Kordas kornerllc preschool and higher learning center

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Apple Hill Commons

9-11 Covey Road Burlington, CT 06013

860-673-4944 info@kordaskorner.com

Contact Us

Phone: (860) 673-4944

Address: Apple Hill Commons, 9-11 Covey Road, Burlington, CT 06013

e-mail: info@kordaskorner.com

Table of Contents

School Calendar………………………………………………1

Daily and General Guidelines……..……………. 2 - 6

Hours of operation, arrival and dismissal, children not picked up on time,

closures, student dress code, absenteeism, hand washing, lunch, outside

play, toys, communication, tuition, photographs, Birthdays, field trips

Policies and Procedures………….……………..6 - 13

Health records, Incident reports, Illness, Administration of medication,

staff requirements, evacuation, dangerous weather, medical, fire, fire drills,

behavior policy, child abuse and neglect policy and procedure, complaints

September 2014 – June 2015

September 2 Welcome Day – Parents and students

October 13 School Closed* – Columbus Day

November 11 School Closed* – Veterans Day

27 & 28 School Closed – Thanksgiving Recess

December 18 & 19 Holiday Parties (Tentative)

24 – 31 School Closed* – Holiday Recess

(Supplemental care possible Dec 29, 30, 31)

January 1 & 2 School Closed* – Holiday Recess

(Supplemental care possible Jan 2)

13 & 14 Pajama Day (Tentative)

19 School Closed* – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 16 School Closed* – Presidents Day

April 3 School Closed* – Good Friday

12 Family Fun Day (Tentative)

20 – 24 School Closed* - Spring Recess

May 13 & 14 Special Person Day (Tentative)

25 School Closed* – Memorial Day

June 2 & 3 Multicultural Day (Tentative)

12 Last day of school if NO snow days

12 End of Year Celebration (Tentative)

* Supplemental care maybe available depending on enrollment



Kordas Korner is open from 6:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday. The center is closed on major holidays and

school vacations, supplemental care maybe offered at an extra charge dependent on enrollment. See Kordas Korner calendar for specific days.


For health and safety reasons, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR RUNNING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHEN YOU ARE DROPING OFF YOUR CHILD. All children should arrive no later than 9:10 but cannot arrive prior to 9:00 unless in the before school program. No child is allowed to open any doors or gates into the school. Upon arrival, the parent/guardian must sign the student in on the attendance, and ensure a staff member knows they are leaving. Transition/ separation time can be difficult for some children. It is easiest for them if drop off is done in a timely manner. If you are still concerned once you have left, please feel free to call the office to see how your child is doing. If you are tardy, please come and go quickly to reduce the disruption and confusion for the entire class. Preschoolers, still in diapers, are to arrive to school freshly diapered.

Upon dismissal, the parent/guardian must sign the student out on the attendance, and ensure a staff member know they are leaving. When the parent/guardian arrives, we assume that they take responsibility for the child’s supervision from that point in time. Students will only be released to their normal pick-up person unless other arrangements have been made and the person is listed on your child’s emergency pick up. Please ensure a comprehensive list of family and/or friends that may be called upon, in the event that the parent/guardian is unable to pick up the child. Photo identification will be requested if the staff is unfamiliar with a person picking up the child. This is not meant to offend anyone but is for the safety of the child. Please give yourself plenty of time to pick your child up and leave within a timely manner. We understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be a few minutes late picking up your child however, if you are going to be later than 10 minutes please call Kordas Korner to notify of the delay. If you are later than 10 minutes your child will be placed in either lunch or the after school program and you will be charged for the full time of that program. For After School pick-ups, if you are late picking your child up and you leave the building past 5:30,$1.00 per minute will be assessed for every minute that the staff is detained past 5:30PM. Excessive tardiness could result in the termination of your day care provisions. In the event of an emergency, parents/guardians may call and authorize another adult to pick up as long as they are on the pick up list and we are able to recognize the parent/guardian’s voice. Kordas Korner employees must release children to their legal parents/guardians stated on the Emergency Medical Forms. If there are unusual circumstances that arise throughout the year regarding restraining orders, custody etc, please provide us with the appropriate legal documentation. We must have a current notarized court order on file, regarding parent custody or retraining orders.

On the advisement of State of Connecticut officials, we are herewith stating our policy concerning children who are left at the center after closing time. Two staff members must remain on the premise until all children have been released. If a child has not been picked up within ten (10) minutes of our closing time (5:30); a staff person will attempt to call the child’s parents at their work, cell and home numbers. If they cannot be reached, the staff person will attempt to call the alternate people listed on the emergency form. After 1 (one) hour, and after all attempt were made to contact the parent/legal guardian, and other people on the emergency contact list, we have been advised by state and local officials to then contact the Burlington Police Department and Department of Children and Families (DCF). They will take the child into protective custody until the parents can be located. Under no circumstances will the child be unsupervised while in the care of Kordas Korner, and under no circumstances can any staff transport your child home.


On snow days, or during other hazardous weather emergencies, Kordas Korner will display delays or closures via e-mail and/or text messages (Kordas Korner is not responsible for text charges) . Early Dismissal – Times for early dismissal may vary due to weather emergencies however this will still be sent via e-mail and/or text messages. Calls may also be made to parents or emergency pick up contacts if parents cannot be reached. Student/teacher ratios will be maintained at all times and two staff will remain until all children are picked up.



A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. This deposit is taken off the total tuition price for the year. If the student is withdrawn prior to school starting or at any point during the year, this will not be returned. Although the school year runs September to June, tuition payments are September to August, unless if you choose a 10 month payment plan. Tuition is due the first of each month starting September 1st, with the last payment due August 1st. If you start in the middle of the year, tuition is due the first day the student starts class and then every month after on the 1st of the month. You will receive monthly statements for your records. If you added extra days or longer hours you will be billed with a separate invoice for these charges. Any account not paid in full by the 10th of the month will be charged a $15.00 late fee. After the 15th of the month the director reserves the right to terminate the contract if the monthly tuition is not paid in full. Kordas Korner LLC does not re-deposit checks that do not initially go through. Parents/guardians will be assessed the bank service charges, for any checks that are returned. If this occurs more than twice, future payments will only be accepted in the form of bank checks. If there are any delinquent tuition fees they will be subjected to legal action and all fees associated with it.

Sibling Discount

If more than one child in a family attends, the child with the highest tuition pays the full tuition rate; the other child/children’s tuition is discounted by 20%.

Termination of Services

If you need to withdraw your child from the program for any reason, we require two (2) weeks’ notice. Failure to do provide sufficient notice will result in the loss of that month’s tuition and you will not be reimbursed for any days left in the month. Additionally, as the payment plans are on a 12 month basis, if you terminate early, the days attended will be calculated and there may be tuition owed. In the event that any child is deemed harmful to the health, well being, or progress of the other children, or in the situation where the special needs of a child are unable to be met, Kordas Korner reserves the right to re-evaluate the continued enrollment of the child. Kordas Korner may request termination of the contract and withdrawal of the child. Two weeks’ notice will be given to the family unless the child is in any immediate danger to himself or others. Tuition payments are still expected for the days attended. Kordas Korner also reserves the right to terminate a contract for other reason such as delinquent tuition fees.

Before School/After School

If you only need these programs on an occasional basis please call ahead of time with as much notice as possible to check availability. You will be charged at the beginning of each month for the previous month of days attended. Please refer to the before school/after school tuition charges and times.

Schedule Changes

Once you have enrolled your child for specific days and time that becomes your regular schedule. If you need to switch, please call and we will try to accommodate you. Please give at least two weeks in advance notice for this change to go into effect for your new regular schedule. If you need extra time either before school, lunch, after

school or the addition of a morning or afternoon program as long as there is room, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please give as much notice as possible.


Please send your child in appropriate attire for the weather and preschool, which can include messy activities. Clothes should be comfortable, suitable for art projects (paint, markers, glue), suitable for outdoor play (sneakers and closed toe shoes - flip-flops and dress shoes are not appropriate footwear for outdoor play), and also free of complicated fastenings, this is especially important to teach your child independence when it comes to going to the bathroom. Overalls, belts etc. become very difficult for children to maneuver. We teach the children self-help skills with regard to clothing, outerwear and shoes. Simple clothing makes it easier for your child to manage and gives a great boost to self-esteem. Outdoor play, messy art projects, creative science, and yummy cooking are part of your child’s everyday curriculum in the classrooms. Although we have smocks and take precautions to remain clean, sometimes it is beyond our control. Each child needs a change of clothes to be left at the school. This includes a shirt, pants, underwear and socks. Please label all items and place them in a Ziploc bag, along with a small plastic bag to take send home any wet/soiled clothes.


Slippers in the Classroom

Our floors are a major play area for the children, they like to sit and lay on the floors. For this reason we want to keep the carpets as clean as possible. Each child is asked to bring in a pair of slippers to remain at the school for

the year. We ask that children take off their boots or wet/muddy shoes upon entering the classroom and place them in their cubby, and wear slippers while in the classroom. Please label the slippers with your child’s name.


Please call early to let us know if your child is going to be absent/tardy for any reason. If you receive the answering machine, please indicate the child’s name and the reason for the absence. Days that your child is absent due to illness, doctor appointments, vacations etc., you are still responsible for paying the full month’s tuition and the lost day(s) will not be made up. Parents will be notified if a child becomes ill at school. The emergency contact form will be used and every effort will be made to contact the parents at home, cell or work numbers provided. The other names on the list will be contacted until someone is reached and able to pick up the ill student. Attendance is an important part of the education process. If classes are continually missed students begin to lose the important foundations.


Hand washing is critical in maintaining a healthy environment. All children are required to wash their hands upon entering the classroom. Hand washing procedures are posted at each sink and this is reviewed daily for the first few weeks of school. Parents and visitors that are staying must also wash their hands upon entering.

Staff and/or children are required to wash their hands for the following times:

  • upon arrival for the day

  • before and after handling food

  • before and after giving medication

  • after toileting

  • after handling bodily fluids (sneezing, blowing/wiping nose etc)

  • after using cleaning products

  • after outdoor play


We are a PEANUT and NUT-free environment. Please do not send in any foods containing nuts or peanuts, manufactured in a facility or shared on equipment with peanuts or nuts. Your child will be served a snack, from 2 different food groups. If food is unfamiliar to your child, we encourage them to taste each item served, but do not require them to eat everything if they do not like the item. If you are concerned that your child may not eat what is served, or has a specific diet you may choose to provide your own snack.

If children are staying for lunch, they need to bring their own lunch. Children are not allowed to swap or share their lunch items. Teachers will check lunch boxes upon student arrival to ensure there is an ice pack and there are no peanut/nut products. If peanut/nut items are found they will be removed and stored in a sealed container, and will be returned at the end of the day. A note will be sent home to the parents. Please make sure to include napkins and cutlery if needed. Make sure you include an ice pack in your child’s lunch as Kordas Korner cannot refrigerate lunch boxes. Parents are encouraged to send a healthy lunch, this includes a sandwich (or substitute), fruit/vegetable, drink (no soda is allowed) and dessert, if you wish. If you are sending fresh fruit or vegetable it must be washed and prepared if necessary and cut into pieces, especially grapes. Please limit the amount of snacks and sugary foods sent with your child. We have a microwave and have the ability to heat up lunches but please limit the amount of time for this. Any food items needing longer than 1 minute to heat, such as frozen foods, OR items requiring us to prepare them and then cook for 3-4 minutes, such as macaroni and cheese meals, are not allowed. All students and teachers are required wash their hands prior to handling/serving lunch.


Outside playtime is an important part of each day. Please send your child to school with appropriate attire for outside


play. During the warmer months students shouldn’t be sent to school with flip-flops, open toe shoes and/or dress shoes. These become very dangerous when running and climbing on the playground. During the winter months students should have a winter coat, snow boots, hats and mittens. Students will have daily outside play during the

winter as long as the temperature is above 30 degrees and conditions are not too icy.


Please refrain from bringing toys into class, except on specified days when requested by the classroom teacher for curriculum based activities. Toys brought from home cause a major distraction and/or difficulty sharing, and can result in lost or broken toys. Any weapons of any kind, even water guns, are strictly prohibited, even from ‘share and tell’ days at Kordas Korner. If a certain comfort item/toy is needed to ease your child’s transition from home at the beginning of the year, please discuss this with your child’s teacher.


Communication Basket

Arrival and Dismissal is an important time to share information about your child. We will share information with you about your child’s daily activities and we also rely on parents/guardians to touch base with us regularly. It is important for the staff to know about significant events and changes in the child’s life. If you are in a rush in the morning please leave a message in the communication basket at the front of the room. This can be in a sealed envelope that only staff will read. If you would like to discuss something at length, please call for an apointment. Please make sure to check your child’s cubby daily for important information, updates and student work.

E-mail Communication

A lot of information is send via e-mail. All monthly newsletters, enrollment packets, parent handbooks, school notices will be sent through e-mail to the address(s) provided by the parents. If this is not your main form of communication please let the director know so that you may receive paper copies of all information. If you need to contact any of the staff members about your child or other school related issues you may do so through e-mail. The teachers’ first priority are the children, therefore, they do not have immediate access to a computer. The director checks e-mails throughout the day and will forward the information to the teachers as needed. You may address your emails to (teacher’s first name OR just last name) @kordaskorner.com.

Communication Notebook

There is a notebook kept in the classroom for staff to write down any information that parents have told us regarding their child or any information or concerns that we may have noticed. All staff read the communication notebook daily and all information is to remain confidential between the staff and the parent(s) involved.

Suggestion Box

We have a suggestion box in the front of the classroom. This is for parents to write down any ideas, comments or concerns. The director and/or staff will read suggestions weekly and do our best to address the needs.

Parent Information Board

Monthly newsletters and notices will be posted on the front bulletin board. Most of these are notices that have been e-mailed to parents or a flier sent home.

Parent Focus

It is very important that parents/guardians and teachers work together; an open line of communication should be maintained at all times. Our goal is to develop a strong partnership since your child’s well being is our main interest.

We understand that many parents work and are busy with other obligations, however, there are many ways to be involved and help our school. The “helping hands” form is included in the enrollment paperwork and will be made available at the Welcome Breakfast. This allows parents to volunteer at their convenience. Parents are welcome and encouraged to come into a class at any time to share a hobby, a family tradition/custom, attend field trips, be a guest reader or just observe. We also encouraged relatives to share any special talents, hobbies, or knowledge with the class. Please notify your classroom teacher to schedule a day and time.

Evaluations and Conferences

Evaluations are performed in the fall and spring of each year with a re-check in December. As each child develops at all different levels and in different areas, these evaluations are only meant to give an indication of each child’s developmental progress. You will be given the evaluation to review prior to conference time along with a


conference request form. Conferences are optional, in the fall but encouraged in the spring each year. If you have don’t have any questions or concerns you will be given the choice not to have a conference on the form provided. Please know that if we have questions or concerns throughout the year, regarding your child, we will not wait until conference time to contact you.


Monthly newsletters will be sent via e-mail and posted on the school bulletin board. This will include the next month’s calendar, skills learned in the previous month, special events, and upcoming events. If you wish a hardcopy of the newsletter, please contact your classroom teacher.


All visitors, guest speakers and parents staying to observe or help out MUST SIGN IN AND OUT on the attendance sheet.

It is our goal to nurture and educate children in a fun, caring and safe environment. An important part of this is being able to have an open line of communication between home and school. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to talk to us about any concerns, complaints or feedback, both positive and negative are welcome. Please address your concerns or suggestions either in person, via telephone or in writing.


During the year teachers may be photographing and videotaping classroom lessons, activities and other events. These pictures are made available to the parents and may also be used in advertising/marketing of Kordas Korner LLC. The pictures will be placed on a website so that parents may view and print pictures they wish. No identifiable information such as first name, last name, address will be used. Only parents enrolled will be given the username and password by Kordas Korner LLC. An authorization form is sent out with registration information at sign-up, if you do not want your child photographed, videotaped or photographs used in marketing/advertising material, please indicate this on this authorization form and/or please contact Sheila Kordas as soon as possible.


If your child has a birthday during the school year you are more than welcome to bring in a special birthday snack to celebrate their special day. Due to special dietary needs of others and ensure our “peanut/nut restriction” guidelines are being met; please make sure you check the ingredients carefully. If you are baking, please ensure there is no cross contamination with any nut/peanut products, and bring in the list of ingredients. If purchasing from the supermarket, please ensure that is not only nut and peanut free but also not manufactured in a facility or shared on equipment. If purchasing from a bakery, especially the grocery store bakery, please verify in the bakery department as most cannot guarantee that it is nut/peanut free, even if there is nothing on the label.

. Please let the teacher know in advance that you are planning to bring in a snack. If your child’s birthday is over the summer, you can arrange to celebrate it in September or June. Party invitations – You are more than welcome to bring in and distribute party invitations as long as they are for the entire class. We ask that children or parents do not distribute invitations to birthdays or other parties if not everyone is invited in order to be sensitive to children not invited to the party.


Throughout the school year various field trips will be scheduled most of the time around the curriculum being studied. Parents will be given permission slips and plenty of notification of the trip. Depending on the field trip, we may ask for a small cost for each trip. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all field trips. For every field trip, parents will receive a separate notice about the field trip with location, date, time, and will also need parent’s authorization. On this notice, they will have the option to attend or to have another parent/chaperone drive their child. We encourage parent(s) to chaperone and/drive. All parent chaperones/drivers are required to provide current drivers license and a copy of their insurance policy indicating adequate liability amounts (usually just the cover sheet). Parents who drive other children are responsible for that child, both driving and at the field trip. As per CT State law all children under 4 or 40 pound require a proper booster seat.


Policy and Procedures


The State Department of health requires that a Health Record be on file for each child. This form is to be completed by your child’s physician’s office. Its purpose is to prove that your child has had a well visit within the past year, and also to prove that your child is properly immunized. This health record must be updated each time your child has another shot or his/her annual exam. A copy of the Health Record is required for all preschool students, even if the child is not immunized. We cannot accept a child without proper, and complete medical records. Immunizations - All students are

equired to be adequately immunized or have a signed exemption form, when attending a child day care center. A child

is to be protected as age-appropriate by adequate Immunization against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, rubella, hemophilus influenza type b, hepatitis b, and varicella. All parents must provide documentation of age-appropriate immunization, immunization in progress, or you may provide religion or medical exemption from immunization. If you need a religious or medical exemption form please contact the director.


In the unfortunate event that your child becomes ill or receives a minor injury while at Kordas Korner you will be notified in writing that day of the incident along with the measures taken to treat the injury. This includes bumps, bruises, cuts scrapes or other such injuries that required attention. The report will be sent home and needs to be signed by the parent and returned that day or the next day.


In the event a child becomes ill while at Kordas Korner, parents will be notified and the child will be moved to an area without other children. A staff person will remain with the child at all times while also maintaining proper student/teacher ratio in the other classrooms. Because we are not able to care for sick children you will need a backup plan for care if your child gets sick.

Kordas Korner is required by the Department of Public Health regulations to exclude children from the center if certain illnesses or symptoms occur. If a child is absent due to illness, they are not allowed to return to the center until free from any of the following symptoms or infections.


Exclude from center until

Temperature over 100 degrees F

With behavior changes

Exclusion if fever is associated with behavior changes, the child is unable to participate in activities, or if the child requires more care than the staff can safely provide while maintaining the health and safety of the other children in the group.


Symptom free for 1 full day


Symptom free for 1 full day

Off color nasal secretions

Nasal drainage is gone

Rash of unknown origin

Rash is gone, diagnosed and treated


24 hours or 3 doses of antibiotic treatment, no fever for 24 hours

Conjunctivitis (Pink eye)

No drainage from the eye and lid, no longer inflamed; on medication for 24 hours


24 hours or 3 doses of antibiotic treatment

Head lice

Nit free

Chicken pox

6 days after onset of rash or until all lesions are dried and crusted

If your child contracts a contagious disease, it is your responsibility to let the center know. All families of the center will be notified with signs and symptoms of the disease. In the event of a lice case (or any other transmittable illness/condition occurs, ie. chicken pox, mono etc.) all parents will be notified. No names will be given. A daily lice screening will be conducted. Children must be Nit free to re-enter the classroom.

If a child has begun a prescription medication, they need to be on it for 24 hours before returning to school.


You must notify us if your child had medicine previous to coming to school that day.


If your child requires any emergency medication (epi-pen, inhaler) they will not be allowed to stay until they have the proper medication with all the appropriate signed paperwork.

Kordas Korner LLC Preschool will store and administer prescribed inhalers, epi-pens, and EMERGENCY oral medications (i.e. Benadryl) with parent’s consent. An authorization form must be filled out and signed by an authorized prescriber (physician) and parent. An authorization form is available at Kordas KornerLLC Preschool if needed; medication will not be administered without prior authorization. This form includes the following information:

-The child’s name, address and birth date

-The drug name

-The prescribed dosage

-The method to be administered

-The time to be administered

-The side effects

-The prescriber’s name and address

Medications must be in their original container and clearly labeled. No medication (prescription or non-prescription) under any circumstance is to be brought in to school by the student. Parents or other guardian must bring in all medications. All medications will kept out of children’s reach. Emergent, first line of defense medication will be stored unlocked but in a safe manner and inaccessible to children to allow for quick access in an emergency. The appropriate required staff is trained in the administration of medications and injectables by a state approved course. This training is renewed every three years for medications and every year for injectables. At no time is an untrained staff allowed to administer medications.

Written permission by a parent/guardian is required for all over the counter topical medications/lotions (e.g. sunscreen) all instructions and permissions must be renewed every six months. The parent’s guardian’s instructions must be consistent with any directions for use noted on the original container, including but not limited to precautions related to

age and special health conditions. Non-prescription medication will be stored in containers with signed permission by parents. Insect repellent (including those included in sunscreen) may not be administed by any employee at Kordas Korner LLC.

Kordas Korner LLC Preschool will keep accurate documentation of all medications administered. Included in the documentation are:

-The date the medication was administered

-The time it was administered

-The dose that was administered

-The signature of the staff administering

-Any comments

Parents will be advised, and asked to sign off on the medication log sheet, in if their child received medication during the day. If a child refuses to take medication needed, parents will be informed, immediately, that the medication could not be given.


All staff is required to be fingerprinted, and to have a background check. At least one staff member in the classroom is certified in child/adult CPR, as well as First Aid. Additionally, there will be at least one staff member on the premise at all times certified in medication and Epi-pen, if a child requires an Epi-pen.



In the event that an evacuation of the building is deemed necessary the students will be lined up as practiced during monthly drills. They will walk quietly and calmly to the nearest exit. The Director or person in charge will be responsible for taking the attendance sheets, portable first aid kit, cell phone and emergency files with them. The teacher will phone 911 for help. Proper supervision and student/teacher ratio will be maintained at all times. All rooms will be checked before leaving the building. All children will proceed outside to the grass area next to the building. Attendance will be taken. Students and staff will only return when the proper authorization is given. In the event that the facility must be evacuate for a period of time, the children will be driven to the nearest designated evacuation area. Advanced contacts have been made with the town’s Civil Preparedness Unit, adding Kordas Korner Preschool to their list for emergencies. Parent will be notified of student’s location and requested to pick up their children. Notes will be posted on the school to alert parents of the location of the children. Ratios will be maintained at all times and two staff will remain until all children are picked up.


Kordas Korner abides by local drill procedure and evacuation. In the event conditions require our program to shelter children, we will have additional resources (flashlights, water, radio, food, clothing, etc.) available. In the event of serious weather emergencies, such as tornadoes or hurricanes, staff and children will remain indoors away from windows and doors. First aid staff will be on hand to administer first aid, as needed. Parents will be notified after the immediate danger has passed. In the case of an emergency closing notification will be made over the television stations and also parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified of the emergency pick up procedures.


In the event of an injury or medical emergency, a member of the staff certified in CPR and First Aid will care for the child, as needed. Another staff member will notify the family of the child. If needed, attempts will be made to consult with the child’s health care provider/dentist. If neither is available, the program’s health consultants will be contacted. For major emergencies, 911 will be called. If deemed necessary, an ambulance will take the child and a staff member to the hospital of their preference indicated, if possible, or the nearest hospital. The child’s emergency permission form will be brought with them. Another staff member will notify the family or alternate pick-up person to meet the child at the emergency room. Additional staff will be called in if necessary to maintain calmness and required ratios. All reasonable precautions for health and safety will be taken, but parents are responsible for all expenses associated with any emergency medical treatment which may be necessary.

For the above reason it is very important to keep us undated with all of your contact numbers.


In the event of a fire, evacuation from the building will be through the front door. Staff will be responsible for calmly supervising the children and leading them to the nearest exit. The teacher will phone 911 for help. Proper supervision and student/teacher ratio will be maintained at all times. All rooms will be checked before leaving the building. The

Director or person in charge will be responsible for taking the attendance sheets, portable first aid kit, cell phone and emergency files with them. All children will proceed outside to the grass area next to the building. Attendance will be taken. Students and staff will only return when the proper authorization is given.


Fire drills will occur monthly and will be done with or without notice to the teachers. In the event of a fire or fire drill, teachers will gather students quietly, calmly and quickly. One teacher will line the children up by the

closest/safest exit door and take attendance, while the other checks bathrooms and any other secluded areas. Students are then led outside quietly, in a line and walking. Teachers must take the classroom attendance sheet outside and take attendance. The “Fire Drill Check List” must be completed. The students are then led back inside quietly, in a line and walking.




The discipline policy at Kordas Korner Preschool is one based on positive reinforcement, redirection, setting clear limits, and communication. The goal is to help the child develop inner controls so that he/she may move toward appropriate social behavior. The focus of Kordas Korner is to increase positive behavior by showing that good choices have positive outcomes. Good behavior and choices will continually be praised and complimented. Clear limits will be set at the beginning of the year and emphasized throughout the year. By managing children’s behavior with positive encouragement and communication this encourages children to develop self-control, self-discipline and positive self-esteem. If a negative behavior continues the student will be asked to remove themselves from the situation. Also, a child who may be overly aggressive or is repeatedly destructive of other children’s work, may be asked to make an activity choice in another area, if talking things through has not resulted in better self-control. Staff will continuously supervise children during disciplinary actions. A child is asked to think about his/her actions until they believe they can handle themselves in a proper manner. Children will be encouraged to use their words calmly and appropriately to discuss the situation with a teacher and others involved. The focus is for students to understand and express their feelings, as well as others, and work toward a solution. Children are helped to understand self-control and use alternative ways of behaving and handling different situations. Teachers will help a child think about his/her actions, and encouraged to find alternate ways to behaving. A child’s self-esteem is always to be considered when disciplining. Staff shall never use nor allow abusive, neglectful, physical, corporal, humiliating or frightful treatment or punishment under any circumstances. Specifically prohibited disciplinary measures are: spanking, hitting, yanking, squeezing, humiliating or degrading language or actions. No child shall be physically restrained unless it is necessary to protect the safety of the child or others, using least restrictive methods. No child will ever be treated in an abusive or negative manner. Parents will be notified if there are any serious or ongoing problems. When deemed necessary, behavior charts may be used. This will be discussed with the parent prior to implementation and it will work on positive rewards for good choices made.

Kordas Korner LLC works very hard to maintain a positive, happy attitude. Below are the behavior expectations:

Respect others

*Treat others the way you think they would like to be treated or how you would like to be treated.

*Respect others feelings, no name calling, teasing, or bullying.

*Listen and follow directions given by the teacher, aid or other adult

*Raise your hand. Do not shout out, wait to be called on.

*Use indoor voices, no yelling or screaming.

*Use manners (please, thank-you, your welcome).

*Be polite and help others.

*Play cooperatively and fair.

*Use words to express frustration. Hitting, pushing, and kicking are not acceptable behavior.

*Wait your turn.

*Only one child allowed in a bathroom at a time.

Respect property

*Take care of the schools and other students’ property.

*Don’t throw toys or other material, don’t tear books or break toys. Treat all materials with care.

*Work with others to clean up.

Be responsible for your own behavior

*Understand that you are responsible for your behavior.

*Understand how to make the right choice.

Respect yourself

*Do your work to the best of your ability.

*Take the appropriate risks but also asking for help when needed.

*Use problem solving to resolve conflict both indoors and out.


*Sit properly in seat with all 4 legs of the chair and students feet on the floor.

*No standing on tables, chairs or furniture.


*Rough housing and wrestling is not allowed.

*No running indoors.

*No throwing anything indoors.

*No toy guns, swords, or items that show violence no words such as guns, kill, die, etc.

*Food needs to remain at the snack and lunch tables and students are to remain seated while eating.

*Children are not allowed to open the doors or gates.

*Children must always remain with a teacher or other adult, they are not allowed to exit without an adult.


Every employee at Kordas Korner Preschool is required to report any and all cases of suspected child abuse or neglect involved in our center. It is the staff’s responsibility at Kordas Korner Preschool to act immediately, should they witness or become aware of, abuse or neglect of a child enrolled in the program or facility. All members of the staff are mandated reporter. Definition:

Child Abuse includes:

-any non-accidental physical or mental injury (i.e.: shaking, beating, burning)

-any form of sexual abuse (i.e. Sexual exploitation)

-neglect of a child (i.e. Failure to provide food, clothing, shelter, education, mental care, appropriate supervision)

-emotional abuse (i.e. excessive belittling, berating or teasing which impairs the child’s psychological growth)

-at risk behavior (i.e. placing a child in a situation which might endanger him/her by abuse or neglect)

Child Abuse is defined as, a child who has had;

-non-accidental physical injuries inflicted upon him/her

-injuries which are at variance with the history given of them

-is in a condition which is the result of maltreatment, such as, but not limited to, malnutrition, sexual exploitation, deprivation of necessities, emotional maltreatment or cruel punishment

Child Neglect is defined as, a child who has been:


-denied proper care and attention physically, educationally, emotionally or morally

-allowed to live under circumstances, conditions or associations injurious to their well being (CT GS 46b-120)

  1. Staff responsibilities:

As child care providers we are mandated by law to report actual or suspected child abuse or neglect or the imminent risk of serious harm of any child.

  1. Specifics on reporting a suspected case of abuse or neglect

-call the Department of Children and Families (open 24 hours a day) at 1-800-842-2288

-call the Department of Public Health at 1-800-282-6063 or 860-509-8045.

-the reporter’s name is required, but may be kept confidential.

Information needed:

-name of child

-address of child

-phone number of child

-name of parents/guardians

-address of parents/guardians

-phone number of parents/guardians

-relevant information such as: physical or behavioral indicator, nature and extent of injury,

maltreatment or neglect

-exact description of what the reporter has observed

-time and date of incident

-information about previous injuries, if any

-circumstances under which reporter learned of abuse

-name of any person suspected of causing injury


-any information reporter believes would be helpful

-any action taken to help or treat the child

-seek medical attention for the child – if needed

Mandated reporters must report orally to DCF or a law enforcement agency within 12 hours of suspecting that a child has been abused or neglected. Within 48 hours of making the report, the mandated reporter must submit a written report (DCF-136) to DCF.

Staff is protected by law from discrimination or retaliation for reporting suspected abuse or neglect (CT GS, Section 17a-101e).

All phone calls to DCF shall be documented and kept on file at the Center. A copy of all statements from staff and the DCF-136 shall also be kept on file.

  1. The management of this program supports a zero tolerance for abuse and neglect and will implement immediate action (suspension, reassignment of job duties, etc.) should there an allegation that a staff member abused or neglected a child.

  2. Staff training:

Staff will be required to attend bi-annual staff meetings, held in September and February, focusing on the steps for reporting suspected abuse and neglect and the role of mandated reporter. All new staff will be trained in these procedures prior to their start in the classroom.

When an accusation of abuse or neglect by a staff member is made, the Director will immediately inform the parents/guardians that a report has been made to DCF. Health care officials may need to talk to a child’s parents to access the cause of the child’s injuries and offer support and guidance.


If a parent/guardian has a concern about a classroom issue, he/she should:

-speak with the classroom teacher;

-if not satisfied, contact the director;

-if the situation is still not resolved to your satisfaction contact:

State of Connecticut Department of Public Health/Daycare

400 Capitol Ave MS #12DAC

P.O. Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134-0308



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