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Junk Email
UITS has installed a junk e-mail filter on the exchange servers which will catch most of the junk e-mail coming into your account and redirect it to a Junk Mail folder in your Outlook. This Junk E-mail folder does not count against your total space allotment on the exchange server.
Any spam messages you receive are quarantined for five days in a Junk E-mail folder in your account. After five days, the spam service will delete these messages automatically. This folder is beneath the “Inbox” in both desktop Outlook and in the web Outlook version.

You should check this junk e-mail folder every few days to make sure that no valid messages have been caught by the filter; no filtering system is perfect, so it will some times miss a junk e-mail or catch a valid e-mail by mistake. If you find a valid e-mail in your junk e-mail folder you can just drag it back into your Inbox.

With Outlook 2003 you can empty the junk e-mail folder by right clicking. This will open a menu and you can select “Empty Junk E-mail Folder”. Do not try to delete the entire folder as this will cause your Exchange server to put all junk e-mail back into your Inbox.

If you are using a laptop, or for any other reason have activated the “cached mode” for your Outlook, you have the option of directing junk e-mail, not caught by the filter, to your junk e-mail folder. To do this, right click on the e-mail then select “Add Sender to Blocked Senders List”.

This blocks any further e-mail from that sender reaching your Inbox.

If you are receiving unwanted e-mail not caught by the spam filter, and you are working off the Exchange server, not cached mode, there is another way to avoid that e-mail. Go to the tools menu and select “Rules and Alerts” from the available options.

This will open the following box allowing you to begin the process of creating a rule used to filter your e-mail.

Click on “New Rule” option to open this box:

Select “Start from a blank rule” radio button and highlight “Check messages when they arrive” then click “Next”.

Click on the first entry in the Step 1 box. Notice the lower ½ of the box will change to the words “Apply this rule after the message arrives from people or distribution list”. Next click on the underlined people or distribution list in the Step 2 box which opens your address book.

Type the e-mail address of the sender you wish to block in the “From” area and click “OK”.

This next box asks you to decide what you want done with the message when it gets to your Outlook. Click on the “move it to the specified folder” in the Step 1 section. Then click on the underlined word specified in the Step 2 section. This opens up a window that shows your folder options. Select your “Junk E-mail” folder and click “OK”.

Your new rule will then look something like this:

At this point you will click on the “Finish” button and the rule will be attached to your Outlook. Any time you receive an e-mail from that person it will be routed to your junk e-mail folder.
Please understand that this is not a 100% solution for junk e-mail. People who send spam and junk e-mail often change e-mail addresses which makes it very hard to control with rules. You may find it easier to delete the few which escape your filter.

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