Johns Hopkins HealthCare’s Guided Care Program Receives 2011 Silver Crown Award

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March 25, 2011 Contact: Victoria Fretwell


Johns Hopkins HealthCare’s Guided Care Program Receives

2011 Silver Crown Award
The Guided Care Program at Johns Hopkins HealthCare just received the 2011 Silver Crown Award for Case/Care Management Program during a special ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sponsored by Dorland Health, a leading publisher of professional resources for case management, the Silver Crown Awards recognize industry-leading organizations that provide excellence in senior services.
“Receiving the Silver Crown Award for our Guided Care program is a tremendous endorsement of the excellent work our care management team is providing to our members,” said Patricia M.C. Brown, President of Johns Hopkins HealthCare. “The partnership between our nurses, our patient members, their families and health care providers to ensure the best use of health care resources has proven to be a great success. Winning this prestigious award underscores the satisfaction we hear from both members and providers about the importance of a collaborative approach to meeting our members’ health care needs,” Brown stated.
Guided Care is a proactive, comprehensive, interdisciplinary model of case management designed to improve the quality of life and the efficiency of resource use for older persons with medically complex health conditions. A registered nurse, who is based in a primary care practice, works together with two to five primary care physicians and other members of the care team for the benefit of each patient. In partnership with physician, the Guided Care nurse conducts in-home comprehensive assessments, facilitates care planning, promotes patient self-management, monitors conditions monthly, coordinates the efforts of all health care professionals, smoothes transitions between sites of care, educates and supports family caregivers, and facilitates access to community resources.
Johns Hopkins HealthCare employs three Guided Care nurses who are located at different community-based practices; each Guided Care nurse works with several primary care physicians to improve care to their older, high-risk patients. Results indicate that Guided Care improves the quality of patients’ care, improves physician satisfaction with chronic care, produces high job satisfaction among case managers, and tends to reduce the use and costs of health care, especially in health care systems that are well managed.

About Johns Hopkins HealthCare

Jointly owned by the Johns Hopkins Health System and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins HealthCare (JHHC) develops and manages medical care contracts with organizations, government programs, and health care providers for more than 250,000 plan members through three lines of business: Employer Health Programs, Priority Partners MCO, and Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan.

A dedicated advocate for client-employers, patient-members, and physicians, JHHC believes that collaboration between all three creates optimal results for patients and healthy financial outcomes for our clients. Services include eligibility database management, member and provider customer service, claims adjudication, provider/facility network development, enrollment services, and member outreach and care management interventions using clinical and staff models to provide support for members with chronic conditions.

About Guided Care

The Guided Care model was developed by a team of clinical researchers at Johns Hopkins University beginning in 2002. Research and development of Guided Care has been supported by a public-private partnership of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation, the John A. Hartford Foundation, and the National Institute on Aging. Many patients and family members say that Guided Care’s attention to their often overwhelming medical and non-medical needs is like “having a nurse in the family.” For more information about Guided Care, please visit

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