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Addiction 2016:111(1);94-106

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Addiction 2016:111(1);94-106

27. Rates of HIV and Hepatitis Infections in Clients Entering Heroin-Assisted Treatment between 2003 and 2013 and Risk Factors for Hepatitis C Infection

AbstractDickson-Spillmann M., Haug S., Uchtenhagen A., Bruggmann P., Schaub M.P.

European Addiction Research 2016:22(4);181-191

28. Dead space in over-the-counter syringes: The implications for HIV and HCV transmission

Christine U. Oramasionwu, Stacy C. Bailey, Heather N. Moore, Christopher O. Oramasionwu, Allison L. Russell, William A. Zule

International Journal of Drug Policy 2015:26(12);1282-1284


29. Is the quality of brief motivational interventions for drug use in primary care associated with subsequent drug use?

Tibor P. Palfai, Debbie M. Cheng, Judith A. Bernstein, Joseph Palmisano, Christine A. Lloyd-Travaglini, Tracie Goodness, Richard Saitz

Addictive Behaviours 2016:56;8-14


30. Treatment Access Barriers and Disparities Among Individuals with Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders: An Integrative Literature Review

Mary Ann Priester, Teri Browne, Aidyn Iachini, Stephanie Clone, Dana DeHart, Kristen D. Seay

Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2016:61;47-59


31. Tobacco and e-cigarette use amongst illicit drug users in Australia

Rachel Sutherland, Natasha Sindicich, Gavin Entwistle, Elizabeth Whittaker, Amy Peacock, Allison Matthews, Raimondo Bruno, Rosa Alati, Lucy Burns

Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2016:159;35-41

32. Predictors of transition to heroin use among initially non-opioid dependent illicit pharmaceutical opioid users: A natural history study

Robert G. Carlson, Ramzi W. Nahhas, Silvia S. Martins, Raminta Daniulaityte

Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2016:160;127-134

33. Treatment for hepatitis C virus infection among people who inject drugs attending opioid substitution treatment and community health clinics: the ETHOS Study

Jason Grebely, Maryam Alavi, Michelle Micallef, Adrian J. Dunlop, Anne C. Balcomb, Nghi Phung, Martin D. Weltman, Carolyn A. Day, Carla Treloar, Nicky Bath, Paul S. Haber, Gregory J. Dore and on behalf of the ETHOS Study Group

Addiction 2016:111(2);311-319

34. A systematic review of interventions for homeless alcohol-abusing adults

Julie R. Adams-Guppy & Andrew Guppy
Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy 2016:23(1);15-30

35. In their own words: Content analysis of pathways to recovery among individuals with the lived experience of homelessness and alcohol use disorders

Susan E. Collins, Connor B. Jones, Gail Hoffmann, Lonnie A. Nelson, Starlyn M. Hawes, Véronique S. Grazioli, Jessica L. Mackelprang, Jessica Holttum, Greta Kaese, James Lenert, Patrick Herndon, Seema L. Clifasefi

International Journal of Drug Policy 2016:27;89-96

36. Exposure to injecting drug use and hepatitis C knowledge among an online sample of young people

Toby LeaJoanne Bryant & Carla Treloar

Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy 2016:23(1);84-88

37. Trends in sources and sharing of needles among people who inject drugs, San Francisco, 2005–2012

Nathan J. Kim, Harry Jin, Willi McFarland, Henry F. Raymond

International Journal of Drug Policy 2015:26(12);1238-1243
38. Correlates of Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in Injection Drug Users in a Syringe-Exchange Program in Malmö, Sweden

Disa DahlmanAnders HåkanssonPer BjörkmanMarianne Alanko Blomé & Alex H. Kral
Substance Use and Misuse 2016:50(12);1529-1535

39. Initiation Stories: An Examination of the Narratives of People Who Assist With a First Injection

Gillian KollaCarol StrikeÉlise RoyJason AltenbergRaffi BalianRey Silver & Neil Hunt
Substance Use and Misuse 2015:50(13);1619-1627

40. Not in the vein: ‘missed hits’, subcutaneous and intramuscular injections and associated harms among people who inject psychoactive drugs in Bristol, United Kingdom

V.D. Hope, J.V. Parry, F. Ncube, M. Hickman

International Journal of Drug Policy 2016:28;83-90

41. An international systematic review of smoking prevalence in addiction treatment

Joseph Guydish, Emma Passalacqua, Anna Pagano, Cristina Martínez, Thao Le, JongSerl Chun, Barbara Tajima, Lindsay Docto, Daria Garina and Kevin Delucchi

Addiction 2016:111(2);220-230

42. Impact of the introduction of standardised packaging on smokers' brand awareness and identification in Australia

James Balmford, Ron Borland and Hua-Hie Yong

Drug and Alcohol Review 2016:35(1);102-109


43. Community attitudes towards harm reduction services and a newly established needle and syringe automatic dispensing machine in an inner-city area of Sydney, Australia

Bethany White, Paul S. Haber, Carolyn A. Day

International Journal of Drug Policy 2016:27;121-126

44. Trust and people who inject drugs: The perspectives of clients and staff of Needle Syringe Programs

Carla Treloar, Jake Rance, Kenneth Yates, Limin Mao

International Journal of Drug Policy 2016:27;138-145


45. Next generation of novel psychoactive substances on the horizon – A complex problem to face

Jolanta B. Zawilska, Dariusz Andrzejczak

Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2015:157;1-17

46. Risk of mortality on and off methadone substitution treatment in primary care: a national cohort study

Gráinne Cousins, Fiona Boland, Brenda Courtney, Joseph Barry, Suzi Lyons and Tom Fahey

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