High School Attached to Northeast Normal University, 
Changchun, Jilin, China, T: Jin-hua Li

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