Justification for outstanding performance rating

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Please justify each appraisal element separately in the format below.

QUANTITY OF WORK (e.g., production and timeliness): If, on the reverse side, you rated the employee “outstanding” or “above average”. In this particular element, provide written justification, preferably bullet type statements, explaining the reasons for that rating. No justification is needed for any other type of element rating. Use objective examples of work performance as much as possible.
QUALITY OF WORK (e.g., accuracy, avoidance of errors, etc.): Same as above.
COOPERATION (e.g., effective relationships): Same as above.
INITIATIVE (e.g., originates improvements): Same as above.
ENGLISH ABILITY (e.g., consistent with job requirements): Same as above.

NOTE: Written justification for monetary awards must provide unequivocal proof of the employee’s exemplary service during the past 12 months. Facts and specifics are highly recommended.
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