Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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MI022   Can a Bacterial Pigment Kill Flesh-Eating Bacteria? A Study on the Cytotoxic 
Nature of PVP (Pure Violet Pigment) on Multidrug Resistant (MDR) and 
Methicillin Resistant (MRSA) Strains of Staphylococcus aureus, Year III 
Continuation Study 

Rakesh Ram Goli, 16., Junior, The Altamont School, Birmingham, Alabama, 
T: Brian Johnsen
PH013   Development of an Inexpensive Spectrophotometer and a Matlab Spectral 
Analysis Program 
Lakshmi Raghavanpillai Raju, 15, Sophomore, Alabama School of Fine Arts, 
Birmingham, Alabama, T: Jo Chambers
PH021   Hidden Sounds: The Effect of Cellular Phone Transmission on Human Voice 
Harmonic Distribution, Year Three 
Ellen Marie Price, 18, Senior, Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School, 
Birmingham, Alabama, T: Marilyn Niemann
Huntsville, USAL50, Alabama State Science and Engineering Fair  
AS059   A Pharmacological Study on Heart Healthy Supplements and the Heart Rate 
of Daphnia magna 
Marie Eleanor Reuter, 18, Senior, Wetumpka High School, Wetumpka, Alabama, 
T: Virginia Vilardi
BE056   W, Wh, Why Can’t I Have the Job? Listeners’ Perceptions of People Who 
Suffer Speech Impediments 
Rosalyn Jules Langhinrichsen-Rohling, 14, Freshman, S. S. Murphy High School, 
Mobile, Alabama, T: Lisa Sudeiha
The Effect of Heavy Metals on Porphyrin Ring Compounds, Part Three: 
Leached Mercury into the Base of the Food Chain near Coal Combustion 
Waste Disposal Sites 

Arina Ghosh, 17, Senior, Alabama School of Fine Arts, Birmingham, Alabama, 
T: Judith Cantwell
CB045   Exploring Possible Treatments of Epilepsy Using an Animal Model 
William Davis Haselden, 18, Senior, Mountain Brook High School, Mountain Brook, 
Alabama, T: Margaret Clark
Huntsville, USAL03, North Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
CB003   Relationship between PINK1 and DJ1 in the Parkinson’s Pathway 

Courtney Marie Kloske, 15, Sophomore, Pope John Paul II Catholic High School, 
Huntsville, Alabama, T: Brian Finzel
EE009   Precision Location of Acoustic Sources 
Alexander Nathan Finney, 16., Sophomore, Covenant Christian Academy, 
Huntsville, Alabama, T: Rhonda Lisauckis
ET014   Engineering an Affordable Electric Vehicle, Year 2: Range Testing and 
Joel Jack Tinker, 17, Junior, Covenant Christian Academy, Huntsville, Alabama, 
T: Rhonda Lisauckis
Livingston, USAL05, West Alabama Regional Science Fair                             
EV027   Determining the True Mussel Man: A Comparison of the Filtration Efficiency 
of Lampsilis teres, Villosa iris, and Lampsilis fasciola 
Rachel Michelle England, 15, Freshman, Demopolis High School, Demopolis, 
Alabama, T: Cynthia Phillips
Mobile, USAL04, Mobile Regional Science Fair                                   
EE060   Developing More Efficient Models of Titanium Dioxide Dye-Sensitized 
Solar Cells 
Shawn S. Tuteja, 18, Senior, The Altamont School, Birmingham, Alabama, 
T: Donna Kentros
ME082   Silent Killer 
Lindsay Marie Grizzard, 14, Freshman, Murphy High School, Mobile, Alabama, 
T: Lisa Sudeiha

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Anchorage, USAK50, Alaska Science and Engineering Fair  
BI304T  Analyzing Protein Content in Common Vegetarian Meat Substitutes 
Marie Elizabeth Gotti, 18, Senior; Nicole Emanuel, 17, Junior
Polaris K–12 School, Anchorage, Alaska, T: Aaron Kallas
EV036   The Effects of Calcium Carbonate on Ocean Acidification 
Noah Alexander Betzen, 18, Senior, Unalaska High School, Unalaska, Alaska, 
T: Story Nicole Miller
PH040   Possible Applications of Superorder Selachimorpha (Shark) Characteristics in 
Marine Industry 
Sophia Myers, 17, Junior, Cordova Junior-Senior High School, Cordova, Alaska, 
T: Adam Low
Juneau, USAK01, Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair  
AS016   The Effects of Methyl Farnesoate on the Molting Biology of Juvenile Red Kin 
Crabs (Paralithodes camtschaticus) 

Lia Katherine Domke, 18, Senior, Juneau-Douglas High School, Juneau, Alaska, 
T: Jonathan Smith
PS009   An Ecological Comparison of Colluvial and Alluvial Forests in the Gold Creek 
Corwin Daniel Kelly, 15, Sophomore, Thunder Mountain High School, Juneau, 
Alaska, T: Mary Hausler
Phoenix, USAZ50, Arizona Science and Engineering Fair   
AS061   The Effect of Sublethal Doses of Oxalic Acid on the Lifespan of Honeybees 
Colby Lee Howell, 18, Senior, Hamilton High School, Chandler, Arizona, 
T: Teresa Buckner
BE059   The Effect of Audible Stimulation on Cognitive Performance and Beta Brain 
Activity in the Frontal Lobe 
Savanna Lynne Melkus, 17, Senior, Mesa High School, Mesa, Arizona, 
T: Amanda Cherry Grimes
CB044   Rab14 Regulates Tight Junction Integrity and Polarity in Epithelial Cells 
Kelsey Maura Waite, 17, Senior, Tucson Magnet High School, Tucson, Arizona, 
T: Margaret Wilch
CB309T  The Effects of Disrupting RNA Polymerase III Subunit RPC82 Family Protein 
on Pollen Tube Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana 
#  Sumedha Ravishankar, 16., Junior; #  Sirtaj Bir Singh, 16., Junior
Empire High School, Tucson, Arizona, T: Michael Robert Frank
CS062   Do SAT Problems Have Boiling Points? 
Soumya Chakrabarti Kambhampati, 14, Freshman, McClintock High School, Tempe, 
Arizona, T: Deborah Dodge
CS311T  Dyadic Interaction Assistant for Tracking Head Gestures and Facial 
Varun Ramesh, 15, Sophomore; Shantanu Bala, 16., Senior
Hamilton High School, Chandler, Arizona, T: Debbie Crane
Barry Goldwater High School, Phoenix, Arizona, T: Denise Tahtinen
EN049   The Memory of the Future: Effects of Thermal Energy on Magnetoresistive 
Random Access Memory (MRAM) Switching 
Jean Michelle Juang, 15, Junior, Corona del Sol High School, Tempe, Arizona, 
T: Nathan Newman
Messin’ with Turbulence 
Garrett Lee Rozendaal, 15, Freshman, Rozendaal Family, Prescott Valley, Arizona, 
T: Kara Rozendaal
EV049   The Effects of Carbon Dioxide Pressure and Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium 
Mass Concentration on the Biofuel Synthesis of Green Algae 
Rajet Vatsa, 14, Freshman, Brophy College Preparatory, Phoenix, Arizona, 
T: Cheryl Lenox

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