Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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The Role of Testosterone in Hepatocyte Apoptosis in High Fat Diet-Induced 
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 
Kenneth Young-Hoon Lee, 16., Junior, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, 
Rolling Hills Estates, California, T: Peter Starodub
CS065   Quadrocopter Aerial Monocular Vision for Improved Autonomous Robot 
Kenny Zane Lei, 16., Junior, Walnut High School, Walnut, California, 
T: Zachary Dodds
EN048   Effects of Excess Heat Generated by UV Laser Irradiation on the Exposure 
Process of Photostructurable Glass 
Ellie Katherine Hara, 17, Senior, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, 
Rolling Hills Estates, California, T: Peter Starodub
MI067   Beta Lactam Antibiotics Stimulate Non Typeable Haemophilus influenzae 
Biofilm Formation in vitro
Kathleen Rose Maguire, 17, Junior, Marlborough School, Los Angeles, California, 
T: Stacy L. Sjoberg
Fresno, USCA03, Central California Regional Science, Mathematics and Engineering Fair  
BE035   Phonics vs. Whole Words: The Effects of Rearranging the Letters in a Word 
Mary Alyssa Flemming, 14, Freshman, Sanger High School, Sanger, California, 
T: Nathan Whittington
EM027   Investigating the Effectiveness of Indigenous Plant Solutions in Inhibiting 
Leaf Gall Insect Development 
Jorie Ann Moore, 16., Junior, Sanger High School, Sanger, California, 
T: Nathan Whittington
Livermore, USCA09, Tri-Valley Science and Engineering Fair  
AS034   Ways to Enhance Cell Regeneration 
Christina Ren, 14, Freshman, Monte Vista High School, Danville, California, 
T: Meghan Faerber
EN310T  Near-infrared Light Biostimulation: A Novel Approach to the Optimization of 
Industrial Biosynthesis 
Ruchita Gupta, 17, Junior; Ray Zhou, 16., Junior
Amador Valley High School, Pleasanton, California, T: Beth Cutter
Palos Verdes Peninsula, USCA10, Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District Science 
and Engineering Fair  
AS021   Copepod Culturing: Conditions for Maximum Yield per Generation 
Julian Ohiro Kimura, 17, Junior, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, 
Rolling Hills Estates, California, T: Peter Starodub
MI024   Evaluating the Role of the HOG1 and ESCRT Pathways in Host/Cell 
Interaction and Stress Response of Candida albicans 

David Kenneth Tang-Quan, 18, Senior, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, 
Rolling Hills Estates, California, T: Peter Starodub
Sacramento, USCA04, Sacramento Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
EN024   Synthesis and Characterization of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles as 
a Trans-Blood-Brain-Barrier Vehicle 
Xunyi Wang, 19, Senior, Davis Senior High School, Davis, California, 
T: Anne Moriarty
ET031   Synthesis of Complex Nanostructures for Solar Cells: Analysis Using Novel 

Shyamal Buch, 15, Sophomore, Vista del Lago High School, Folsom, California, 
T: Suekyung Baker
MA012   Better Images, Fewer Samples: Optimizing Sample Distribution for 
Compressed Sensing in Radio Interferometry  
Clara Louisa Fannjiang, 16., Junior, Davis Senior High School, Davis, California, 
T: Ann Moriarty
San Bernardino, USCA13, Riverside, Inyo, Mono, San Bernardino (RIMS) Science and 
Engineering Fair  
CH036   Synthesis and Manipulation of Silver and Gold Nano-Mirrors 
Michael Leonard Janner, 15, Freshman, Redlands East Valley High School, 
Redlands, California, T: Colleen Sumner

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EE085   Autonomous Robotic Vehicle, Saving Lives, Preventing Accidents 
One at a Time 
Jessica Alexis Richeri, 17, Senior, Centennial High School, Corona, California, 
T: Sunny Kaura
San Diego, USCA05, Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair 
Regulation of Nitric Oxide Expression as a Form of Neurotransmitter 
Vaishnavi Lakshminarasimha Rao, 15, Sophomore, Canyon Crest Academy, 
San Diego, California, T: Wendy Slijk
CS307T  Position and Vector Detection of Blind Spot Motion with Horn-Schunck 
Optical Flow 
Mike Wu, 16., Junior; Stephen Sia Yu, 17, Junior
Torrey Pines High School, San Diego, California, T: Julia Newman
EE067   Stability Analysis of Control Algorithms 
Keegan Robert Mann, 18, Senior, San Pasqual High, Escondido, California, 
T: Yun Lutgen
EV039   Red Tide Sensitivity to Ocean Acidification 
Matthew Philip Goldklang, 17, Junior, San Diego Jewish Academy, San Diego, 
California, T: Jane Willoughby
ME312T  A Search for Reliable Molecular Cytogenetic Markers of Prostate Cancer 
Alison Nicole Tradonsky, 17, Junior; Tammy Yetta Rubin, 18, Senior
San Diego Jewish Academy, San Diego, California, T: Sharon Mair
PH047   Testing a Nonlinear-Oscillator Neuron Model with Optical Illusions 
Sara Kornfeld Simpson, 14, Freshman, Patrick Henry High School, San Diego, 
California, T: Lara Dickens
San Francisco, USCA06, San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair, Inc.  
ME077   The Effect of IFN-gamma on Beta-catenin Expression and Transcriptional 
Activity in Prostate Cancer Cells 
Jay D. Shah, 16., Junior, Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, California, 
T: Jack Fendell
PH046   Finding Harmonics in Plasma 
Dylan Edward Moore, 17, Junior, Alameda Community Learning Center, Alameda, 
California, T: Milt Friedman
San Jose, USCA07, Synopsys Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship 
presented by the Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair Association  
CB010   A Novel Perfusion-Based Protocol for Decellularization of 
Adipose Tissue on a Bioreactor 

Revanth Sai Kosaraju, 17, Junior, The Harker School, San Jose, California, 
T: Chris Spenner
CB017   Genes on Steroids: RNA Activation-Mediated Gene Upregulation in C. elegans 
Brian Tshao Do, 16., Junior, Silver Creek High School, San Jose, California, 
T: Huong Tran
CH015   Investigation of Ideal Conditions to Retain Ascorbic Acid in Common Cooking 
Alexander Scott Powers, 16., Sophomore, Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, 
California, T: Mike Janda
CS034   On the Creation of Music through the Application of Genetic Programming to 
Fractal Systems 
Scott Borden Cesar, 17, Senior, Scott Borden Cesar, Santa Clara, California, 
T: Craig Young
EN022   Accounting for Cross-talk between Signaling Pathways Identifies Novel 
Model for Early and Late Post-transplant Acute Rejection 
Andrew Liu, 17, Senior, Henry M. Gunn Senior High School, Palo Alto, California, 
T: Bill Dunbar
ET042   The Effect of Washout Designs in Swept and Tapered Wings on the Location 
of Flow Separation during Stall 
Stacey A Huang, 17, Junior, Evergreen Valley High School, San Jose, California, 
T: Barjinder Sabherwal

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