Legal psychology from social psychology historical introduction of forensic psychology

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Alba Luz Robles Mendoza PhD, Faculty 
of Higher Studies Iztacala, Av. Ejidos #1 Colonia Los Reyes 
Iztacala, Tlalnepantla, México State. México, C.P. 54090, Tel +52 
5526539068, Email 
March 01, 2023 
March 16, 2023
The importance of legal psychology at the international level has gained ground in the last 
ten years due to the increase in criminality within the so-called transnational organized 
crime. Drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking, femicides, migrant 
smuggling, and genocide are examples of criminal behavior that crosses borders between 
countries. The social, cultural, political and economic implications that these antisocial 
behaviors entail makes it necessary to implement specialized and trained professional teams 
for the identification and management of criminal profiling, where Legal Psychology as 
one of the applications of Social Psychology entails a great weight and implies the clear 
delimitation of its functions and the conceptual theoretical structure that grounds it as a 
science. The objective of this work is to publicize the importance of this behavioral science 
in the legal field, dimensioning its characteristics and applications. Highlighting the broad 
development of forensic psychology, the delimitations of criminological psychology, the 
overwhelming future of criminal and victimological psychology, and the deficits in the 
field of judicial and legal psychology are some of the issues that are reflected in this brief 
historical introduction. 
legal psychology, social psychology, forensic
Forensic Research & Criminology International Journal 
Short Communication
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Legal psychology from social psychology. historical introduction of forensic psychology

Yüklə 451,95 Kb.

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