Iridium Go Users Manual

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Iridium GO! User Manual  33


Iridium GO! requires connection to the Iridium Satellite Network. The swivel antenna should be 

vertical to the ground and have a clear unobstructed view of the sky. For optimal performance, 

the antenna must be able to “see” the entire sky from approximately 8 degrees above the horizon. 

Nearby tall buildings or similar structures, heavily leafed trees and mountains can all degrade 

performance as they block the signal between the antenna and the satellites. Having a completely 

open view of the sky plays a very important role in maximizing performance, as the Iridium satellites 

move across the sky from North horizon to South horizon during a connected call.

Full Visibility


5: Using Iridium GO! and your smartphone

34  Iridium GO! User Manual


Tips on efficient operation

For Iridium GO! to operate most efficiently:

1. Keep the battery charged to ensure that the device is ready for use when needed.

2. Ensure antenna is pointed directly up while in use.

3. Make sure the antenna has a clear unobstructed view of the sky.

4.  Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily when the Iridium GO! device is in use, as contact with the 

antenna may impact call quality and battery consumption.



Iridium GO! is not designed to be worn on your body. Refer to Chapter 2 “Important safety and regulatory information” on  

proper use.

Using the external antenna

The Iridium GO! device has the ability to connect to an external antenna with the use of adapter 

cable (both the external antenna and adapter cable are sold separately). The use of an external 

antenna would allow you to use the device while inside an enclosed area in close proximity to an 

open view of the sky. The connector on the device is located behind the cover found directly below 

the device antenna. When an external antenna is connected, you must still raise the device antenna; 

this action turns the unit on and allows for transmission with the Iridium network, while lowering the 

device antenna will prevent the device from transmitting. Use of an external antenna will provide 

connectivity for the Iridium network only and will not provide GPS reception.  In order to obtain GPS 

reception, the Iridium GO! device must be in view of an open sky.


Iridium GO! User Manual  35



The Iridium GO! application has two types of Contacts – personal 

and shared. Personal contacts are stored on the individual’s phone 

or tablet. Shared contacts are stored on the Iridium GO! device and 

shared among all Iridium GO! application users.

Placing a call 

The Iridium GO! application enables you to place phone calls to 

internationally-formatted numbers, stored smartphone contacts, and 

shared Iridium contacts stored on your Iridium GO! device.  

1.   Ensure Iridium GO! is on and registered with the Iridium network. 

2.   Launch the Iridium GO! application, login and press the Call icon.

3.   To make a call, enter the full dialing sequence: 00 or + [Country 

Code] [Phone Number], or use the Country flag dropdown menu.

4.   Press the green key to initiate the call, and press the red key to end  

the call.

36  Iridium GO! User Manual


Receiving a call 

The Iridium GO! device may receive phone calls while registered to the Iridium network. When an 

incoming call occurs:

1.  The Iridium GO! device loudspeaker will ring.

2.  Iridium GO! application users, while logged in, will also be alerted. 

3.  The first application user that answers will accept the call.

The handset icon in the Iridium GO! application status bar will become red, indicating a call is  

in progress.

Text messages

Using the Iridium GO! application you can send and receive text messages to mobile phone  

numbers and email addresses. The message recipients (mobile phone number or email) must be in  

a correct format.

1.  To send a text message, press the Messages icon from the main screen. 

2. Enter recipient (mobile phone number or email address).

3. Once your message is completed, press the Send icon.


 During the call you may Mute your voice, use Dial Pad (for in-call DTMF), use handsfree 

smartphone Speaker PhoneCall Transfer to another connected user, or use previously 

configured Bluetooth accessories connected to your smartphone.


Iridium GO! User Manual  37


Receiving text messages

Incoming messages are sent to all logged in users, who are notified from the message icon and via 

push notifications (if configured within your smartphone).

NOTE:   Re-connecting users will synchronize to the last 50 messages, or the last 30 days history, whichever is smaller.


The Iridium GO! application allows posting to a Twitter account (Twitter feeds are not available). 

To link your Twitter account with your Iridium GO! device, login to, and update your 

Account settings with the Iridium phone number. 


The Iridium GO! application supports notifications of Missed Calls, SMS messages and Voicemail as a 

red circle on the home screen message icon. SOS notifications will appear as a pop up to the user.


Make sure your contacts have your Iridium phone number. They can send you a message 

by visiting and selecting “send a satellite message” or by sending an email to 



 Prior to sending a message, it is helpful to store correctly formatted addresses in your  

Contacts phonebook.

38  Iridium GO! User Manual


6: Additional information

Device features

The Iridium GO! device screen displays the status of the device or activity with the application. The 

configuration menus are navigated by using the left and right buttons. To conserve power, the 

screen will automatically turn-off after a period of inactivity. To turn the screen back on, press either 

the navigation button or the power button on the device. 

The following is an outline of the menu system on the device; as the menus can be navigated by 

using the left and right buttons.

* Information mode displays the Device Serial number, Wi-Fi SSID, IMEI, Main Firmware, Hardware Revision and Transceiver Firmware.

NOTE:  Display Menu is subject to change – please check latest firmware.


Send Quick GPS


Start Internet Connection

Power mode

Set GPS – On demand (default)/ On

Set Wi-Fi – On (default) / Off


Mute / Restore Audio



English, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish



Iridium GO! User Manual  39



Select Tracking to send a Quick GPS message to your previously configured GPS recipient (see 

Tracking- use and configuration in Chapter 4).


Select Internet to manually start/stop a dial-up call for use with smartphones that do not have 

available applications optimized for use with Iridium GO! (ex. for use with BlackBerry email).   

This is not required for Iridium-optimized applications as they will manage the connection to the 

network automatically. 

Power modes

Iridium GO! has the following Power mode settings:

Power mode


Wi-Fi ON (default)

The Wi-Fi access point is ON and will push notifications and 

incoming calls to the Iridium GO! application users who are 

logged in, while the Iridium GO! device is registered to the 

Iridium network.


Users cannot connect to the Iridium GO! device over Wi-Fi. 

GPS On demand (default)

GPS will start up automatically when required to send a Track 

message, or when SOS emergency is activated. Acquisition of 

GPS location may take longer in this mode.


GPS receiver is active to maintain location information for use in 

tracking and SOS messages.

40  Iridium GO! User Manual


Status indicator LED

The status indicator at the top of Iridium GO! has the following meanings:



Flashing green

Unit is ON and registered to Iridium network  

Flashing red

Unit is ON and not registered to Iridium network


Iridium GO! is powering ON

Alternating red and green

Call in progress; ringing, dialing or in a call

Slowly flashing red

SOS has been triggered

Not lit

Unit is OFF


Firewall settings

Iridium GO! has a built-in Firewall system which allows you to filter outbound traffic when an 

Internet call is in progress. By default the Iridium GO! device is set to allow all traffic. You may modify 

this setting to block all traffic and add filtering exceptions through either the Iridium GO! application 

Advanced settings or through the Advanced Features portal. Applications that are compatible with 

Iridium GO! will manage these settings automatically, and these settings will only apply to use of the 

Internet call feature.


Iridium GO! User Manual  41


Factory defaults

To restore the Iridium GO! device back to original factory defaults:

1. Turn on Iridium GO! 

2. Open the external antenna cover.

3. Use a paperclip or similar point, and press gently inside the Restore button hole.

4. Follow the screen menu prompts to reset settings to factory defaults.

Important:  All previous settings will be lost, the SSID will be reset, and any new users will be deleted.

Advanced Features portal

The Iridium GO! device contains an internal portal which can be used to modify device settings 

through your laptop or computer.  To access the portal connect to the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi via your 

laptop or computer, open an internet browser and enter in the address bar. Press Enter 

on your keyboard, and login with an administrator account (by default “guest”). 

Additional user guide

The Advanced Features portal contains Help to assist with the use of the portal; click the Help link 

within the portal.

The Iridium GO! application contains Help to assist with the use of the application; click the Help icon 

from the Home screen.

The Iridium GO! application user guide can be found on


42  Iridium GO! User Manual


Example uses of Iridium GO! 

Shared access

Iridium GO! connects to up to 5 users via Wi-Fi 

with a range of approximately 30 meters (100 

feet) depending upon conditions.

To maximize range to your device, raise the 

Iridium GO! device off the ground by at least 

one foot (using a tripod), or placed on top of 

a flat surface. Always ensure the Iridium signal 

has an unobstructed view of the sky.

NOTE:  Maximum distance also depends on the smartphone, as different models have varying Wi-Fi performance. Although up to  

5 users can concurrently send messages (tracking, Twitter, SMS), only one active call (voice or internet call) can occur at the same 



Shared Access

• • • • •


Iridium GO! User Manual  43



Iridium GO! can be used during car travel by using the External Antenna Adapter cable (sold 

separately, part number: WAAC1301), and an Iridium certified external antenna (sold separately). This 

allows wireless connection to your smartphone, in and around your vehicle.

The Iridium GO! device may be secured by using a standard camera mounting bracket.

When securing the Iridium GO! device in your vehicle, please ensure Iridium GO! is facing upwards 

towards the window for availability of GPS reception (for tracking and SOS functions).



• • • • •

NOTE:  Use of external antenna will provide access to Iridium signal and will not provide GPS reception.

44  Iridium GO! User Manual



Iridium GO! can be mounted indoors, with a connection to an external Iridium antenna (placed 

outdoors with complete view of the sky). Use the External Antenna Adapter cable (sold separately, 

part number: WAAC1301) and the Wall Mount Bracket Kit (sold separately, part number: WBKT1301).  

This allows wireless connection to your smartphone and Wi-Fi enabled computers in and around an 

office or remote home while using applications optimized for Iridium.

Wall Bracket


• • • • •


Iridium GO! User Manual  45



What is my password?

The Iridium GO! application defaults with a user name of “guest” with a password of “guest”. 

The Iridium GO! device does NOT have Wi-Fi password unless it is configured.

How do I set a Wi-Fi password?

To configure the Wi-Fi password, go to Advanced ➡ Wi-Fi settings via the Iridium GO! application  

or from the Advanced Features portal ( on your browser. 

Forgot my password?

Use the Restore button to clear passwords, or login as another user (if created) at on  

your browser.

How do I connect an external antenna?

Connect the small end of the External Antenna Adapter cable (sold separately, part number: 

WAAC1301) to the device and the large (TNC) connector to your Iridium certified external antenna. 

Secure the Iridium GO! device, and place the external antenna in a location with a clear view of the 

sky. Raise the device antenna to turn on Iridium GO! and to register with the Iridium network. The 

device antenna must be kept raised during operations of the Iridium GO!. 

No network registration?

Check for the following: a) SIM card installed, b) antenna in the elevated position, c) clear line of sight  

to the sky.

46  Iridium GO! User Manual


Unable to make / receive calls?

•   Check that your antenna is raised and that the Iridium GO! device has a clear unobstructed view  

of the sky.

•  Check that your smartphone is connected to the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi network.

•   All calls made from the Iridium satellite system must be in international format. See “Placing a Call” 

in Chapter 5 “Using Iridium GO! and your smartphone”.

•   Check the signal strength indicator. If the signal is weak, ensure that you have a clear line of sight 

to the sky and there are no buildings, trees, or other objects interfering.

•  Has a new SIM card been inserted? Check that no new restrictions have been imposed.

Cannot connect smartphone to Iridium GO! ?

Your personal device MUST be connected via Wi-Fi to Iridium GO! (ex. “Iridium-6088CC”) in order for 

the Iridium GO! application to operate. Please check the Wireless Network Settings as they may have 

changed to another Wi-Fi network (such as your home or office Wi-Fi).

The battery does not charge?

•   Check that the charger is properly connected to the device and the electrical socket and its 

contacts are clean and dry.

•  Check that the battery contacts are clean and dry.

•  Check the battery temperature. If it is warm, let it cool before charging.

•  Battery performance declines after several years of use. You may need to replace the battery.

•  Make sure you have an Iridium approved battery installed.

Unable to hear ringtones?

Check that the Audio settings are enabled.


Iridium GO! User Manual  47


Cannot use the Advanced Features portal configuration over Wi-Fi?

Check that the Wi-Fi network of the Iridium GO! device unit SSID is connected to the PC. Go to in a browser, if DHCP has been disabled and the Static address is unknown, use the 

Restore button on the device. 

The following items may impact the Iridium GO! device battery consumption: 

•   Limited view of the sky – being located in an area with limited view of the sky requires the 

device to search for the Iridium network signal longer and can result in higher than usual battery 

consumption. To conserve battery power, it’s best to operate the Iridium GO! device with a clear 

and unobstructed view of the sky when possible. 

•   New batteries require two to three charge/discharge cycles prior to attaining normal performance. 

If your battery is new, we recommend that you perform these charge/discharge cycles.

•   As a battery ages, it will experience a decline in performance. If your battery is several years old, it 

is recommended that you replace it with a new battery. 

•   Extreme hot or cold temperatures can impact a battery’s performance. If you are operating the 

Iridium GO! device in these situations, you may see the battery charge levels impacted. 

The Iridium GO! device becomes warm during use.

You may notice this during long calls or during charging. The heat is produced by the electronic 

components within your Iridium GO! and is quite normal.

No response to user controls including the power button.

Remove the battery from the device, and then reattach; this will cycle the power and reset.  

Confirm the battery is properly charged.

48  Iridium GO! User Manual



Iridium GO! User Manual  49


7:  Iridium GO! owner information


Iridium GO! User Guide    





9:  My Iridium GO! Information {Good layout for inside back cover?} 





Iridium GO! Serial Number  






A P M  _  _  _  _  _



Wi-Fi SSID  

(from label in battery compartment)   

I R I D I U M -  _ 

3 0 0 3 2 5 _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  _

 _  _  _  _  _ 


My Iridium Phone Number 



My Customer Care Phone Number 



My Customer Care Email Address

Iridium GO! IMEI







section9 chart.pdf   1   08/04/14Apr8   12:27 PM       phone: +1.480.752.5155       toll free: +1.866.947.4348        

Y O U R   L I F E.   Y O U R  D E V I C ES.   C O N N E C T E D.  

E V E R Y W H E R E.

Iridium® and the Iridium Logo are registered trademarks, and Iridium GO!™ is a trademark of Iridium Satellite LLC and 

its affiliates. All other trademarks, service marks and logos are the property of their respective holders, which have not 

endorsed, sponsored or otherwise affiliated with Iridium. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. 

Apple, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.  App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. 

©Copyright 2014 Iridium Satellite LLC and its affiliates. All rights reserved. 



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