Listen and say True or False. (5x2=10) Serena and Jane are doctors

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6 sinf progress check

1.Listen and say True or False. (5x2=10)
1 Serena and Jane are doctors. 
2 Serena and Jane go to school. 
3 Serena had some cereal, bread, sausages and a cup of tea. 
4 Jane had an English breakfast. 
5 They have a test today. 
6 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
2 Put the words in the correct order. (5x2=10)
1 you/ when/ eat/Don’t talk /. 
2 before/ meal/Wash/ hands/ your /. 
3 the cook/ Thank/ meal/ for your /. 
4 a lot of food /Don’t put /in your mouth /. 
5 when /you/ Don’t read/ eat /. 
6 a noise /Don’t make/ at/ table/the /.

3 Complete the dialogue. (6x2=12)

vegetables, fruit, a piece of bread/cake, sausages, tea, coffee, please, yourself, delicious, you are

A: Would you like some ________________ ?
B: Yes, ________________ . Mm. It’s ________________ .
Pass me ________________ , please.
A: Here ________________ . Help ________________ .

4 Complete the table. Write what you must and mustn’t do at the lesson. (5x1=5)

be polite, look the new words in the Wordlist, talk to your friend loudly, help your friends, do homework, bring toys to the classroom, eat at the lesson

must mustn’t
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