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Literature about Society Name: __________________

Mrs. Reesbeck

The Kite Runner- Ch. 3

1. What is the relationship like between Amir and Baba? Give examples.

Different personalities- Baba likes soccer and Amir likes poetry. Amir tries to like soccer, but he can’t really play it. They can’t really connect b/c of their differences. Not a close relationship. They don’t talk that much. When he told his father about winning the contest, his father didn’t really care.

Asked his dad a question and Baba gave him an answer that was totally different. Baba doesn’t even listen to Amir.

Amir is jealous of Hassan and orphans, of Baba building the orphanage and spending all of that time.

2. What about Baba and Hassan? Does there appear to be a difference between the relationship he has with Amir and the one he has with Hassan? Explain

They talk more, they are closer. On a camping trip they were throwing pebbles in the water and Hassan had more skips and rings than Amir. Baba put his arm around Hassan. He was proud of Hassan, but never has shown he is proud of Amir.

3. How does Baba prove himself to other people?

He built an orphanage. If they say he can’t, he goes and does it. He does everything. He’s low class- he marries into royal family.

4. What is Baba’s opinion of Amir’s teachers (mullahs)?

He never liked them. He doesn’t trust them

5. When Baba talks about the religious leaders, he states, “God help us all if Afghanistan ever falls into their hands.” How could this be foreshadowing?

Baba is talking about Amir’s teachers. Baba doesn’t like the religious teachers. He feels that if they took over it would change the country for the worse. The Taliban does take over and becomes more strict. Rules and laws are changed.

6. Baba states that, “..there is only one sin… and that is theft.” How does he explain this and how does it relate to Baba’s own childhood?

Baba is talking to Amir about when his own father was murdered.

No matter what crime you commit it’s stealing. If you commit murder you are robbing someone of their life and others of the person they love. If you lie, you are depriving someone of the truth. If you cheat, you are taking away trust and loyalty.

7. Discuss the quote in meaning and context, “Children aren’t coloring books. You don’t get to fill them with your favorite colors.”

Rahim Khan says it to Baba- about Amir- Amir isn’t like Baba, he’s his own person and Baba can’t make him into the person he wants him to be.

8. Discuss the quote in meaning and context, “A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.”

Baba says this to Rahim about Amir b/c he cried when he saw a man trampled to death- Baba is disgusted and wants Amir to be stronger/a man. Amir is not strong enough emotionally and Hassan defends him against bullies. How can Amir stand up to things when he can’t do it now. Baba says it about Amir- if you can’t defend yourself now, how can you ever do it on the whole- for the rest of your life. Need to believe in yourself.

9. How does the conversation between Baba and Rahim Khan make Amir feel?

He feels upset and angry. Loses his confidence even more. Realizes that Baba doesn’t believe in him.

10. Who does he take it out on and why?

Takes it out on Hassan- b/c Hassan is more like Baba than Amir and it makes Amir jealous.

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