Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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Utica, USNY08, Utica College Regional Science Fair  
CB030   Heads or Tails? The Regeneration of Planaria 
Rachel DiCioccio, 15, Freshman, Clinton High School, Clinton, New York
T: Laurie Rosenburgh
Westchester, USNY05, Progenics Westchester Science and Engineering Fair  
AS023   The Effect of Urbanization on Occupancy and Detection Rates of Eastern 
Screech Owls in Suburban Areas 
Kyle Thomas Bardwell, 17, Senior, Ossining High School, Ossining, New York
T: Angelo Piccirillo
BE024   A Study of the Cognitive Neuroscience of Arithmetic Combinatorial 
Processing Using Magnetoencephalography (MEG) 
Liza Joely Strauss, 18, Senior, Mamaroneck High School, Mamaroneck, 
New York, T: Guido Garbarino
BE025   An Investigation of the Economic, Social, and Consequential Factors that 
Affect Moral Decision-Making 
Katherine Michelle Mangialardi, 17, Junior, Ossining High School, Ossining, 
T: Angelo Piccirillo
BE308T  Discovering the Keys to a Positive, Lifelong Relationship between People 
with Special Needs and Their Nondisabled Siblings: A Worldwide Study to 
Help Guide Parents & Siblings with this Challenging Relationship 
#  Elyse Mara Blueglass, 18, Senior; #  Morgan Blueglass, 18, Senior; Amanda 
Buonagurio, 17, Junior
Somers High School, Lincolndale, New York, T: Greg Horrace
Yorktown High School, Yorktown Heights, New York, T: Michael Jay Blueglass
BE309T  Investigating the Familial and Genetic Aspects of Repetitive Behaviors 
in Autism 
Jenna Hayley Behrendt, 18, Senior; Asa Toreen Jordan, 17, Senior
Ossining High School, Ossining, New York, T: Angelo Piccirillo
BE310T  The Effects of the Initial Transition from Shod to Barefoot Running on Tibial 
Shock and Muscle Activation 
Evan Daniel Olin, 16., Junior; Catherine Marie Conte, 16., Sophomore
Ossining High School, Ossining, New York, T: Angelo Piccirillo, 
T: Valerie Holmes
BI302T  The Use of Click-Chemistry and the Tetrazine-Norbornene Complex to 
Synthesize Herceptin Radiolabelled to Zr-89 and Ga-67 
Gabriel Isaac Weissmann, 17, Senior; Priya Mohindra, 16., Junior
Horace Greeley High School, Chappaqua, New York, T: Carol Diguglielmo
Yorktown High School, Yorktown Heights, New York, T: Michael Blueglass
EE037   Increasing the Efficiency of Solar Tracking Systems 
Michael Anthony Cerabona, 17, Senior, Yorktown High School, Yorktown Heights, 
New York, T: Michael Blueglass
EN025   Regulatory Signatures of Cancer Cell Lines Inferred from Gene Expression 

Jayanth Krishnan, 17, Senior, Mahopac High School, Mahopac, New York, 
T: Mark Langella
ME049   Using the Degree of End Organ Damage to Predict the Outcomes of Heart 
Failure Patients after Mechanical Circulatory Support Device Implantation 
Qiaoyi Li, 18, Senior, Briarcliff High School, Briarcliff Manor, New York, 
T: Michael Inglis
MI027   Analysis of the Bacterial Heat Shock Response to Photodynamic Therapy-
Mediated Oxidative Stress 
Tyler Gordon St. Denis, 17, Senior, John Jay High School, Cross River, 
New York, T: Ann Marie Lipinsky
MI028   A Solution to the Worldwide Malaria Epidemic: T. gondii Mitochondria-
Associated Proteins as Potential Drug Targets of Tomorrow 

Matthew Karmen McIntyre, 18, Senior, Yorktown High School, Yorktown Heights, 
New York, T: Michael Blueglass

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Charlotte, USNC01, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Regional Science Fair  
EV001   The Assessment of Silver Nanoparticles in the Environment on Gene 
Expression in C. elegans 
Alexander Michael Cecil, 17, Junior, E.E. Waddell High School, Charlotte, 
North Carolina, T: Tamica A. Stubbs
EV301T  The Affect of Dissolved Oxygen Productivity in an Aquatic Ecosystem 
Fady Hani Ibrahim, 18, Senior; Ramy Hani Ibrahim, 17, Senior
E. E. Waddell High School, Charlotte, North Carolina, T: Tamica A. Stubbs
Durham, USNC02, North Carolina Central Region III Science Fair  
Activating Pro-Caspase-3 as an Anti-Cancer Strategy 
Avery Thorpe Young, 17, Junior, William G. Enloe High School, Raleigh, 
North Carolina, T: Kenneth Cutler
EV050     What Environmentally Safe Detergent Is Most Effective in Cleaning Birds 
Involved in an Oil Spill? 
                Caroline Nikolaidis, 15, Sophomore, Huron High School, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 
T: Lisa Benton
EV038   Long-wavelength Light as a Catalyst for MS2 Photoinactivation by Cationic 
Marc Herman Webb, 17, Senior, Josephine Dobbs Clement Early College High 
School, Durham, North Carolina, T: Courtney Blake
Raleigh, USNC50, North Carolina State Science Fair  
CB023   Inter-alpha-Trypsin Inhibitor Heavy Chain 4 Promotes Lung Injury but Inhibits 
Cell Migration Post Endotoxin Exposure 
Greeshma Somashekar, 17, Junior, North Carolina School of Science and 
Mathematics, Durham, North Carolina, T: Myra Halpin
CH312T  A Study on the Photo-catalytic Disinfectant Effect of Substrate-Embedded, 
Annealed, and Anodized TiO2 Thin Films on E. coli 
Pranav Nagaraj Haravu, 16., Junior; Vipul Tushar Vachharajani, 17, Junior
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, North Carolina, 
T: Myra Halpin
CS039   The CM Equine Facial Evaluation System: A Computational Approach to 
Equine Temperament Analysis 

Catherine Grace McVey, 18, Senior, North Carolina School of Science and 
Mathematics, Durham, North Carolina, T: Robert R. Gotwals
EM032   A Novel Approach to Optimal Parameter Growth Analysis and Environmental 
Regulation Systems for Green Microalga, S. dimorphus 
Aakash Indurkhya, 17, Junior, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, 
Durham, North Carolina, T: Myra Halpin
EV028   Effects of Di-butyl phthalate (DBP) on Developing Medaka Embryos 
Yunqian Tang, 19, Senior, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, 
Durham, North Carolina, T: Amy Sheck
ME309T  The Involvement of MicroRNAs in the Repair Mechanisms of Mesenchymal 
Stem Cells after Heart Attack 
Arjun Bhattacharya, 17, Senior; Karthikeyan Ardhanareeswaran, 18, Senior
William G. Enloe High School, Raleigh, North Carolina, T: Brian Wood
PH030   Stealth Technology: I Can See You...But You Can’t See Me!!! 
Brittany Christine Williams, 14, Freshman, E.A. Laney High School, Wilmington, 
North Carolina, T: Sharon Cicero
PH031   Correlation between Peel Speed and Intensity of Triboluminescence in 
Adhesive Tape 
Elizabeth Caldwell Schroder, 18, Senior, North Carolina School of Science and 
Mathematics, Durham, North Carolina, T: Jonathan Bennett
Fargo, USND03, Southeast North Dakota Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
ET057   Natural Selection 
Caleb Kyle Meyer, 16., Sophomore, Hope-Page Public School, Hope, 
North Dakota, T: Jeffrey Ryan Hovde

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