List of characters for the count of monte cristo

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Edmond Dantès - The protagonist of the novel. Dantès is an intelligent, honest, and loving man who turns bitter and vengeful after he is framed for a crime he does not commit. When Dantès finds himself free and enormously wealthy, he takes it upon himself to act as the agent of Providence, rewarding those who have helped him in his plight and punishing those responsible for his years of agony.

The Count of Monte Cristo - The identity Dantès assumes when he emerges from prison and inherits his vast fortune. As a result, the Count of Monte Cristo is usually associated with a coldness and bitterness that comes from an existence based solely on vengeance.

Lord Wilmore - The identity of an eccentric English nobleman that Dantès assumes when committing acts of random generosity. Lord Wilmore contrasts sharply with Monte Cristo, who is associated with Dantès’s acts of bitterness and cruelty. Appropriately, Monte Cristo cites Lord Wilmore as one of his enemies.

Abbé Busoni - Another of Dantès’s false personas. The disguise of Abbé Busoni, an Italian priest, helps Dantès gain the trust of the people whom the count wants to manipulate because the name connotes religious authority.

Sinbad the Sailor - The name Dantès uses as the signature for his anonymous gift to Morrel. Sinbad the Sailor is also the persona Dantès adopts during his time in Italy.

Mercédès - Dantès’s beautiful and good fiancée.

Fernand Mondego - Dantès’s rival for Mercedes’s affections. Mondego helps in framing Dantès for treason and then marries Mercédès himself when Dantès is imprisoned. Takes on the name the Count de Morcerf.

Albert de Morcerf - The son of Fernand Mondego and Mercédès. Unlike his father, Albert is brave, honest, and kind.

Abbé Faria - A priest and brilliant thinker whom Dantès meets in prison. Abbé Faria becomes Dantès’s intellectual father: during their many years as prisoners, he teaches Dantès history, science, art, and many languages. He then bequeaths to Dantès his vast hidden fortune.

Baron Danglars - A greedy, envious ally of Mondego. Danglars hatches the plot to frame Dantès for treason.

Madame Danglars - Danglars’s wife. Greedy, conniving, and disloyal.
Eugénie Danglars - The Danglars’ daughter. A brilliant musician

Gérard de Villefort - The blindly ambitious public prosecutor responsible for sentencing Dantès to life in prison.

Madame d’Villefort -  Villefort’s awful wife.
Valentine d’Villefort -  Villefort’s saintly and beautiful daughter.
Edward d’Villefort - The Villeforts’ spoiled son.
Noirtier - Villefort’s father and grandfather to Valentine.

Caderousse - A lazy, drunk, and greedy man. Caderousse is present when the plot to frame Dantès is hatched, but he does not take an active part in the crime.

Louis Dantès - Dantès’s father.

Monsieur Morrel - The kind, honest ship-owner who was once Dantès’s boss and friend.

Maximilian Morrel - The son of Monsieur Morrel. Brave and honorable like his father, Maximilian becomes Dantès’s primary beneficiary.

Julie Herbaut - The daughter of Monsieur Morrel and sister of Maximilian.

Emmanuel Herbaut - Julie’s husband

Benedetto – A bandit and thief.

Signor Bertuccio - Dantès’s steward (servant)

Ali - Dantès’s mute Nubian slave

Luigi Vampa - A famous Roman bandit

Jacopo - A smuggler who helps Dantès win his freedom

Major Cavalcanti - An Italian nobleman.

Louise d’Armilly - Eugénie Danglars’s music teacher

Beauchamp - A well-known journalist and good friend to Albert de Morcerf.

Franz d’Epinay - Another good friend to Albert de Morcerf

Marquis of Saint-Méran - The father of Villefort’s first wife, who dies shortly after her wedding day. Other grandfather of Valentine

Marquise of Saint-Méran - The wife of the Marquis of Saint-Méran. Grandmother to Valentine.

Ali Pacha - A Greek nationalist leader and father of Haydee

Haydée - The daughter of Ali Pacha, the vizier of the Greek state of Yanina, and servant to Monte Cristo

Baron of Château-Renaud - An aristocrat and diplomat

Peppino - An Italian shepherd who has been arrested and sentenced to death

Countess G— - A beautiful Italian aristocrat who suspects that Monte Cristo is a vampire!!

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