Little miracles recognised with big award at the quality food awards organic energy brand come out top of the cold beverages category

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Little Miracles is proud to announce that it has been named the winner in the Cold Beverages category at the Quality Food Awards 2013, a fitting testament to the brand’s commitment to taste and quality and its big ambitions to become a market leader in the natural energy category.

Over 1200 products were entered into the 2013 annual Quality Food Awards and only 49 received the coveted trophy and permission to use the distinctive and trusted logo on pack and in marketing materials. Winning products are thoroughly tested by a team of 100 independent expert judges, for taste, flavour, texture, aroma, ingredients list, innovation, packaging, presentation and price.
Frederik Senger, Director at Little Miracles said “This is a land mark achievement for us as the awards are highly sought after by the biggest and the best retailers and manufacturers in the UK. This is a big award for Little Miracles and adds real credibility to communicating our great tasting product to customers. To support our stockists, we aim to use the logo to gain trial with busy females, using the logo where they will see it in the Soft Drinks chiller, so they have another reason to feel confident about the taste and choose us in store, if they’ve not tried us before”.

The brand’s unique positioning has already seen it perform exceptionally well across over 20 European countries and has already achieved significant support from UK customers and has continued to gain momentum with high street, wholesale, convenience and grocery customers now confirmed as stockists in addition to a large number of existing independent health stores. These include: Bestway, Boots, Easy Jet, Harrods, Holland & Barrett, Nisa, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug and Wholefoods. The Quality Food Awards stamp of approval which is synonymous with quality will further drive consumer engagement and trade interest.

Available in three ginseng and açai blends; Green Tea & Pomegranate, White Tea & Cherry and Black Tea & Peach, Little Miracles offers something unique to the soft drinks category, providing consumers with a refreshing lift, in a stylishly vibrant juice drink. Little Miracles are completely free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners and contain less than 90 calories a bottle. The brand will appeal to a wide consumer demographic and in particular consumers looking for natural products to give them energy, who have perhaps been neglected by the mainstream energy drinks currently available.
Other winners at The 34th Quality Food and Drink Awards included Tesco who gained special acclaim by taking the NEW title of The Quality Food Awards Retailer of The Year Award, which was launched to recognise and reward the retailer who has achieved exceptional performance across all of the food and drink categories this year.


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Notes to editors
To find out more and see the full list of winners and finalists, visit
Additional Information

Earlier this year, Little Miracles signed a manufacturing and distribution deal with Gerber Juice Company Ltd, a highly credible and successful producer of fruit juice drinks in the UK and Europe. Gerber Juice passionately believes in Little Miracles and is therefore the perfect manufacturing and distribution partner for our brand. Customers who are interested in stocking Little Miracles can contact Gerber Juice Company on T. 01278 441 600

Web: Twitter: @OrganicMiracles
Comment from QFA organisers:

Organiser, Helen Lyons, comments “The awards have been fantastic and I’m so proud of our team and the contestants. It’s great to have been given the opportunity to truly congratulate those in the food and drink industry that make a difference in our everyday lives and ‘compliment the chef’ so to speak!”

“Well done to all of the winners and commiserations to those who didn’t quite make it – we received an outstanding amount of high-quality entrants, so it certainly wasn’t an easy process.

“This is the 34th Quality Food Awards and I’m delighted to say that the standard of entrants just keeps on improving. Here’s to next year!”

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