Kartarsis lead Partner meeting

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KARTARSIS Lead Partner meeting
Institut für Regional- und Umweltwirtschaft

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

Nordbergstraße 15, 4. floor (sector B)

A-1090 Vienna

Friday 16 June
09:30 am: Welcome (Andreas Novy, Joachim Becker and Frank Moulaert) – Agenda

09:45 am: Chair: Serena Vicari “From social exclusion to integration: fifteen years of social innovation research in Europe” (Frank Moulaert)

In this introduction Frank Moulaert will give an overview of the social exclusion innovation nexus in European research over the last 15 years. The bulk of this research has been undertaken in research networks he has coordinated and time has come to assess results, methods and opportunities to explore new social innovation research avenues – as put forward in Katarsis.
10:45 am: coffee

11:15 am: discussion

Formal discussants: Isabel André – Andreas Novy – 10 to 15 min. each
Open discussion
12: 45 am: lunch

02: 00 pm: Chair: Dina Vaiou - 30 min presentations on each of the existential fields, by LP, based on homeworks – see note prepared by Lisbon and Ncl. Team – Existential fields 1 through 3 “From exclusion dynamics to Socially Creative Strategies” Presentations by Isabel André, Majone Steketee and Stuart Cameron.

03:30 pm: Coffee break

04:00 pm: Presentations by Judy Orme and Andreas Novy (Existential fields 4 and 5)

05:00 pm discussion

06:30 pm: end of working day

08:00 pm: dinner en groupe? Heurigen!
Saturday 17 June
09:30 am: Chair: Andreas Novy “A holistic methodology for KATARSIS” (Frank Moulaert) – How to link existential fields? Exclusion Dynamics and Socially Creative Strategies? How to create bridges across social innovation strategies? The role of integration exercises, their analytic and strategic meaning.

10:00 am: Discussion – Discussant: Joachim Becker

10:30 am: coffee
11:00 am: Chair: Majone Steketee - Presentations on ‘Integration exercises’ (20 min each)
Bottom-up creativity to overcome social exclusion (Dina Vaiou)

Governance (Marisol Garcia)

Social Innovation (Serena Vicari)

[These Integration Exercises receive less attention than the Existential fields as they come later in the KATARSIS programme.]

12:00 am: Discussion – Challenges for the methodology

01:00 pm: Lunch

02:30 pm: Chair: Stuart Cameron - Dissemination and user groups strategy - The links between research and training (Serena Vicari)

03:30 pm: Discussion – Dissemination and training as transversal activity.

04:00 pm: Coffee

04:30 pm: “Budget and methodology – one scarcity?” (Frank Moulaert)

05:00 pm: Questions and discussions re. Budget

05:30 pm: Discussion re. Actions to be taken.

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