Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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LaPlata, USMD04, Charles County Science Fair  
ME024   Determine the Relationship between the Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) 
Signaling Cascade and that of the Classical Insulin Receptor (IR) in the Mouse 
Tiana Melvina Woods, 16., Junior, North Point High School for Science, Technology 
and Industry, Waldorf, Maryland, T: Michelle Craig
PH008   Stratosphere - Ionosphere Coupling: The Effects of Sudden Stratospheric 
Warming on the Ionosphere 
Cayley Erin Dymond, 15, Junior, North Point High School for Science, Technology, 
and Industry, Waldorf, Maryland, T: Thomas Lilly
Largo, USMD05, Prince George’s Area Science Fair  
CH307T  No More Cryin’ Over Onions! A Comparison Between Conventional vs. Organic 
Onions and the Distribution of Phenolics in Onions 
Kulsoom Fatima Naqvi, 17, Senior; Zurana Alam Taluckder, 17, Senior
Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Greenbelt, Maryland, T: Alexis Donoghue
EM037   To Clay or Not to Clay? Management of Algal Growth through Clay and 
Chitosan Flocculation 
Shefali Prashant Shah, 17, Senior, Great Mills High School, Great Mills, Maryland, 
T: Rhonda Morgan
EN029   Critical Point of View:  A System for in vivo Monitoring of Lung Sounds in 
Critical Care Patients 
Kelles Diane Gordge, 16., Junior, Great Mills High School, Great Mills, Maryland, 
T: Rhonda L. Morgan
PH034   Making Waves: Water Depth vs. Wave Speed 
Christopher Francis Chornay, 15, Sophomore, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, 
Greenbelt, Maryland, T: Robert D. Jones
Towson, USMD06, Baltimore Science Fair  
CS050   Faster, Cheaper Subject Identification Using Non-semantic Context Free 
Michael Antonov Tontchev, 16., Junior, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Baltimore, 
Maryland, T: David Nelson
ME072   The Effects of Neuronal Injury: Survival, Retraction, or Wallerian 
Jai Nitish Thakor, 15, Sophomore, River Hill High School, Clarksville, Maryland, 
T: Barbara Jewett
Walkersville, USMD02, Frederick County Science and Engineering Fair  
AS035   Butterfly Learning: Can Monarchs (Danaus plexippus) Be Trained to 
Recognize Shapes and Colors? 
Laura Cecilia Rosenwald, 17, Senior, Urbana High School, Ijamsville, Maryland, 
T: Suzanne Dashiell-Elder
PS021   Measured Voltages Produced by Trees: A Comparative Study among Twelve 
Todd Michael Seiss, 17, Senior, Catoctin High School, Thurmont, Maryland, 
T: Lisa Bruck
Boston, USMA06, Massachusetts Region VI Science Fair  
CB020   Strain-Dependent Expression of the Mast Cell-Restricted Tryptase mMCP-
7: Implications for Innate Immunity, Acquired Immunity, Inflammation, and 
Blood Coagulation 
Dominick Zheng, 16., Junior, Boston Latin School, Boston, Massachusetts
T: Kathleen Anne Bateman
Bridgewater, USMA01, Massachusetts Region V Science Fair  
CH020   A Comparative Analysis of the Calcium and Magnesium Contents of Varying 
Ages of Compost 
Nicholas Dean Burt, 15, Freshman, North Quincy High School, Quincy, 
Massachusetts, T: Seth Connors

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EA024   Using Paleotemperature to Search for the Effects of El Nino Southern 
Oscillation in the Red Sea Based on a Temperature Model Derived from the 
Sr/Ca Ratio in Coral 
Ryan Shockey Davis, 16., Sophomore, Falmouth Academy, Falmouth, 
Massachusetts, T: Alison Amet
ME063   In silico Exploration of Aberrant Methylation 

Achutha Narayana Raman, 17, Senior, Dover-Sherborn Regional High School, 
Dover, Massachusetts, T: Greg Tucker
Cambridge, USMA50, Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair  
BE036   Regulation of Life Span Extension and Varied Muscle Behavior from 
the Intake of 2-Propylpentanoic Acid through the Dietary Control of 
Caenorhabditis elegans 
Eugene Kim, 15, Sophomore, Lexington High School, Lexington, Massachusetts, 
T: Ceanne Tzimopoulos
CS031   Tornado App 
Harihar Ganeshan Subramanyam, 17, Junior, Wachusett Regional High School, 
Holden, Massachusetts, T: Carol Sullivan
EM028   Dependence of Leaf Litter Decomposition and CO
 Release on Tree Species 
and Temperature 

Vincent Huang Lin, 16., Sophomore, Falmouth High School, Falmouth, 
Massachusetts, T: Christine Brothers
EM320T  The Effectiveness of and Ideal Conditions for Phytoremediation of Heavy 
Addie Ray Anne Fleron, 17, Junior; Bridget Eileen Lewis, 16., Junior
Westfield High School, Westfield, Massachusetts, T: Renee Coombs Sweeney
MA025   Fractals, Hausdorff Dimension, and Diagnosis of Cancer 
Daniel David White, 15, Sophomore, Somerset High School, Somerset, 
Massachusetts, T: Matthew Croft
ME058   Is Identifying Autism in YouTube Videos Possible? 
George Jefferson Lok, 16., Junior, Boston Latin School, Boston, Massachusetts, 
T: Kathleen Bateman
Fall River, USMA03, Massachusetts Region III Science Fair  
EN033   Enhancing Algae Cultivation Using an Innovative Photobioreactor 
Aheli Chattopadhyay, 16., Sophomore, Foxborough High School, Foxboro, 
Massachusetts, T: Paul Charpentier
MI042   Truth to the 5-Second Rule 
Nicole Marie Steiner, 14, Freshman, Bishop Feehan High School, Attleboro, 
Massachusetts, T: Audrey Lavertu
North Adams, USMA04, Massachusetts Region I Science Fair  
Food Dyes 
Victoria Thanh Nhan, 17, Senior, Taconic High School, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 
T: Kristen C. Pearson
Somerville, USMA02, Massachusetts Region IV Science Fair  
A Quest for a Stronger Homemade Bioplastic: The Effect of Natural Additives 
on the Tensile Strength of Homemade Bioplastics 
Erica Budina, 15, Freshman, Medford High School, Medford, Massachusetts, 
T: Jennifer Ensign
Worcester, USMA05, Massachusetts Region II State Science Fair  
CB019   The Effect of Vincristine on Transposon Mobilization-Induced Mutation 
Rates and Small RNA Mediated Transposon Silencing during Caenorhabditis 
elegans Spermatogenesis 

Smita Shukla, 18, Senior, Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science 
at WPI, Worcester, Massachusetts, T: Judith Sumner
CS036   Virtual Private Network Using Peer-to-Peer Techniques 
Daniel Kasza, 18, Junior, Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science, Worcester, 
Massachusetts, T: Karen Lang
EE050   Ornithopter Design: Optimizing Turning Radius 
Kristin Anne Goehl, 17, Junior, Wachusett Regional High School, Holden, 
Massachusetts, T: Carol Sullivan

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