International Statistical Institute Vision Abdelhameed m el-Shaarawi

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International Statistical Institute Vision

  • Abdelhameed M El-Shaarawi

  • National Water Research Institute and McMaster University

  • Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7R 4A6


  • Qatar National Statistics Day

  • &

  • The First Conference of Al Khawarizmi Committee in the Arab Region

  • 6-8 December 2010, Doha


  • Introduction

  • ISI and its History

  • ISI Structure, Function and Vision

  • ISI and Al Khawarizmi Committee Strategy for Capacity Building in Statistical Sciences in the Arab Region


  • I would like to begin by congratulating Qatar for its accomplishments in all aspects of human activities.

  • I also wish to congratulate Shaikh Hamad for holding this first Al Khawarizmi conference. I also wish to acknowledge the hard work of Dr. Ahmad Hussain and his team in putting the program together.

  • The participation of Shaikha bint Abdulla, the President of the University of Qatar shows the great interest in statistical sciences.

  • I am speaking as a representative of the ISI President Jef Teugels and ISI Executive Committee. Due to earlier commitments Jef was unable to be with us. He sends his greetings to Shaikh Hamad and he wishes the conference great success.

Some History

  • ISI was established in 1885 it is unmatched in its global reach among statisticians and those interested in the field of statistics. It is an association that links national statistical societies, with special focus on the societies in developing regions of the world. A majority of the world's central bureaus of statistics are represented within the ISI network. Our influence within the international statistical community is supported by the seven ISI Sections, each of them specialize in a particular area of statistics, and the ISI Committees, which are active interest groups.

ISI Regular Activities

  • Organizations of World Statistical Congress every odd year (2009 was held in South Africa, 2011 will be held in Ireland).

  • Publications (ISReview, ISI Newsletter).

  • Training Courses before or after the statistical congress.

  • Each ISI Section (Society) or Committee they have their own conferences, journals and publications. ISI Publication Committee act as the link with publishers to obtain special rates to ISI members.

ISI Mission

  • To promote the understanding, development, and good practice of Statistics worldwide.

  • The ISI will pursue its mission by a. promoting excellence in statistical research and research training; b. promoting excellence in statistical education; c. promoting excellence in the practice of Statistics; d. supporting the international statistical community in promoting the establishment and maintenance of sound statistical institutions; e. fostering the appreciation in governments and the public-at-large of the true value of Statistics and statistical methods to all aspects of human endeavour; f. facilitating collaboration among diverse groups of ISI members, and among statistical societies and other national and international organisations having statistical interests; g. providing coordinating services, such as a broad-based website, the biennial Sessions, appropriate publications, promotion of professional standards, outreach programmes, and affiliation with other international bodies; h. continually evolving and developing new initiatives to maintain leadership of an evolving discipline in changing environments.

ISI and Al Khawarizmi Committee

  • ISI is in process of developing strategy that addresses the needs within the Arab Region through Its Al Khawarizmi Committee to:

  • 1. Acquire the best and most recent information on the collection, treatment and dissemination of statistical data.

  • 2. Participate in and contribute to up-to-date training programmes.

  • 3. Intensify its initiatives for training in important statistical areas in official statistics but definitely in other branches of statistics.

  • Acquire funds from international agencies to support the above activities (contract between the World Bank and ISI for building the statistical capacity in developing countries).

  • Developing statistical areas with particular interest be given to training university students within the region.

  • Creation pf Mentoring Schemes for postgraduate students.

  • Training of Trainers. Local lecturers should be helped to perform themselves the statistical teaching and research needed for their environment.

  • Supporting University Curricula in Statistics.

Developing Statistical Areas

  • The broad areas currently offered by ISI are:

  • Agricultural Statistics.

  • Environmental Statistics.

  • Business and Industrial Statistics.

  • Mathematical Statistics.

  • Statistical Software.

  • Life and Health Statistics.

  • Tourism Statistics.

  • Actuarial and Financial Statistics.

  • Official and Survey Statistics.

The Next ISI Meeting in Dublin (August 21-26)

  • I would like to say few words about this meeting with the hope that we will have strong participation from the region. I hope that Shaikh Hamad will be able to attend and discuss various ways to enhance the collaboration of ISI and statisticians from the Arab Region.

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