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  • Chalet rental is from 16:00 hours on Saturday until 10:00 hours the following Saturday.

  • The chalet is non-smoking and no pets are allowed.

  • The chalet has three bed rooms: one double bed

One en-suite room with two single beds

The mezzanine has two single beds and a double bed.

  • You can pre-book skis/boot hire with a 30% discount from Ardent Sports located 800m away in Montriond opposite the church. Skis can be left on the chalet balcony. The chalet key can be collected from here, open daily 08:30 – 18:30 hours. www.ardent-sports.com

  • There is a free ski bus service that operates every 20 minutes. The bus stop, located on the main Morzine to Montriond road, is a one minute walk from the chalet. Turn left out the chalet and at the next road turn left towards the main road. The bus stop is located just to the left. Buses run to the Church at Morzine and to the lift at Ardent. See the timetable on the kitchen notice board for times. Stand on the Chalet Leon side of the road to go to Ardent.

  • ESF ski school at Les Lindarets: www.esfleslinderets.com It is best to pre book ski school on line, then collect your ski school tickets from the ESF office after 5pm on the arrival day in Montriond. The ESF is located next to Ardent Sport ski hire shop and the pizzeria.

  • Lift passes for Portes du Soleil or Avoriaz can be bought at the lift office in Ardent on the first morning of skiing. If you are buying a family pass, two adults and two children for a discounted price you will need all the passports just for that day. http://www.skipass-morzine.com/catalog/ Morzine/Les Gets is a different ski area on the opposite side of the valley.

  • Check out the http://www.chaletleon.com for additional information.

  • Airport transfers cost approximately £55 per person return. Rolling Road Transfers are based in Morzine and offer a very good service. Contact them on info@rrtransfers.com check out their website at www.rrtransfers.com or call them on 00 33 (0)450 74 46 29.

  • In the chalet there is a stereo CD player but no TV.

  • There is one parking space outside the chalet and any other cars can park on the opposite side of the road.

  • Logs for the wood-burning heater can be bought from the mini market in Montriond for around €9 a bag. Please clean the Wood burner out after you have used it.

  • The nearest supermarket is Carrefour near the church in Morzine.

  • Shops and banks shut daily between 12:30-15:00 hours for lunch.

  • If you have any urgent problems with the chalet please go to Agency Baud in Rue Du Bourg in the town centre or call 0450 79 07 13.

  • Chemist is located near the church in Morzine, take the ski bus to the last stop, it is situated behind the Town Hall (Marie) Tel: 0450 79 00 40. There is also a chemist in the Morzine town centre across the suspension bridge.

  • Doctors: There is a private one in Montriond, between Ardent Sport and the Ski School office. You have to pay for his services and claim it back on your holiday insurance.

  • Laundrette is located close to Carrefour supermarket. They operate a service wash.

  • The rubbish hut is located 100m up the road from the chalet on the left hand side. There is also a bottle bank here.

  • There are plenty of banks and cash machines in Morzine town centre.

  • Please leave the chalet clean and tidy for the next guests. There is a broom, mop and bucket in the downstairs cupboard.

  • Please inform us of any breakages or damages so that we can replace them for the next guests.

  • The hot water tank holds enough for five showers at one time. If there are more people wanting showers then either stagger the showering or wait

two hours for the hot water tank to reheat.

  • There is a children’s protective mattress cover in the bottom cupboard on the left as you enter the kitchen.

Enjoy your stay.

Simon Mobile: +44 7974 360512

Sara Mobile: +44 7971 873940

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