Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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Upper Arlington, USOH09, Central Ohio Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
CB018   Effect of microRNA-146a on Osteoclast Differentiation 
Saaket Milind Pradhan, 16., Junior, Dublin Coffman High School, Dublin, Ohio, 
T: Laura A Brennan
EE309T  Smart Grid Structure and Generation Patterns to Minimize Loss and 
Environmental Impact 
Kevin A. Yuh, 17, Junior; Manting Lao, 16., Junior
Upper Arlington High School, Upper Arlington, Ohio, T: Laura Allison Brennan
EN026   Micro-Magnetic Rotor Pump for Controlled Fluid Transport 
Manjari Randeria, 16., Junior, Upper Arlington High School, Columbus, Ohio, 
T: Laura Brennan
Wilberforce, USOH03, Miami Valley Science and Engineering Fair  
ME061   Dental Sealant Deterioration 
Azad Sunil Dhingra, 16., Junior, Springfield High School, Springfield, Ohio, 
T: Pamela J. Clark
MI041   The Protective Effects of the Violacein Pigment against UV-C Irradiation in 
Chromobacterium violaceum 

Andrew Nickolas Abboud, 18, Senior, Tippecanoe High School, Tipp City, Ohio, 
T: Jimmy Moore
Ada, USOK50, Oklahoma State Science and Engineering Fair  
AS042   Social Immunity of Apis mellifera as an Antimicrobial Indicator of CCD 
Ashley Nicole Sowder, 18, Senior, Southmoore High School, Moore, Oklahoma
T: Darla Kay Wyatt
Ada, USOK07, East Central Oklahoma Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
EV006   Enhanced Adsorption of Arsenic on Aquifer Solids: Impact of Oxidative 
Treatment of Aquifer Solids 
Jenna Reed Huling, 17, Junior, Ada High School, Ada, Oklahoma, 
T: Scott G Huling
Alva, USOK01, Northwestern Oklahoma State University Regional Science Fair   
BE049   Do Different Size of Fonts Affect Reading Rate? 
Daniela Galindo, 15, Freshman, Shattuck High School, Shattuck, Oklahoma, 
T: Jenica A Long
ME303T  Get Your Groove On!!! 
Madelyn Brooke Messenger, 16., Sophomore; Jade Vaughna Lee, 16., Sophomore
Vici High School, Vici, Oklahoma, T: Trisha Ann Salisbury
Bartlesville, USOK02, Bartlesville District Science Fair  
CS001   Determining the Optimal Combination of Trial Division and Fermat’s 
Factorization Method 

Joseph Christopher Woodson, 17, Junior, Home School, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 
T: Pamela Kay Woodson
EM301T  Waste Not Want Not: Using Blue-Green Algae to Remove Urea and Carbon 
Brian Scott Bates, 17, Senior; Katelyn Elizabeth McCarley, 17, Junior
Bartlesville High School, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, T: Betty Annie Henderson
Edmond, USOK03, Central Oklahoma Regional Science and Engineering Fair    
EM006   Heavy Metal Bioremediation: A Second Year Study of Tar Creek 

Paige Hunter Parrack, 17, Senior, Southmoore High School, Moore, Oklahoma, 
T: Darla Wyatt
Miami, USOK04, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Science and Engineering Fair  
AS012   Contraceptive Conundrum. A Multigenerational Study of Exposure to Birth 
Control in Drosophila melanogaster 
Hannah Claire Pagels, 15, Freshman, Grove High School, Grove, Oklahoma, 
T: Keliana D. Steen
Muskogee, USOK05, Muskogee Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
AS301T  Melting Pot? Or Not? Analysis of the Validity of the Hardy-Weinberg 
Equilibrium in the Local Population 
#  Destin Sam Stratton, 16., Sophomore; #  Dalton Klain Brossett, 18, Senior
Muskogee High School, Muskogee, Oklahoma, T: Terri Brossett

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The Answer My Friend Is Blowin’ in the Wind: Determining Energy Efficiency 
of Windmill Blades 
Ashlie R. Tull, 15, Freshman, Muskogee High School, Muskogee, Oklahoma, 
T: Dawn R. Gott
Oklahoma City, USOK06, Oklahoma City Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
BE013   How Do the Variables Age, Gender, and Years of Musical Training Affect 
Perception of Musical Intervals? 
Samantha Arden Morrison, 15, Sophomore, Classen School of Advanced Studies, 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, T: Carolyn M. Bish
Wilburton, USOK09, Eastern Oklahoma Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
MI012   Evaluating the Antimicrobial Properties of Essential Oils on Selected Bacteria 
Jeffrey Gage Holleman, 14, Freshman, Cascia Hall Preparatory School, Tulsa, 
Oklahoma, T: Sally Fenska
Albany, USOR07, Central Western Oregon Science Expo  
EV012   Production of Ammonia Nitrate by Combusting Chicken Litter with Hog Fuel 
Joseph Phillips Meyer, 17, Senior, Tillamook High School, Tillamook, Oregon, 
T: Clair Oliver Thomas
PS026   Biological Control of Meloidogyne chitwoodi: Host Status and Paecilomyces 
lilacinus Fungal Parasitization 
Heidi Marie Wade, 16., Junior, Crescent Valley High School, Corvallis, Oregon, 
T: Adam Kirsch
Bend, USOR08, High Desert Science Expo  
AS054   The Effect of Heated and Unheated Aspartame on Vanessa cardui Growth 
and Survivorship 
Irene Zhen Peaks, 16., Sophomore, Bend Science Station, Bend, Oregon, 
T: David Walton Bermudez
ET310T  Electromagnetic In-line Generator 
Jacob Drew Waggoner, 17, Junior; Huawei Zhou, 17, Senior
Bend Senior High School, Bend, Oregon, T: David Walton Bermudez
Cascades Academy of Central Oregon, Bend, Oregon
Gresham, USOR01, Gresham-Barlow Science Expo  
BE040   The Effect of Theatre Arts Participation on Academic Success 
Arianne Christine Melton, 15, Freshman, Gresham Union High School, Gresham, 
Oregon, T: Kathleen Childress
EM039   Biochar Carbon Sequestration: The Effects of Feedstock and Temperature 
of Pyrolysis on Chemical and Physical Stability of Biochar 
Meghana Vijay Rao, 15, Freshman, Jesuit High School, Portland, Oregon, 
T: Dr. Markus Kleber
MA031   A Novel Implementation of the Elliptic Curve Method, Stage 2: Using 
Weierstrass and Edwards Elliptic Curves for Faster Factorization 
Aishwarya Ananda Vardhana, 16., Junior, Jesuit High School, Portland, Oregon, 
T: John Gorman
Hillsboro, USOR04, Beaverton-Hillsboro Science Expo  
AS004   The Effects of Lecithin on the Behavior of the Wild Strand, dpy-11 Strand 
and bli-1 Strand of Caenorhabditis elegans 
Tori Erica Graf, 16., Junior, Hillsboro High School, Hillsboro, Oregon, 
T: Steve Sears
EV033   An Experimental Study of the Impact of Airborne Pollutants on the Peak 
Expiratory Flow (PEF) Rate of Asthmatic Subjects PLUS A Novel Risk 
Assessment Model to Predict the Adverse Effect of PM10 and TVOCs on the 
PEF Rate 

Naomi C Shah, 15, Sophomore, Sunset High School, Portland, Oregon, 
T: Susan Holveck
ME018   Improved Root Canal Therapy: Is There a Synergistic Effect When Bioactive 
Glass and Chlorhexidine Are Combined? 
Sara Jean Hays, 17, Junior, Sunset High School, Portland, Oregon, 
T: Karen Tweed Hays

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