Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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Sterling, USCO08, Northeast Colorado Regional Science Fair  
AS018   A Study of Dietary Supplements and Actin and Myosin Production 
Nathan Lyne Frantz, 17, Junior, Fleming High School, Fleming, Colorado, 
T: Linda Niccoli
ME027   The Correlation between the Menstrual Cycle and Female Anterior Cruciate 
Ligament Injuries 
Alexis Rae Shinn, 16., Sophomore, Merino High School, Merino, Colorado, 
T: Carlye Jo Armstrong
Danbury, USCT01, Science Horizons, Inc. Science Fair and Symposium  
AS022   Biological Control of Ticks to Prevent Lyme Disease Using Entomopathogenic 
Ryan Daniel Kerr, 15, Sophomore, Danbury High School, Danbury, Connecticut, 
T: Marsha Turek
MI026   Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in a High School 
Toni Susan Emma Viola, 17, Junior, New Milford High School, New Milford, 
Connecticut, T: Eileen Reed
Hamden, USCT50, Connecticut State Science Fair                 
CB008   Role of MyD88 in DNA Damage Response 
Yiyuan Hu, 17, Junior, Hamden High School, Hamden, Connecticut, 
T: Sonia Beloin
CB009   Anticancer Property of Major Goat Milk Fatty Acids and Delineating Their 
Mechanisms of Action 
Amoolya V Narayanan, 17, Senior, Glastonbury High School, Glastonbury, 
Connecticut, T: Diane Pintavalle
CH012   Modeling Hydrogen Production Catalyzed by a Novel Electrocatalyst with 
Density Functional Theory 
Shubhro Saha, 18, Senior, Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, Connecticut, 
T: Rachel Gritzer
ET032   Optimization of a Microbial Fuel Cell to Drive a Bioelectrochemically Assisted 
Wastewater Treatment Reactor 
Ryota Ishizuka, 17, Junior, Greenwich High School, Greenwich, Connecticut, 
T: Andrew John Bramante
ME038   Development and Characterization of a Novel Listeria-Caspase-3 DNA Vaccine 
to Eradicate Metastatic Breast Cancer 
Swathi Krishnan, 17, Senior, Rye Country Day School- Upper School, Rye, New 
York, T: Catherine Bischoff
Washington, USDC01, District of Columbia Science and Engineering Fair  
EE069   Wave Energy: Using a Point Absorber Mechanism 
Matthew T. Haynes, 16., Junior, School Without Walls Senior High School, 
Washington, District of Columbia, T: Sydney Bergman
ME084   Gallocyanine Chrome Alum Complex: A Novel Histochemical Magnetic 
Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent 
Alexander Prodromos Gilbert, 17, Senior, Saint Albans School, Washington, 
District of Columbia, T: Thomas P. Carroll
Brooksville, USFL24, Hernando County Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
AS017   Natural Parasitic Resistance 
Addison Thomas Hilyard, 15, Freshman, Central High School, Brooksville, Florida, 
T: J.B. Dill
EM017   Optimization of Microbial Bioremediation 

Adam Brian Schuster, 15, Sophomore, F.W. Springstead High School, Spring Hill, 
Florida, T: Colleen Doulk

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Bushnell, USFL18, Sumter County Regional Science Fair  
ME003   The Effects of Pepper Juice vs. Vancomycin and Colloidal Silver on MRSA 
Inhibition and Cell Degradation 

Alex Keeler, 16., Junior, South Sumter High School, Bushnell, Florida, 
T: Emily Keeler
PS002   Efficacy of Chlorine on Salmonella typhimurium LT2 in Irrigation Water 
on Produce Items 
Kelly Nicole Howard, 18, Senior, The Villages Charter High School, The Villages
Florida, T: Monica Vinas
PS302T  The “T. Tree,” Test: Natural Botanical Remedy, Yes or No?! 
Lachonda Marie Lacey, 15, Sophomore; Breanne Mattea Williams, 15, Sophomore
South Sumter High School, Bushnell, Florida, T: Emily Keeler
Fort Myers, USFL05, Thomas Alva Edison Kiwanis Science and Engineering Fair  
EM304T  Establishing the Phytoremediation Capacity of Brassica rapa as an 
Instrument for Heavy-metal Uptake Using Hydroponics and UV-Vis 
Nicole Lynn Miller, 16., Junior; Nadia Kemal, 17, Junior
Charlotte High School, Punta Gorda, Florida, T: Jason Matthew Wikman
EN005   The Vehicle Extreme Temperature Alarm System with Cellular Dispatch for 
Unattended Children 
Laura Catherine Delaney, 14, Freshman, Lemon Bay High School, Englewood, 
Florida, T: Jenee Mora
MI301T  rDNA Genetic Engineering: Transformation Efficiency of the Lux Gene and 
Medical Implications 
Neil Singh, 16., Junior; Vaibhav Venkat Penukonda, 18, Junior
Canterbury School, Fort Myers, Florida, T: Kelly Etcheverry
Fort Walton Beach, USFL07, Northeast Panhandle Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
BE009   Improving ADHD Treatment, Year Two: Observing the Effectiveness of 
Computerized Cognitive Training Programs on Children with ADHD, and 
Struggling Students in a Structured School Setting 
Kevin Michael Knight, 18, Senior, Northwest Florida State College Collegiate High 
School, Niceville, Florida, T: Ross Hamilton
ET024   Generating Clean Electrical Tidal Power, Year Three of an Ongoing Study 

Kyle Scott Saleeby, 16., Sophomore, Niceville High School, Niceville, Florida, 
T: Regina Gaskin
ME013   Chemical Sterilization of Medical Catheters Using an Autoclave with a 
Hydrogen Peroxide Solution, Year Seven of an Ongoing Study 
Aubrey Ward Craig II, 17, Senior, The Collegiate High School at Northwest Florida 
State College, Niceville, Florida, T: Ross Hamilton
ME033   Simulation of Action Potential of a Cardiac Myocyte and Study of Anti-
Arrhythmic Drugs 
Shreyans Kirit Patel, 17, Senior, Niceville Senior High School, Niceville, Florida, 
T: Regina Gaskin
Ft Lauderdale, USFL09, Broward County Science Fair  
CS040   Enhanced Visual Acuity of Thalamic Visual Prosthesis Simulation Using Head 
and Eye Tracking 
Sameer Kailasa, 15, Sophomore, American Heritage School Plantation, Plantation, 
Florida, T: Charles Golden
MA032   Method of Optimizing the Monte Carlo Statistical Algorithm to Increase 
Computational Efficiency in Multidimensional Integration 
Pratheek Nagaraj, 17, Junior, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, 
Florida, T: Annette Traverso
MI046   Interrupting Bacterial Conversation with Black Olive 
(Bucida buceras) Extracts 
Rohan Batra, 16., Sophomore, American Heritage School, Plantation, Florida, 
T: Charles Golden
PH033   Particle Motion in Microfluidic Chips 
Daniel Isao Christe, 17, Junior, American Heritage School, Plantation, Florida, 
T: Dawn Gregor

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