Is Nibiru Planet Christ?

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Is Nibiru Planet Christ?


Re: the diamond on the river styx.2.






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Rush: whoa! ok...2003...could this be NIBIRU!?
well its in the southern skies...but is it a star
or a 'movement' of matter on a trajectory?

what a place to live, if it is a world within a world.

have you known this that long? or is the title

of it just a ruse?



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As you mentioned, the pathway of nibiru passes
through the 'diamond', just another machination of
cosmic identities.


How about the fact that they resolved the Diamond in 2003?

Hi Bruce,

You informed me of the crossing comets and the "threat" they implied as perceived by the web browsers who visit the Doomsday Sites. I revisited the two comets and found what the stars say after you told me. ( This story parallels the previous cross identified in CONCEPTION OF THE SON OF THE SUN OF THE SUN.  The story of the comets is still in process, but information is still coming in and I have not summarized it yet.

I had put many comets on a chart earlier, but the total amount of information was too great. ( By allowing the "cosmically conscious" "scientists" to pick the time and the comets, we get a specific message synchronized with that consciousness, which amplified the Rebirth of Intuition. The message was "spot on" with regard to the Gateway of Men and the Transit of Venus and the "Turning of the Age" as represented in the births of the Christ Child, the Isaac Child, the Ishmael Child, and most importantly, the Mithras Child. Those "Sons" are the players in the current world events. The latter two are Father's Sons. Isaac was an SOB, while Ishmael was an SRB. Jesus was also an SRB that came to modify the SRB spirit of Ishmael and rejoin the twin sons into a single reasoned man-child through which the SOBs and the SRBs could be saved. The Jesus theology gave maximum power to the Physical Mother, while putting the Physical Father behind the shadow of the Spirit Father. The purpose is obvious. when we recognize the shadow side of the Mithras Child.

The Mithras Child is shown in the Alpha-Omega scene. The "U" shape is an illusion caused by the way the objects in the hands of Mithras blend with the inside edge of the Omega monument (may be intentional). The object on the Virgo hand at Mithras' left is a torch. The object on the Gemini hand is a sword. The body in the split shell and the two hands say, "I came, I saw, I conquer," or "Vene, Vidi, Vici." This is the birth of Sol Invictus, the Christ Child according to Mithras. Rome had conquered the world but found no solution to the Unbalanced Greed which gave birth to the Pirate's Creed. Nibiru had to be killed without allowing any new Messianic Children to become Master of the Turning Age. The Mithras (Mesopotamian) and Horus (Egypt) stories were merged with the David and Phaeton (Israel and Greek) stories with the caveat, that the Master of the Turning of the Ages would be killed by his own people as the age began. This would settle the question and allow all religions to survive the chaotic Dawn of Pisces. and
In the monument showing Mithras turning the zodiac we have to think in terms of Tuning the Ages. The Mithras child is shown holding in his left had a ball laying in Scorpio just beyond the Sagittarius boundary. That is the place of the center of the galaxy, the Cosmic Womb. The child's right hand is at the Gemini-Cancer boundary. This would mean that the Roman Mithras was to be Sol Invictus as the ages moved the Summer Solstice into Gemini. Mithras was to Come, See, and Conquer the Orb of the Material World at the New Age. This was the Age of Cognition (I Think). Thought could conquer the universe; mind over matter. The stone is fixed in the sense that it has "bottomed." Thus, the ball is at the "winter solstice of the End Time." This is the winter solstice on earth aligning with the center of the galaxy, or the implied end of the journey of the Rock of Ages. The time for the end of the journey is our October 23, 1998, plus or minus several weeks. That is when the vernal equinox bottoms and the winter solstice passes through the Gateway of Gods at the boundary of the Ecliptic and the Milky Way in Scorpio. Thus, "vene vidi vici" is the "Alpha-Omega," the first and the last.

Clearly, Mithras had to be defeated because the Astrology of Mithras was the Theology of Persian Pirates. The Greeks, Egyptians, and Jews, who were the people from Mesopotamia who denied the Zoroastrian Mitra and the Roman Mithras, had to defeat this Male Conquest religion. This is a point that the rationalist cannot comprehend. Rome was a theocracy operating under a Code of Silence for which revelation was a death sentence. The victory came with Constantine and the Mother's Son, Jesus, and the Book of Revelation, which did not reveal the Truth to Infidels, a stroke of Cosmic Genius. The Christians were of the same traditions which gave birth to Egypt and Greece, but they rejected the idea that Hellenism was pure women's intuition. They understood the difference between intuition and rationalization of emotion. The Mithrasians are best understood as Mafioso, the Crime Family mindset that evolved in Italy after the defeat of the Mithrasians. However, the Mithrasian Mysteries were essentially the Persian Astrology of Zoroaster with the exclusion of women and children as practiced by the Dagon cults; be a man, don't be a baby. The problem with the Turning of the Age from Aries to Pisces is that it required the Letting Go of the "I Am" and the acceptance of the "I Believe." Rational people cannot let go of what they know. So, the Mithrasian solution to the Biblical Age of Aries was to shut the mouths of the Magi. Which they did with force. The Romans nailed Christ to the Cross. In Mithrasian terms, this means they fixed the meaning of the stars. Like Newton and Einstein after them, they forced Material Science (nails) to confine Sacred Science (spirit) to keep the mind and body on the surface between air and water. In other words, the Mithrasians taught boys how to "Walk on Water." They had to, for they were building a One World Order that required a leap of faith greater than any that had come before in the history of civilization. They were establishing Olympus, Jerusalem, Nazareth, and all the places in heaven in accordance with the Word of God, which was the Science of Truth. The Romans had nailed it. It was Cosmic Truth, the Christ Child.

John 11:48-50
If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation. And one of them, named Caiaphas, being the high priest that same year, said unto them, Ye know nothing at all, Nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.

The story could not be believed if it was told as the Egyptians, Zoroastrians, or Greeks, selling out their King. These cultures were long gone and known to history. That meant the Chosen People as theological masters of the Turning of the Age would have to be the Jews. But, by Jews, the texts meant All the People of the Prior Age. It was also expedient that the Septuagint Bible was "in print" as the only true Book of Life. This left a huge opening for one group of people to adopt the Book of Life as their History Book. This gave birth to modern Rabbinical Judaism, which did not exist prior to Constantine.

The bulk of the Mesopotamians were now without a code. They could not accept the Greco-Egyptian New Testament, nor the Hebrew Torah of the Septuagint because of the way the Mesopotamians were handled. After all, the story came out of Mesopotamia. Mithras had been defeated and the New Age Cultures had their own Books. Thus, the Mithrasian Mesopotamians, who were left, took the Vene Vidi Vici spirit of Sol Invictus and extracted the icons to complete the rationalization of the Dagons, "be a man don't be a baby," with the extraction of the false trepidation that the Mesopotamians believed described the precession and they rejected the rational astrology of the Zoroastrian Romans. This New Age Culture would prevent any future Turning of the Ages with a very simple solution. They killed the Sun with a Lunar Calendar. The crescent and star of Islam is in spirit a solar eclipse. The culture that resulted was ancient Islam with a Lunar calendar as its guiding light. This culture taught a rational science with "Arabic Numbers" and residual Greek Sciences. Then, in the 1100-1250 AD period, they were wiped out by the Crusades, which weakened them to the point where they could not defeat the onslaught of the Mongol Hordes. The rest is written history. The astrologers who succeeded in amassing the greatest empire in land mass were the followers of the Khans.

The important point in all of this is that the Turning of the Ages had been essential to all cultures for more than one complete precessional cycle, according to the Egyptians---the sun has set twice where it now rises---and the Aborigine. The Aborigine records exceed two complete precession cycles. It tells us that we were given the Christian story to avoid the bloodshed over the Jihads of the New Age of Pisces. Revelation and Joshua tell us that the Sun would be stopped for most of a Day. A day is a period of enlightenment, and a single house of the zodiac in this time frame.

Joshua 8:29
And the king of
Ai he hanged on a tree until eventide: and as soon as the sun was down, Joshua commanded that they should take his carcass down from the tree, and cast it at the entering of the gate of the city, and raise thereon a great heap of stones, that remaineth unto this day. [Look at the heap of stones under the Mithras Child above.]

Joshua 10:13
And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher?
So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

In other words, the Death of Christ is a Jewish tradition that Rabbinical Judaism has not understood, or simply hidden since the Turning of the Age. This is a parallel of the death of Osiris. And, with Joshua 8:29 we know that the "entering of the gate" is where the king hangs in a tree and lays under a tree. The same tree upon which Jesus was crucified and from which grave he arose. Also, the same tree under which Hagar place Ishmael. "It's s Small World After All."

I was informed about the discovery of a new Kupier Belt Object KBO 2004 DW. Again, I believe it was you who initially pointed out the discovery of the KBO, and Tony Hugh amplified the issue. That KBO was on the Cross of Planets at the Heart of Hydra under the Leo-Cancer Boundary. See the Serpent Head under the navel of the Mithras Child in above and realize that the head of Mithras is at the Leo-Cancer Boundary. What the ancients are telling us is that the Alpha-Omega will come between the head of Hydra and the Leo-Cancer boundary. This King of Kings is a Man-Child who can overcome subliminal emotions and pride to be a sensibly rational cognizant being. The start point for the zodiac circle is the Leo-Cancer boundary. This is the same statement made in the icons of the Denderah Zodiac. The zodiac is to be read beginning at Cancer and ending at Leo. That is why Mithras is the Alpha-Omega.

The sequence is so perfect, that their has to be logical intent. The sacred names of the twelve house describe the process by which a Man-Child, which means a rationally cognizant being, can get to the Kingdom of Heaven. The mundane name sequence is Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo. The instructions are the sacred name sequence, which is I Feel, I Think, I Have, I Am, I Believe, I Know, I Use, I See, I Desire, I Balance, I Analyze, I Will. Each stage gives birth to the next stage in a perfectly developing sequence. Reversing or changing the sequence will lead to emotional oblivion, or rational tyranny. After the journey has been cycled three and one half times the initiate will be at the center of the spiritual fulfillment balanced between Mother Earth, maternal material existence, and Father Sky, paternal spiritual intent. The Maya illustrate their kings on the third step in the Six Step Place. The Jews and the Romans push on to the seventh step as God Father, e.g., Joshua circled the city seven times before the walls came down. The seventh cycle is the final cycle in a Six Step Place where all begin at the material plane. The reason why the Pagans recommended three and one half cycles was for the sake of balance. It restores the imbalance when one overshoots and becomes the eighth king with a greater creation than God. The Jews and the Romans advocated pushing the limits so that the true boundary could be found. We find this behavior typical in masculine dominated cultures. The implication of the transit of Venus on June 5, 2012 being chosen by the Maya is that it represents a Mother Dominant condition. This places love and intuition above dominating rational cognition. But, it also explains why it is easier to get a camel through the eye of the needle than a rich man into the Kingdom of Heaven. A rich man has most abundance that God and it is difficult to for rich men to be humble, e.g., Academy Award Ceremonies are flaunted ego trips.

The centroid of the orbit of that KBO 2004 DW was in Apophis and the Ben-ben near the End of the River. Clearly, this was the ancient Serpent in the Sky. In Mesopotamia it was Tiamet. Thus, the KBO at the Heart of Hydra represents the return to consciousness of Tiamet. But, at Hydra, she is the Serpent Lifted Up in the Wilderness to the Leo-Cancer Boundary. The heavens show the lifting up of the serpent with the transcendence of Sagittarius at Antinous on Aquila via Serpens in the hands of Ophiuchus, the Father of Many Nations to the Good Shepherd in the Elysian Field at Virgo's outstretched arm. The implication of KBO 2004 DW is that Feminine Spirituality was returning to Mesopotamia to restore the New Rome and the New Jerusalem as the prodigal son became a man. Obviously, that is what we are experiencing as a result of 911, though we do not, as a collective consciousness, realize what we are doing. When Ur is set free, the sons of Abraham will live side by side. Jerusalem will lose many of its best entrepreneurs who will go to Iraq to be involved in the Turning of the Age in Ur. They will do so on the simple grounds that the land of Abraham's Father was intended to be Abraham's land, and Isaac was due an equal portion to that of Ishmael. Since it was the American Sons of Zeus and Isis that freed Persephone in Ur, the people who "Saved these Sons of God" by a process of denial and delayed gratification deserved to be given first crack at the New Ur. The Jews are now the prodigal sons coming home to Ur. The Father's Sons are the Muslims who stayed in Mesopotamia. But, David is not returning to claim the ancient land, rather it is the Son of David, Jesus, who will be the salvation of Abraham's people. Thus, Jesus is the true Messiah.

BPM 37093 A Crystalized Dwarf Star, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Tony sent me a link to Lucy, the Dwarf Star in Centaurus. It was clear from our previous discussions that Centaurus was a great player in the crossing of the River Styx. That river ends at the Ben-ben which was the centroid of the KBO orbit which was found in Hydra, which is were the "falling waters" lead away from the Kingdom of Heaven at the Leo Cancer Boundary. This is a dual sign that the location of the Jolly Roger and the Dream Serpent meant the Sun Boat between was about to come off the rocks where Joshua placed the body of King Ai. Note that Mithras is shown Turning the Age on a pile of rocks. in

In the middle of all of this I have been swamped with business and personal events that have prevented me from "writing up" my analysis. Also, The Great Year DVD was released by Binary Research Institute. In that video I found an image of a Mithraic Monument with Mithras coming out of the Cosmic Egg in the middle of a stone Omega with his body and a two headed serpent forming an Alpha, as discussed above. And, at the same time I began to look into the Starbucks Logo to see if there was meaning. I found the two web sites that show the Original Logo  and a parody of the Starbucks Logo called the Consumer Whore Starbucks made the news yesterday in a discussion on Dateline about the idea of Jesus being a chief executive who serves his employees by washing their feet. Starbucks has an All for One, One for All corporate creed---Alpha-Omega.

All of these events are connected to the Transit of Venus across the Sun on June 8, 2004 and the occultation of Venus by the Moon on July 17, 2001. The Temple of Venus was destroyed by the symbol of Islam (Crescent & Star) and the ancient Serpent in the Sky was restored with a Diamond on Nibiru's Orbit when two comets come into the scientific consciousness as the Passion of Christ and The Great Year are published. Try to recognize that the Occultation and the Transit are The Key signs for the dramatic transition that we are experiencing exactly 2000 years after the Birth of Christ, as forecast in Revelation, the Nibiru Legend, the Mithras Turning of the Age monument, and the Book of Joshua, as well as the Egyptian legend of Isis and Osiris. The signs all say that a Woman Clothed in the Sun is travailing to give birth to a Man-child. In other words, the Intuitive Dream Serpent is being lifted up in the Rational Wilderness. This is the Second Coming of the Jewish Messiah, and all of the Ancient Kings of Kings. As the birthing process completes, the Jews will be saved, and the Second Coming will be the Beginning of the Ages in the cycle of The Great Year. The birth of Pisces was postponed to allow the restoration of the Rock of Age before the Collective Consciousness moved from the Age of I Am into the Age of I Believe. It was acceptable for the Jews to believe in reality, but not until the time was right and the Unbalanced Desire for conquest was satiated.

Is this Planet X coming to end the World to give birth to the Age of Ages? If by X you mean Chi, and if by Chi you mean Christ, and if by Christ you mean Cosmic Consciousness, then clearly it is the arrival of Planet X. If by Planet X you mean the end of the material order of the Planet Earth, I find it hard to understand Birth as anything more than the separation of the physical body of a baby and the physical body of its mother when the material ordering process ceases. This is the End Times of the Gestation of the Baby. The Baby's name is Horus, Zeus, Mithras, Hunahpu, Isaac, Jesus, and all the other Sacred Names that are associated with Synchronistic Cosmic Consciousness of The Great Year. And, that is all it is. It is nothing more than humanity talking directly to the Creator. What else could it to represent? Proof that the Jews were right and everyone else was wrong? Would that be more, or less? If my readings are correct, then the Jews are right, and so are all the rest of the Sacred Scientists who measured time by the Turning of the Ages. That may sound Anti-Semitic to the Jews, but we must never forget that they chose to reach beyond the vision of God.

They were not ready when the vernal sun entered Pisces. They were not ready when the summer sun entered Gemini. They were not ready when the winter sun entered Sagittarius. The were not ready when the autumn sun entered Virgo. They will only be ready when the star that announces the coming of the King of Kings sits above the Earth. That star is Polaris. Thus, since Polaris sits above the Earth all day and all night, we are at the moment when the arrival of the King of Kings is announced. The problem is that the Woman Clothed in the Sun, Venus, was last witnessed in the middle of the day when it was surmounted by the Moon on July 17, 2001. On June 8, 2004, the Woman Clothed in the Sun will again be Venus, and her "abundant light" will a shadow against the Sun falling from another Woman Clothed in the Sun to a third Woman Clothed in the Sun. This will make the women rational goddesses doing for the gods what they cannot due rationally for themselves. They will demonstrate Love of Truth. The second woman is the Sacred Cow, Hathor, the Mother of the Sun in Egypt. The third is the daughter of the bitch men have come to call Mother Nature. That daughter is the one we call Mother Earth. It is Mother Earth that is in the pain of delivering a rational man-child.  The three women will appear in a straight line through the Sun, suggesting that we would be far better off if we stopped trying to fool with Mother Nature.

The now unfamiliar woman child sent into the wilderness at the last Turning of the Ages is the Mother of God. That woman is the One that wanders through the heavens waiting upon a star to announce the coming of the King of Kings. She measures time's journey by the wanderings of Mother Earth. Mother Earth has been travailing to give birth to a man-child on Judgment Day since the day called Pisces began. But, the joys she has expressed since shaking Bam, Iran to dust upon 41,000 Muslim souls on December 26, 2003 are telling us that she will be making her final maternal push when two comets come into view before the Oneness of Love and Light as Venus transits the Sun on June 8, 2004, and Love begins to Steer the Stars.

The Anti-Christs would have it that only they, whether Jew, Roman, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, Ignoramus, Muslim, Mormon, Christian, or Horse's Ass, are the proper judges of Cosmic Synchronicity. But, listen. If individual dreams are the essence of cosmic synchronicity, then there is no need for a cosmos. The Anti-Christs are those beings who are convinced that their way is right, and all other ways are not right. The Anti-Christs are not wrong. They are hung up on Self Creation. They want to usurp the Cosmic Creator's role. In order to accomplish the Great Usurpation, they need a way back into Chaos. This they accomplish by denial of Cosmic Order and perceptions of eminent transition into chaos. By denying Cosmic Order they can say that Cosmic Synchronicity is another hallucination by flower children. Then they can judge the hallucination as a False Prophet of the Word of God. With that Judgment they are prepared to destroy the World Trade Center, or the Passion of Christ, or anything that threatens their Self Creation, such as the sanctity of man-woman marriage. In other words, the Anti-Christs are those souls lost on the Ego Trip of Phaeton that ends when Phaeton finds a mirror and understands the words "Know Thyself.".

From "The Great Year" I gave you Mithras coming out of a Cosmic Egg surrounded by the Twelve Stars (Zodiac Houses) that were engraved in a stone Omega. The man Mithras was called Sol Invictus. It means that the Sun is invincible, or unconquerable. The Sun is in the middle of the Zodiac Circle. Mithras, the man, is coming out of the egg in the Zodiac Circle as the Man called Sol Invictus. In other words, the man, Alpha, is coming into the presence of the Omega. The association of the Man and the Sun means that this is the Sun-Man, or the Sol-Man, or the Sol-o-Man, or Solomon. In other words, this is the Messianic person the Jews predicted would come after a journey through the Wilderness where Moses (Andromeda) smote the rock (Lacerta) to give water (Aquarius) to the Israelites (Wandering Jews, planets).

If this means that I am Anti-Semitic, then the Rabbis who are crying about Mel Gibson's movie are correct. If this means that the Hebrews, Israelites, Jerusalemites, and the Jews, had the correct words for the story, then the Jewish Messiah came with Nibiru, as the legend of Planet X became reality between the darkening and the enlightening of Venus. You are now at a cross road. Which do you accept as truth? Both points of view are truth. But, one point of view is self defensive and the other is Cosmic Synchronicity. I do not have to defend the Cosmos. It has clearly spoken for itself. Thus, I am just a medium for the Cosmic Word that is coming from the Cosmic Mother about the birth of a child of the Cosmic Father. What is the child's name? It does not matter. What matters is the spirit of the Cosmic Child. That spirit is called Rea-Son and Sol Invictus, Aten, Yahweh, and so many other names that we cannot count them. But, we are not being asked to count the stars and their names, we are being asked to be the Cosmic Child who trusts the Cosmic Mother. When we can be the Cosmic Child, they will say of us, "They were Reason Able. And they listened to Reason." Reason is the Son of God. Ego is the Son of Man. Ego must die before Reason can assume the Judgment Throne of the Living Dead, the Ego Centered Child.

The Journey through the Wilderness with Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and all the Sons of God, is the Cosmic Ego Trip within the Cosmic Shell. When the shell is broken, the Eagle can learn to fly. After the Transit of Venus on June 8, 2004, Love will begin to Steer the Stars in the collective mind of man that was on the Ego Trip when the Wandering Ones left Egypt after the Great Flood of emotions regarding the Coming of the End Times. The End Times of a Well Born are marked by the Enlightenment of Mother Love. That is why the Moon hid Venus on July 17, 2001, and why the Sun will enlighten Venus on June 8, 2004. These are not the material End Times of Earth. These are now the times in the cradle when walking is just a dream. But, before we can walk, we have to put our feet on the ground. When the Transit of Venus occurs on June 5, 2012 at 6:50 pm in Teotihuacan, the Man-Child will be delivered. Then there will be Heaven on Earth for all mankind. Yet, though Love's door will be open, the Cosmic Mother will continue to travail in birth. The difference between the days before the two transits and the days after the two transits of Venus is that humanity will have proven what they intuitively knew before the knew the number of the years. Humanity will live in solidarity with Mother Nature and humanity will be far less likely to act like a Son of a Bitch.

Doesn't this sound reasonable?


p.s.: These synchronistic events are happening so fast and I have so many other burdens, I beg your forgiveness if I appear insensitive, or obtuse. The information is here, and that is the best I can do for now.



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