Iridium Voice Traffic in the Gulf Region August 19, 2005

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Iridium Voice Traffic in the Gulf Region August 19, 2005

Iridium Voice Traffic in the Gulf Region September 2, 2005

Iridium Network Capabilities

True Global Service

Iridium Call Routing for Disaster Recovery

Equipment Configurations

Iridium Used for Disaster Recovery

  • Iridium was used extensively during Taiwan Earthquake in 1999; South Pole rescue (May 2001); aftermath of September 11, 2001; Arizona Wildfires (July, 2002); New York Blackout (Power Outage in New York in August, 2003); 2004 Florida hurricanes; Disaster Relief following the Asian Tsunami in December, 2004; and the Indonesian Earthquake in January, 2005

  • Iridium's Service Partners activated nearly 800 phones in the 1st two days of September, 2004 in preparation for hurricane Frances

  • Iridium users and traffic in the tsunami-affected area doubled in early January

  • On December 29 Iridium temporarily

  • reopened Northern Sri Lanka

  • communications to assist relief efforts.

Iridium Used for Disaster Recovery

  • In aftermath of Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne that devastated parts of Florida and the Caribbean, Iridium handsets were used by Hillsborough County’s Emergency Support Function Group before landline and cell phone capabilities were restored.

Iridium Used for Disaster Recovery

September 11, 2001 Testimonial

  • “Shortly after the World Trade Towers were struck, Verizon lost all service from their West Street Central switching office. My cell phone was essentially useless, as was our landline home line. I walked out to a clear area on our street and turned on my Iridium handset.

  • It quickly responded with "Registered" and the signal came up. It meant more than I can say to have that call go through at that moment. I carry my Iridium handset regardless of how short a trip may be. Your service is an indispensable communications tool.”

September 11, 2001 - Pentagon Region

Needed Improvements

  • User education – solution choices

    • Multiple systems available
    • Specific capabilities
    • Varied requirements (over time, between tasks)
  • Equipment pre-positioning

    • Network operators, service providers, users
  • User training

    • E.g. dialing, “line-of-sight
  • Application adoption

    • E.g. tracking, monitoring
  • Interoperability

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