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Period 4

Sleepy Hollow
Washington Irving’s “Sleepy Hollow” greatly differs from the film by Tim Burton in many ways. The only similarities of the two are the names like Ichabod, Brom, and the Hheadless horsemen Horseman as well as the town Sleepy Hollow. The differences are the characterization, plot and tone. The tone in the story “Sleepy Hollow” is different than the tone in the movie because of the characterization and imagery.

Although the characters in the story and movie have the same names, they are very different characters and play different roles in the plot. Ichabod Crane in the story was described as “tall, but exceedingly lank, with narrow shoulders, long arms and legs, hands that dangled…”. In the movie Ichabod was not as explained in the story. He wasn’t as funny looking as the story described. Also, in the story Ichabod was a school teacher known for having read 2 books. In the movie, Ichabod was a detective like character who came to Sleepy Hollow to discover who was behind the headless horseman. The fact that Ichabod was a detective in the movie makes it more interesting. The Irving’s story was more of a competition between Brom and Ichabod and doesn’t bring much suspicion. Therefore, Ichabod Crane in the movie helps to create a mysterious tone while in the story Ichabod contributes to the competitive tone.

Brom Bones somewhat plays the same role in both the movie and story but looks different. In the story he was described as “broad-shouldered and double jointed, with short curly black hair, and bluff but not pleasant...”. In the movie Brom wasn’t “broad-shouldered” and was quite small. In the story, Brom and Ichabod were “competing” for Katrina’s love while in the movie Brom was already with her. However, there was a point in the movie when Brom seemed scared of Ichabod being there and attempted to scare him off by pretending to be the headless horsemen. This action is similar to what Brom would do in the story because he wanted to scare Ichabod out of town, leaving Katrina all to himself. The tone created by Brom is the same in both the story and movie, being the competitive tone Ichabod contributes to as well.

The Imagery of the story and movie also contributed to the tone. The movie was dominated by dark colors and constantly was foggy. This helps to create the mysterious tone that Ichabod contributes to. The story wasn’t really as dark as the movie because it was more of a competitive story rather than dark and mysterious like the movie. In the movie, almost all of the horses were dark colored except for Katrina’s horse which creates a more positive tone toward her at first but, she ends up being a witch so it was kind of misss-leading. The imagery created when people in the movie got their heads cut off by the headless horsemen is pretty graphic and helped to create the tone as well. The imagery also contributed to the mysterious tone in the movie and competitive tone in the story.

Overall, I defiantly definitely enjoyed the movie as appose to the story because the mysterious tone in the movie is way more interesting than the competitive tone in the story. The characterization of Ichabod and Brom, along with the imagery helped to create the mysterious tone in the movie. Ichabod in the movie was more interesting because he was a detective rather than a boring school teacher. He actually got to look at dead bodies and investigate while Ichabod from the story was sitting teaching a class. The Imagery in the movie also made it more interesting than the story because people’s heads were getting cut off and nobody knew why. Therefore, because of the mysterious tone created, I prefer the movie over the story of “Sleepy Hollow”.

Decent effort!
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