Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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EV007   Effects of Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate on the Development of Oryzias 
Willa Ma Wang, 15, Freshman, Veterans High School, Kathleen, Georgia, 
T: Cherri Nix
Hilo, USHI05, Hawaii District Science and Engineering Fair  
ME029   Anti-Cancer Properties of Fungal Endophytes Derived from Clermontia 
parviflora, a Native Hawaiian Plant 
Shalila Shek de Bourmont, 16., Junior, Hilo High School, Hilo, Hawaii, 
T: Pascale Pinner
Honolulu, USHI01, Hawaii Association of Independent Schools Science and Engineering Fair  
MA026   New Triangle Centers Associated with a Triad of the Simulated Circumcircles 

Kang-Ying Liu, 18, Senior, Saint Andrew’s Priory School, Honolulu, Hawaii, 
T: Michael Christopher Grech
PH022   Determining “Hot Spots” through Correlations of CMEs and Solar Flares 
Travis Le, 16., Junior, Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii, T: Michael Gearen
Honolulu, USHI50, Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair  
Size-Dependent Cytokine Release from Murine Macrophages by 
Glycopeptide-Coated Gold Nanoparticles 
Quentin Kai Aknin, 17, Junior, Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii, 
T: Joseph J Barchi
CB032   Impact of Tuna Ovaries on Shrimp Maturation Feed 
Abraham Kwan, 15, Sophomore, Moanalua High School, Honolulu, Hawaii, 
T: Kathy Lin
EE325T  PAWT (Polygonal Airfoil Wind Turbine), the Greener Future: An Innovative 
Approach to Engineering a Bladeless Wind Turbine 
Shawnalyn Wing Chun Sunagawa, 18, Senior; Sara Elisabeth Middendorf, 17, 
Saint Andrew’s Priory School, Honolulu, Hawaii, T: Michael Grech
EM323T  High Value Fungal Protein Cultivated in Five Carbon Biofuel Liquor 
##  Lindsay Sumiko Fujimoto, 17, Senior; ##  Sarah Mieko Tamashiro, 17, Senior
Saint Andrew’s Priory, Honolulu, Hawaii, T: Michael Grech
PH315T  Light Curve Dip Analysis of Exoplanet Systems 
#  Taylor Tsuyoshi Shong Wong Nakamura, 17, Senior; Dane Masaru La’akea 
Oshiro, 18, Senior; Ross Mitsuo Ito, 18, Senior
Maui High School, Kahului, Hawaii, T: Keith Imada
Kailua, USHI06, Windward District Science and Engineering Fair  
BE301T  How Do You Think?: A Study in Linguistics and Cognition Using Spatial-time 
Metaphors and Chinese Speakers 
Jessica Tew, 18, Senior; Katelyn Elizabeth Orr, 17, Junior
Kahuku High and Intermediate School, Kahuku, Hawaii, T: Brett Kewish
Lihue, USHI04, Kauai Regional Science & Engineering Fair  
BE317T  Who Do You Listen To? 
Savanah Quinn Frisk, 15, Freshman; Coral Camille Green, 15, Sophomore; Shanice 
Tivona Grijalva, 15, Sophomore
Kapaa High School, Kapaa, Hawaii, T: Kimberlee Stuart
EE312T  Harvesting Electricity through the Installation of a Cost Efficient Mini Hydro 
Turbine into the Existing Domestic Water Supply 
#  Alyssa Noriko Braun, 16., Junior; #  Ashley Jean Bonilla, 16., Junior; 
#  Meghan Sakae Fujimoto, 16., Junior
Kauai High School, Lihue, Hawaii, T: Kevin Matthew Johnson
MI048   The Effects of Various Carbon Sources on the Growth Rate and Lipid 
Production of Chlorella sp. 
Noelani Hannah Murray, 15, Sophomore, Kauai High School, Lihue, Hawaii, 
T: Kevin Matthew Johnson

t Dir
Pearl City, USHI02, Leeward District High School Science Fair   
AS305T  The Observation of the Breeding and Mating Habits of Mice According to the 
Foods They Consume 
Jazmin Ariel Acebedo Nicolas, 16., Junior; Caelyn Riingen Udani, 17, Senior
James Campbell High School, Ewa Beach, Hawaii, T: Marites Barangan
EE070   Determining the Effects of Extreme Temperature Fluctuations on the 
Efficacy of Photovoltaic Cells 
Danten Rand Masaji Inouye, 16., Junior, Waipahu High School, Waipahu, Hawaii, 
T: Lucille Imamura
Wailuku, USHI03, Maui Schools Science and Engineering Fair  
PH058   Measuring the Passage of Time for Bodies at Relativistic Speeds with 
Dynamic Accelerations 

Michael Owen Flynn, 18, Senior, Maui High School, Kahului, Hawaii, 
T: Keith Imada
PS028   A Comparative Analysis of Phytolith-Occluded Carbon Sequestration Rates 
Steven Kaichi Okada, 15, Sophomore, Henry Perrine Baldwin High School, Wailuku, 
Hawaii, T: Barbara Huntley
Arlington Heights, USIL05, Illinois Junior Academy of Science North Suburban Region 6 
Science and Engineering Fair  
AS030   The Global Impact of Ethanol Exposure on Somitogenesis and Craniofacial 
Development in Zebrafish as a Model of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 
Ayana Jamal, 16., Junior, Niles North High School, Skokie, Illinois, T: Jacklyn 
CB016   Wound Healing: The Effect of Activated PAF Receptor on Activation of ERK 
as Influenced by Growth Factors in Intestinal Epithelial Cells 
Naveen Abdullah Kanji, 16., Junior, Niles North High School, Skokie, Illinois, 
T: Jacklyn A. Naughton
CS033   High School Timetable Generation Using a Simulated Annealing 
Joshua Baruch Lipschultz, 17, Junior, Niles North High School, Skokie, Illinois, 
T: Jacklyn A. Naughton
EE045   Project SEA VISTA (SEmi-Autonomous VISion Target Acquisition) Guided 
Missile System: The Application of Stereo Vision on Projectile Accuracy 

Elan Meir Ness-Cohn, 16., Junior, Niles North High School, Skokie, Illinois, 
T: Jacklyn A. Naughton
MI037   Investigating the Effects of Autoinducer Analogs on Quorum Sensing in 
Vibrio harveyi 
Felix F. Angelov, 17, Junior, Niles Township West High School, Skokie, Illinois, 
T: Ruth Gleicher
Chicago, USIL01, Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair  
Intracellular Signaling of FoxO1 in the PI3K/AKT Pathway: Pathogenesis of 
Skeletal Muscular Atrophy 
Saad Ahmed Khan, 17, Junior, Lane Technical College Prep High School, Chicago, 
Illinois, T: Glenn Wilson
EE058   Passive Solar Tracking 
Anthony Vladimir Surganov, 17, Junior, Albert Grannis Lane Technical College 
Preparatory High Schoo, Chicago, Illinois, T: Scott Vessalo
ME069   Loss of Chaos in Parkinson’s Disease: Using Fractal Mathematics to 
Understand the Effects of the Decoupling of the Basal Ganglia from the 
Cortex in Parkinson’s Disease 

Leah Avi Balay-Wilson, 17, Senior, Lincoln Park High School, Chicago, Illinois, 
T: James Galinski
PH035   Measuring the Thermoelectric Properties and Increasing the Efficiency of 

Daniela Jane Flax, 16., Sophomore, Lincoln Park High School, Chicago, Illinois, 
T: James Galinski

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