Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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Guangzhou, CHN005, CASTIC (China Adolescent Science & Technology Invention Contest), 
EE020   Assistant of Walking Aid:  Walking Aid Facility for the Old and the Relevant 
Zehong Weng, 18, Senior, Guangdong Experimental High School, Guangzhou, 
Guangdong, China, T: Zhongyi Liu
PS007   Research of Trilobana Wedelia Effects in Prevention and Cure 
of Cuscuta japonica 
Anan Qiu, 16., Junior, Shenzhen Senior High School, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 
T: Zhifang Li
Shanghai, CHN002, CASTIC (China Adolescents Science and Technology Invention Contest), 
CS012   An Efficient, Real-time Computer-aided Stereoscopic Parallax Prediction 
Solution and Its Implementation 
Sheng Zhu, 18, Senior, No.2 Secondary School Attached to East China Normal 
University, Shanghai, Shanghai, China, T: Quan Zu
CS303T  The Research on the Space Interactive 3D Mapping Method 
Yizheng He, 18, Senior; Haoyan Kang, 18, Senior; Jiayi Wang, 17, Senior
Northeast Yucai School, Shenyang, Liaoning, China, T: Peng Gong
EE019   Electronic Skateboarding Assistant 
Haoyang Fan, 18, Senior, Northeast Yucai School, Shenyang, Liaoning, China, 
T: Peng GONG
Shanghai, CHN007, The Children Science Fair of Shanghai  
EE021   Glass Wall Cleaning Robot Driven by Double Ropes 
Shu Zhang, 18, Senior, High School Attached to Harbin Normal University, Harbin, 
Heilongjiang, China, T: Jiawei Chen
ET019   New Concept to Improve the Photovoltaic Conversion Efficiency 
Bowen Zhu, 18, Senior, High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 
Shanghai, China, T: Dean Liu
MI011   Production of Valuable Sialic Acid from Trashed Chalaza of Hen’s Egg with 
Sialidase Produced by Newly Isolated Strain LXS6 
Yulin An, 18, Senior, Dalian Yuming High School, Dalian, Liaoning, China, 
T: Xianzhen Li
Tianjin, CHN008, Sichuan Science Fair  
CS030   Efficient Implementation of Tilt Compensated Compass and Depth Camera 
in Interactive Augmented Reality 
Lai Xue, 18, Senior, Chengdu International School, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 
T: Glen Robert Walenda
CS304T  Markerless Finger Detection 
Chan Yeoh, 16., Junior; Kevin Chow Kaiyi, 14, Freshman
Chengdu International School, Chengdu, SiChuan, China, T: Glen Robert Walenda
ME045   RT-PCR Genotypic Analysis of Four Mex Efflux Pumps in Pan-resistant 
P. aeruginosa and Development of Novel Phenotypic Detection Method by 
MIC with Efflux Pump Inhibitors 
Kevin Z. Xin, 16., Junior, Shanghai American School, Shanghai, China, 
T: Alan Bud Chan
Wuhan, CHN003, CASTIC: (China Adolescent Science & Technology Inovention Contest), 
CH304T  Study on the Preparation of CdSe Quantum Dots and Its Application on the 
Detection of Bisphenol A in PC and Paper Cups 
Mengdi Su, 17, Junior; Hanqing Xu, 16, Junior
Hubei Wuchang Experimental High School, Wuhan, Hubei, China, T: Shuangqing Qu
EV009   Rice Straw Biochar: A Potential New Material for Reducing CH4 Emission 
from Paddy Soil 
Yimin Wu, 17, Junior, Hangzhou No.2 High School of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, 
Zhejiang, China, T: Suhao Lin
EV304T  Research on Effect of Urban Rainfall Runoff Pollution on Water Environment 
and Amount Accounting 
Yixin Zhang, 17, Junior; Yumeng Li, 16, Junior; Anqi Wang, 17, Senior
Anhui Bengbu No. 2 High School, Bengbu, Anhui, China, T: Guofeng Song

t Dir
Taipei, TWN001, Middle Taiwan Regional Science Fair                    
AS014   Seeing What You Want to See:  Visual Experience and Top-down Processing 
in Honeybee 
Kevin Sean Chen, 17, Senior, The Affiliated Senior High School Of National 
Kaohsiung Norm, Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei, T: Kuei-Fang Chen
CH010   Lighting Insulin with Gold Nanodots 
Yun-Chen Chien, 17, Senior, Taipei First Girls’ High School, Taipei, Taipei City, 
Taiwan (R.O.C), Chinese Taipei, T: Li-Fen Chan
CS017   Maintaining Viewing Quality with Lower Number of LEDs 
Yu-Jung Chen, 18, Senior, The Affiliated Senior High School of National Kaohsiung 
Norm, Kaohsiung City, Chinese Taipei, T: Yu-Cheng Chien
EA302T  Is Global Warming Real?: An In-depth Analysis on Regional Details 
Chih-yu Lee, 16., Junior; Sze-Ying Chen, 17, Junior
National Hsin Tien Senior High School, New Taipei City, Chinese Taipei, T: Pei-I Pai
EV306T  Bio-degradation of Poly(ethylene terephthalate)/Poly(lactic acid) Blends 
Yi-Ying Tsai, 18, Senior; Kai-Li Hsieh, 18, Senior
National Taichung First Senior High School, Taichung, Chinese Taipei, 
T: Chia-Ching Liu
MA007   How to Discover Infinitely Many Theorems Related to the Pedal Circle 
Wayne Liao, 17, Junior, National Taichung First Senior High School, Taichung City, 
Chinese Taipei, T: Jian Zhang Ke
MA008   Perfect Tiling of a Rectangle into Rectangles 
Tzu-Hsuan Su, 16., Sophomore, Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School, Taipei City, 
Chinese Taipei, T: Peng-Yu Shen
MI019   State Transition Mechanism Protects Photosynthetic Light Reaction in 
Thermophilic Cyanobacteria 
Kuang-Ming Shang, 16., Junior, Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School, Taipei City, 
Chinese Taipei, T: Hsiu-An Chu
PH304T  Studies of Cell Elasticity by Nonlinear Damping 
Janet Yun-Chen Sung, 18, Junior; Nai-Wen Hu, 16., Junior
Taipei First Girls High School, Taipei City, Chinese Taipei, T: Wen-Sheng Chen
Bogota, COL002, Colombia Science and Engineering Fair— I  
Julian Andres Poveda, 15, Junior; Camilo Andres Calderon, 13, Freshman
IED Instituto Tecnico Industrial Francisco Jose de Caldas, Bogota, Cundinamarca, 
Colombia, T: Victor Hugo Bernal
EE303T  Preservation, Aroma and Ingenuity—Processor of Aromatic Plants (P.P.A.) 
Vivian Nicole Perez, 16., Junior; Camilo Fernando Kaligare, 16., Junior
Colegio Sorrento Institucion Educativa Distrital, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia, 
T: Milagros Del Rosario Ortega
Cartagena, COL003, Colombia Science and Engineering Fair— II  
EM016   Nursery Forest: A Teaching Strategy to Investigate Environmental Problems 
Arturo Javier Gonzalez, 15, Sophomore, Escuela Normal Superior Santa Ana de 
Baranoa, Baranoa, Atlantico, Colombia, T: Miguel Angel Rodriguez navarro
ME034   Establish of an Experimental Plot with Flower from Jamaica (Hibiscus 
sabdariffa) as Productive Alternative in the Municipality of San Juan 
Nepomuceno, Colombia 
Amilkar De Jesus Rodriguez, 15, Junior, Institucion Educativa Diogenes A. Arrieta, 
San Juan Nepomuceno, Bolivar, Colombia, T: Ermis Maria Arrieta Herrera
Medellin, COL001, Colombia Science & Engineering Fair  
EE305T  Design of a Toilet Water Saving Device 
Sebastian Tangarife, 17, Junior; Daniel Andres Villa, 17, Junior
Colegio Divino Salvador, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia, T: Claudia Munoz
ME035   Side Effects of Alcohol via Vagina in Teenage Woman in Four Schools of the 
City of Medellin 
Carla Valentina Vanegas, 16., Junior, Colegio San Jose de las Vegas, Medellin, 
Antioquia, Colombia, T: Adriana Isabel Gonzalez

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