Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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MI058   The Antibacterial and Preserving Abilities of Wildflower Extract 
Jennifer Marie Riemann, 16., Sophomore, Hankinson High School, Hankinson, 
North Dakota, T: Marcus John Friskop
Grand Forks, USND05, Northeast North Dakota Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
MA038   Mathematical Flowers: Patterns in Dots Generated by Intersection Points 
Vahid Fazel-Rezai, 14, Freshman, Red River High School, Grand Forks, 
North Dakota, T: Laurie Crummy
Grand Forks, USND50, North Dakota State Science and Engineering Fair  
EV044   The Biocidal Attributes of the Family Lamiaceae 
Dre Erik Howard Steinwehr, 15, Sophomore, Hankinson High School, Hankinson, 
North Dakota, T: Marcus John Friskop
PS029   The Comparison of Commercial Bactericides on Phaseolus vulgaris 
Lindsey Marie Stein, 18, Senior, Hankinson High School, Hankinson, North Dakota, 
T: Marcus John Friskop
PS030   The Agricultural Impact of Curlycup Gumweed on Barley Cultivars 

Tanner John Coppin, 17, Junior, Hankinson High School, Hankinson, North Dakota, 
T: Marcus John Friskop
Jamestown, USND04, Southeast Central North Dakota Science and Engineering Fair  
MA043   Size Does Matter, But Does Shape? 
Tyler Gordon Toepke-Floyd, 15, Freshman, Wishek Public School, Wishek, North 
Dakota, T: Joshua Jacob Wiest
PH051   Light Speed II 
Ben Luke Schuler, 15, Freshman, Wishek Public School, Wishek, North Dakota, 
T: Josh Wiest
Mandan, USND01, Southwest Central North Dakota Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
AS053   Dairy Farmers Dream III 

Matthew Joseph Schaefbauer, 16., Sophomore, Strasburg Public School, Strasburg, 
North Dakota, T: William Arthur Malaski
CH032   Cold Pack Chemistry 
Suzanne Barbara Ternes, 16., Sophomore, Strasburg Public School, Strasburg, 
North Dakota, T: William Arthur Malaski
EM048   Heat Loss vs. Roof Types 
Emmanuelle Hulm, 16., Sophomore, Strasburg Public School, Strasburg, 
North Dakota, T: William Arthur Malaski
Williston, USND06, Northwest North Dakota Regional Science Fair  
EN042   Strong Soil: Safe Roads 
Sarah Nicole Telehey, 15, Freshman, Trinity Christian School, Williston, 
North Dakota, T: Annette Kreft
MI052   Salty Situation 
Jessa Lynn Dee Zimmerman, 16., Junior, Trenton High School, Trenton, 
North Dakota, T: Robert Turcotte
Alliance, USOH08, Ohio Region XIII Science and Engineering Fair  
CS037   Computer Sleuth: Identification by Text Analysis, Year Two 
Daniel William Moran, 17, Junior, Minerva High School, Minerva, Ohio, 
T: Molly Winters
MI045   Antimicrobial Efficacy of Myrciaria dubia on Gram-positive and Gram-negative 
Pathogens in vitro 

Tyler Daniel Kubina, 18, Senior, Tuscarawas Valley High School, Zoarville, Ohio, 
T: Lucinda Martin
Archbold, USOH06, Northwest Ohio Science and Engineering Fair  
EM005   Viability of Bioremediation of Lake St. Marys, Ohio via Reintroduction of 
Native Mussels 

Andrew Benedict Favorito, 17, Senior, Paulding High School, Paulding, Ohio, 
T: LeeAnn M. Favorito

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ET007   Energy Released via a Calorimetric Test of Various Biomass Resources: 
A Study of Dehydrated Fruit and Vegetable Matter 
Jared David Kern, 17, Junior, Miller City - New Cleveland High School, Miller City, 
Ohio, T: Ryan Matthew Benroth
Athens, USOH01, Southeastern Ohio Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
MI023   Red Globe Grape Anthocyanin Extraction, Isolation, and Characterization 
and Their Antibacterial Effects against Causative Agents of Hoof Rot 

Sarah Marie Cox, 16., Junior, Zane Trace High School, Chillicothe, Ohio, 
T: Jason A. Clark
Cleveland, USOH02, Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair  
EN014   EGFR-Targeted Gold Nanoparticle Constructs for Cancer Nanomedicine 
Trent Kaveh Navran, 17, Senior, Solon High School, Solon, Ohio, 
T: Anthony Sanson
EN016   Can Recycled Rubber Materials Be Used in Concrete to: Reduce 
Environmental and Landfill Waste, Reduce Petroleum Usage, and Reduce the 
Carbon Footprint While Improving the Infrastructure of Bridges, Roads and 

John Charles Boykin, 16., Junior, St. Peter Chanel, Bedford, Ohio, 
T: Linda D Boykin
ME036   The Programming of and the Application of Automated Digital Microscopy 
in Analyzing Lung Inflammation and Cellular Imagery 
Joseph Darius Soltzberg, 18, Senior, Hawken School, Chesterland, Ohio, 
T: Robert Shurtz
PH017   D+D Fusion Reactions in an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement 
Fusion Reactor 
William Wellborn Jack, 16., Sophomore, Hudson High School, Hudson, Ohio, 
T: Heidi Gauntner
Dayton, USOH04, Montgomery County Science and Engineering Fair  
CS005   RingerAlert 
William Barbaro, 16., Sophomore, Carroll High School, Dayton, Ohio, 
T: Kathleen Keller
ET016   Harvesting the Wind, A Four Year Study 

Ryan William-Dennis Blanford, 18, Senior, Carroll High School, Dayton, Ohio, 
T: Laurie Fuhr
ME032   Investigation of Cerebral Processing Using FMRI Revealed Brain Deactivation 

Shannon Marie Bidwell, 16., Sophomore, Dayton Christian High School, Miamisburg, 
Ohio, T: Linden Edward Kurtz
Marion, USOH07, Marion Area Science and Engineering Fair  
EN020   Bracing Systems: Investigating the Effects of Different Bracing Systems on 
the Lateral Load Capacity of a Structure 
Megan Catherine Russell, 14, Freshman, Buckeye Valley High School, Delaware, 
Ohio, T: Jill Ann Johnson
MI025   Examining the Effects of Foxo3a, a Transcription Factor Associated with 
Muscle Atrophy in Runt Piglets 
Sachin Raviteja Rudraraju, 16., Junior, Olentangy Liberty High School, Powell, Ohio, 
T: Jessica Stried
Shaker Heights, USOH05, Hathaway Brown Upper School Fair  
CB002   The Role of the Retinoid X Receptor in Astrocytes in Alzheimer’s Disease 
Adriana Elysse Zinn, 17, Senior, Hathaway Brown School, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 
T: Patricia Kelly Hunt
EN006   The Effect of Pluronic and Hyperthermia on Cancer Cell Permeability 
Jennifer Dara Huang, 18, Senior, Hathaway Brown School, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 
T: Patricia Hunt
ME011   Differential Interaction of FilaminA, RACK1, and CFTR in CFTR- 
and deltaF-CFTR Expressing Cell Lines 
Margaret Harris Heard Landefeld, 18, Senior, Hathaway Brown School, Shaker 
Heights, Ohio, T: Patricia Hunt

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