Lesson task write adverbs for the given adjectives and make up sentences using them

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Write adverbs for the given adjectives and make up sentences using them.

Adjective Adverb Examples

1.Confidental e.g. confidentally The information was used confidentally

2.dramatic dramatically The trend saw dramatically rose in 2004

3.Critical critically Mike looked at her critically.

4.Suspicious suspiciously They eyed the food suspiciously

5.Traditional traditionally The number 13 is traditionally considered unlucky

6.Extreme extremely I found his manner extremely unpleasant.

7.Artificial artificially The gadjet used to artificially inseminate cows.


Fill in the gaps with appropriate adverbs from the box. There are more

adverbs than the gaps.

Naturally, hardly, rapidly, happily, ideologically, well, artificially, openly,

spiritually, primarily, dramatically, completely, immediately

1.If somewhere there is an ideological gap, it is_____ immediately ________ ruled over by an

alien ideology.

2.We should____ openly ___ admit that our goal is to win hearts of people,____ primarily _____of

the youth.

3.When ideologists affect nation’s or peoples mentality in a definite country or

region, they may change even behaviors______ ideologically ___________ .

4.Certain states and political groups try to influence people_____ spiritually _____________ .

5.Ideological pressure is _____ well ______ recognized while economic and political

forces are felt_ artificially __
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