Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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PH014   The Aurora Accelerator 
Nicholas James Nothom, 16., Junior, Waconia High Scool, Waconia, Minnesota, 
T: Michael Thomas Hamann
PS015   Reduction of Fertilizer Rates by Carbon Sequestration of Biochar 
Rena Dorothy Weis, 16., Sophomore, New Prague Senior High School, New Prague, 
Minnesota, T: Jodi Prchal
Minneapolis, USMN04, Twin Cities Regional Science Fair  
EE004   Specific Impulse of Traditional Black Powder Rocket Engines in the 
Pyrotechnics Industry 
Martin Bradley Anderson, 18, Senior, Burnsville Senior High School, Burnsville, 
Minnesota, T: Jennifer Hugstad-Vaa
ET004   Power Up!:  Experimental Design and Mathematical Optimization of a Dual 
Rotor Wind Turbine 
Andrew Samuel Ylitalo, 15, Sophomore, Stillwater Area High School, Stillwater, 
Minnesota, T: Dianne Lawson
MI003   Effects of Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid on E. coli and S. epidermis 
Redeat Fisseha Abegaz, 15, Sophomore, Burnsville Senior High School, Burnsville, 
Minnesota, T: Jenny Hugstad-Vaa
Minneapolis, USMN09, St. Paul Science Fair  
PH003   Engineering a Working Model of the Casimir Effect: Modeling the Casimir 
Alysia Renea Flores, 17, Senior, John A. Johnson Senior High School, St. Paul, 
Minnesota, T: Tyler Fitzel
Minneapolis, USMN10, Western Suburbs Science Fair  
CH004   Synthesis and Purification of Novel Indene Derivatives for Use in Organic 
Solar Cells 
Ernst Thomas Erdmann, 17, Senior, Breck School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 
T: Lois Fruen
ET005   The Creation and Testing of a Fully Submersible Geared Water Turbine for 
Alternative Energy Production 

Gavin Grant Ovsak, 16., Senior, Eden Prairie High School, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, 
T: Princesa VanBuren Hansen
Minneapolis South, USMN50, Minnesota Academy of Science State Fair  
CB013   CD24 Induced Muscular Regeneration: Unraveling the Mystery behind 
Satellite Cell Differentiation 
Evan M Chen, 17, Junior, Wayzata High School, Plymouth, Minnesota, 
T: Princesa VanBuren Hansen
EE041   Brain Computer Interface 

David Alexandre Joseph Campeau, 15, Sophomore, Mayo High School, Rochester, 
Minnesota, T: Dan Devine
ME053   Silver Nanoparticles Affect Cell Messenger Delivery 
Anushua Bhattacharya, 16., Junior, East Ridge High School, Woodbury, Minnesota, 
T: Sara Love
ME060   Testing the Correlation between B7-H1 and PTEN Signal Expression in 
Kidney Cancer Cells 
Michael Charles Zaiken, 17, Senior, Century High School, Rochester, Minnesota, 
T: Cheryl Moertel
Moorhead, USMN05, Western Minnesota Regional Science Fair  
An Investigation of Flavonoid Extraction from Sugar Beets and Soybeans on 
Non-Small Lung Cancer 
Candace Dayle Rastedt, 17, Junior, Perham High School, Perham, Minnesota, 
T: Shawn A. Stafki
Rochester, USMN07, Rochester Regional Science Fair  
EM305T  The Effects of Micro-algae Characteristics on the Bioremediation Rate of 
Deepwater Horizon Crude Oil 
Xiuqi Cao, 16, Sophomore; Ying Xiong, 15, Sophomore
Century High School, Rochester, Minnesota, T: Jan Lund

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MA001   Developing Analytical Approaches to Forecast Wind Farm Production
Phase II 

Kate Alexandra Geschwind, 16., Sophomore, Mayo High School, Rochester, 
Minnesota, T: Armando Manduca
ME002   Theiler’s Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus (TMEV) Based Model for Epilepsy 
Riya Madan, 16., Junior, Century High School, Rochester, Minnesota, T: Roger 
Saint Cloud, USMN08, David F. Grether Central Minnesota Regional Science Fair and 
Research Paper Program  
BE012   A Clinical and Epidemiological Approach to the Relationship between 
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Sleep/Wake Disorders 
Travis Coleman Sigafoos, 17, Junior, Champlin Park High School, Champlin, 
Minnesota, T: Kevin Girard Molohon
ME016   The Use of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a Biological Model for Studying Drug-
induced Cardiac Arrhythmias in Humans 
Avinash Keshava Persaud, 17, Junior, Champlin Park High School, Champlin, 
Minnesota, T: Kevin Molohon
Winona, USMN06, Southeast Minnesota Regional Science Fair  
ME008   CNS Binding Human Monoclonal Autoantibodies Do Not Exacerbate Clinical 
Symptoms in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis 
Spencer Kelly Gladis, 18, Senior, Chatfield High School, Chatfield, Minnesota, 
T: Nora Mary Gathje
Greenville, USMS03, Mississippi Region III Science and Engineering Fair            
AS003   “Slow Your Roll”/Got Sleep?:  The Behavioral and Physiological Effects of 
Synthetic Sleeping and Energy Aids 
Candace Elizabeth Wheeler, 14, Freshman, Greenwood High School, Greenwood, 
Mississippi, T: Gwendolyn Jyles
AS303T  The Production Characteristics of Male and Female Freshwater Prawns 
Grown in the Mississippi Delta 
Kevin Charles Wise, 15, Freshman; Eric Lyndon Gardiner, 15, Freshman
Saint Joseph High School, Greenville, Mississippi, T: Melissa Hughes Blackstock
Hattiesburg, USMS04, University of Southern Mississippi Region I Science and 
Engineering Fair  
AS001   Effects of Resveratrol on Weight Gain, Feed Conversion, and Litter 
Composition of Gallus gallus Chicks 

Wendell Shane Riels, 18, Senior, Seminary Attendance Center, Seminary, 
Mississippi, T: Cherie Humphrey
ME012   Testing the Toxicity of AH3 [VO(sal-L-tryp) (N-Ethhymethohcarbthio)] 
on Drosophila melangaster 
Melinda Kari Solomon, 18, Senior, Oak Grove High School, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 
T: Teresa Sappington
Jackson, USMS05, Mississippi Region II Science and Engineering Fair             
BE038   Mental Health Effects of the BP Oil Spill and Hurricane Katrina on Mississippi 
Gulf Coast Youth 
Pooja Goel, 17, Junior, Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School, Ridgeland, Mississippi, 
T: Wendy White
ME073   Epigenetic Regulation of the Serotonergic System during Neuronal Cell 
Dominique Rachelle Benson, 17, Senior, Murrah High School, Jackson, Mississippi, 
T: Jeff Stokes
MI306T  Antibacterial Activity of Synthetic Fire Ant Venom: Dehydrosolenopsin B 
Sharolyn Shanae Slater, 18, Senior; Hugh Ansulm Warren, 17, Junior
Madison Central High School, Madison, Mississippi, T: Karen S Evans
PS307T  A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Phytoplankton Assemblages in 
Central Mississippi 
Ria Palak Goel, 15, Sophomore; Vineet Aggarwal, 16., Sophomore
Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School, Ridgeland, Mississippi, T: Sandra Hindsman, 
T: Michael Sullivan

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