Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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PS023   The Effect of Knocking Out the Phenulalanine ammonialyase (PAL) Gene in 
Petunia hybrida 
Feodor V. Orlov, 14, Freshman, West Lafayette Junior Senior High School, West 
Lafayette, Indiana, T: Marshall Overley
Ames, USIA50, State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa  
AS044   Extracting Necromone Repellents from Food Oils 
Chase Carter Gross, 15, Sophomore, Solon High School, Solon, Iowa, 
T: Dawn Posekany
ME095   Caffeine Induces Apoptosis and Augments the Cytotoxicity of Anti-Cancer 
Drugs in BaF3 Cells 
Meghana Sai Pagadala, 16., Junior, Rivermont Collegiate, Bettendorf, Iowa, 
T: Linda Hampton
MI050   Functional Characterization of Green Tea-responsive Proteins in 
Escherichia coli 

Peter Yin, 17, Senior, Ames High School, Ames, Iowa, T: Hongqing Guo
Cedar Rapids, USIA01, Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair  
AS020   Swine Weaning Weights: How Does the Injection Time of Oxytocin Effect 
Weaning Weights? 
Cayla Pieper, 15, Freshman, Holy Trinity Catholic Junior Senior high School, Fort 
Madison, Iowa, T: Gail Kunch
EM023   Biobased Ferrite Nanoparticles: A Novel Approach to Extract Organic 
Solvents and Heavy Metals from Water 
Atreya Shilbhadra Dey, 17, Senior, Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, 
Fairfield, Iowa, T: Mousumi Dey
Sheldon, USIA02, Western Iowa Science and Engineering Fair                
AS019   Hog Wild: An In-depth Study Comparing the Productivity of Sus scrofa 
domestica Being Fed Organic Swine Feed and Conventional Swine Feed 
Austin James Rohrs, 15, Freshman, South O’Brien Community High School, 
Paullina, Iowa, T: Kevin Jay Brasser
Wichita, USKS50, Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair  
EM335T  Clean-Up Crew 
Zane Madison Ralston, 18, Senior; Kelly Feather Francis, 18, Senior
Liberal High School, Liberal, Kansas, T: Melisa Westerman
ET314T  Running on Moonshine: Exploring Alternative Grains in Efficient Ethanol 
Kori Anna Hall, 16., Sophomore; Meredith Ruth Light, 17, Sophomore
Rolla High School, Rolla, Kansas, T: Zeta Greene
Bowling Green, USKY01, Southern Kentucky Regional Science Fair  
Testing the Shape of Rocket Fins on a Spinning Rocket 
Aaron Blake Shepperd, 16., Junior, Hart County High School, Munfordville, Kentucky
T: Kelly Jean Shepperd
Highland Heights, USKY04, North Area Counties of Kentucky Exposition of Sciences  
EE027   The Liquid Piston Engine, Phase 3 
Kelly Maria Kleier, 18, Senior, Notre Dame Academy, Park Hills, Kentucky, 
T: Sister Mary Ethel Parrott
Lexington, USKY05, Central Kentucky Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
ME302T  Developing Phage-Based Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease 
Stephen Ryan Steinmetz, 16., Freshman; Andrei Terentiev, 16., Junior
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington, Kentucky, T: Heidi Anderson
PH002   Size-Effects on Correlated Etching of Few-Layered Graphene Nanoribbons 

Arunita Kar, 17, Senior, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington, Kentucky, 
T: Heidi Melcher Anderson

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Louisville, USKY02, Louisville Regional Science Fair—Physical Science         
ET025   A New Semiconductor Screening Method for Solar Fuels Production 

Megan Katherine Mercer, 18, Senior, Ballard High School, Louisville, Kentucky, 
T: Ronda Fields
ET026   Electricity on the Fly 
Robert Andrew Newcomer, 16., Sophomore, Ballard High School, Louisville, 
Kentucky, T: Myra Collins
EV013   Seasonal Comparison of Detritus, Large Woody Debris, Plankton, and 
Periphyton Production in Upper Green River Basin, Kentucky 

Aimee Michelle Turner, 16., Sophomore, Ballard High School, Louisville, Kentucky, 
T: Ronda K Fields
Louisville, USKY03, duPont Manual High School Regional Fair  
BE302T  Science Un-Fair:?  A Reformative Analysis of Parental Factors and Research 
Michael Alexander Moorin, 17, Junior; Tyler Lawson Smith, 17, Junior;
duPont Manual Magnet High School, Louisville, Kentucky, T: Glenn Zwanzig
CS006   Written Identity: A Textual Analysis Program 
Samantha Smith Moorin, 14, Freshman, duPont Manual High School, Louisville, 
Kentucky, T: Bobby Murphy
EE083   Nanophotonics for Solar Cell Applications 
Zachary Robert Brewer, 15, Sophomore, duPont Manual Magnet High School, 
Louisville, Kentucky, T: Glenn Zwanzig
EN320T  Magnetic Nanoparticles and Thermally-Responsive Polymer for Hyperthermic 
Cancer Treatment and Sustained Drug Delivery 
Michelle Chencheu Liu, 15, Sophomore; Sarah Y. Wang, 15, Sophomore
duPont Manual Magnet High School, Louisville, Kentucky, T: Glenn Zwanzig
EV004   The Effect of Carbaryl Pesticide on Free Nitrogen Fixation Levels, Year Two 
John Mark Grundy, 17, Junior, duPont Manual Magnet High School, Louisville, 
Kentucky, T: Glenn Edwin Zwanzig
ME023   CTLA4 Levels in T-Cells of Celiac Disease Patients 

Mary Olivia Richardson, 16., Sophomore, duPont Manual Magnet High School, 
Louisville, Kentucky, T: Glenn Zwanzig
Richmond, USKY50, Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair  
CB301T  RNA Interference as an Effective and Environmentally-Friendly Method of 
Insect Population Control 
#  Joseph Corbett Ferguson, 18, Senior; #  Roshan Palli, 17, Senior
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington, Kentucky, T: Heidi Melcher 
CS019   Intelligent Power Management of Computer Peripherals Using Domotic 

Ankush M Gupta, 17, Junior, duPont Manual Magnet High School, Louisville, 
Kentucky, T: Glenn Zwanzig
EM052   Testing the Mercury Absorption of Algae with Variant Carbon Dioxide 
Brian Christopher Rinehart, 17, Junior, duPont Manual Magnet High School, 
Louisville, Kentucky, T: Glenn Zwanzig
EN043   Exploiting Osmosis for Blood Cell Sorting with Microfluidic Devices 

Vinay Ashok Raj, 17, Junior, duPont Manual High School, Louisville, Kentucky, 
T: Glenn Zwanzig
ET017   Maximizing Hybrid Rocket Motor Efficiency for Evaluating Recyclable and 
Renewable Fuels 

Megan Lynn Perkins, 16., Junior, DuPont Manual Magnet High School, Louisville, 
Kentucky, T: Glenn Zwanzig
MI059   Bacterial Inhibition with Natural Substances vs. Streptomycin 
Induja Reddy Nimma, 14, Freshman, duPont Manual Magnet High School, Louisville, 
Kentucky, T: Glenn Zwanzig

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