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  Iridium GO! User Manual 4 STEP THREE

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22  Iridium GO! User Manual


STEP THREE: Pair Iridium GO! with your smartphone

Iridium GO! provides a Wi-Fi (802.11g/n) access point connection with a range of approximately 30 

meters (100 feet) depending on conditions. On your smartphone or tablet go to Wi-Fi settings and 

ensure your Wi-Fi function is enabled. With the Iridium GO! device on, select the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi 

network (ex. “Iridium-6088CC”) and connect. Once your device has connected, you can begin using 

the Iridium GO! application.


The Iridium GO! Wi-Fi is an open (visible) network with no password. Iridium GO! Wi-Fi can be 

configured with a WPA2 password; see “Troubleshooting” in Chapter 6.

Important:  Always confirm you are connected to your Iridium GO! Wi-Fi network prior to use of the Iridium GO! application.


Iridium GO! User Manual  23


STEP FOUR: Configure the application

Iridium GO! application screen

NOTE:  Tracking, SOS, and Twitter functions require configuration before use.

Iridium GO! Main Menu 

Not logged in to Iridium GO!

Not registered to Iridium network

Logged in to Iridium GO!

Not registered to Iridium network

Number of users 

logged in

General Settings for the Application and Iridium GO! Device

Iridium GO! Main Menu 

Not logged in to Iridium GO!

Not registered to Iridium network

Logged in to Iridium GO!

Not registered to Iridium network

Number of users 

logged in

General Settings for the Application and Iridium GO! Device

24  Iridium GO! User Manual


Iridium GO! application configuration and settings

To login to the Iridium GO! application, press the Login button located at the bottom of the 

application home screen to enter your user name and password. The Iridium GO! application 

provides a default user name of “guest” with a password of “guest” (both the user name and 

password are case sensitive). Up to 5 users can concurrently send messages (Tracking, Twitter, SMS) 

while only one active call (voice or internet) can occur at the same time. See the Advanced settings 

section of this chapter for more information on setting up unique user accounts. 


If prompted for a SIM PIN, enter the four to eight digit SIM card PIN code provided by your Iridium 

service provider. The default SIM PIN is 1111 and may be modified. Pressing the incorrect PIN 

multiple times will lock Iridium GO! and require an unlock code. The unlock code can be provided by 

your Iridium service provider.

 Application  language

The display language in the Iridium GO! application is automatically selected based on the 

designated language of your smartphone. The supported languages are: English, French, Spanish, 

Japanese and Russian. Non-supported languages will default to English.

Device language

To change the language setting:

1. Iridium GO! device – navigate the menu and select Languages

2. Iridium GO! application - Settings > Display > Language


Iridium GO! User Manual  25


User management in Advanced settings

The Iridium GO! application’s “guest” user profile enables access to all functions within the Iridium 

GO! device. Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously to the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi as “guest” users. 

To create or delete user profiles, edit privileges, or control access for individual users, go to the 

Advanced menu and select Users.

Important:  All users will be able to modify programmed SOS contact information unless individual privileges are  



Multiple user accounts can be created with different privileges if required.

26  Iridium GO! User Manual


SOS Icon

SOS Button

Configuring SOS

Iridium GO! offers a programmable SOS button 

that can be used to notify specified contacts 

or a commercial safety service provider in the 

event of an emergency. You must properly 

configure the SOS settings within the Iridium 

GO! application or Advanced Features portal.  

Once configured, an SOS can be initiated 

either from the Iridium GO! device by opening 

the SOS cover and pressing the red SOS 

button or from the Iridium GO! application 

by pressing the SOS icon when paired to the 

Iridium GO! device. 

An SOS initiated by pressing the SOS button on the Iridium GO! device will only send an 

emergency message with location, while an SOS initiated from the Iridium GO! application will 

also provide the option for two-way voice communication with a designated contact.  

NOTE:  The operation of the SOS button feature is limited by any conditions affecting the Iridium and GPS signal strength and GPS 

service availability. 


Iridium GO! User Manual  27


GEOS safety services

To support the SOS feature, Iridium has contracted with GEOS Travel Safety Group to provide an 

emergency response coordination service for your Iridium GO! at no additional charge.  These 

services are offered and provided exclusively by GEOS and not by Iridium, which is a separate, 

unrelated company.  Standard airtime charges will apply to SOS mode messages and/or calls to 

GEOS; a valid Iridium SIM subscription and online registration at  

is required.  

Configuring SOS settings


You must configure the SOS button in order for the SOS to send an emergency message to a designated Call Recipient and 

Message Recipient.  Failure to configure the SOS button will result in no message being sent when the SOS button is pressed.   

This could prevent or delay an emergency response and result in serious injury or death.  

Using the Settings menu in the Iridium GO! application, you may configure SOS while paired to the 

Iridium GO! device. Only one SOS emergency contact setting can be stored per Iridium GO! device, 

so multiple users will all share the same SOS settings. It is important to plan accordingly. The SOS 

settings will provide the option to use or not use the GEOS service. 

NOTE:  The ability to modify SOS Settings is provided to admin users (by default, “guest” users are admins until modified).

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